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Help me progress! PLEASE!
  • hi everyone,

    like many on the forum im a long time lurker, first time poster. Ive had the helix and progasm of about a year but gave up for 2 months after not seeing enough progress. 4 months ago i got myself the MGX and have been using that regularly since. Ive managed one stream of about 20 mini os for a 30min period about 2 months ago which were wonderful and had one dry orgasm about a year ago with my helix.

    However this is as far as ive got in 1.5 years. Ive read everything on the forum and wiki and have tried virtually every approach i can think of but im still not quite there. The occasions i did achieve a dry o and mini os i wasnt trying any new approaches it just sort of happened.

    I cant seem to find any sort of pattern that i can follow to get to a dry/mini o. Ive relaxed, contracted, held light contractions, fantasized, squirmed, abstained from ejec, tried different positions, hip thrusting, had no expectations, just tried to give myself to the aneros...etc. All are pleasurable in their own way. I can definitely feel the aneros on my prostate and sometimes get a good amount of precum. It does feel pleasurable, ive gone through most of the mile stones but something is still missing and I cant quite put my finger on it.

    Any advice would be helpful.
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    I am new and so I know what you are experiencing in frustration and impatience. However, I am gaining steady progress by forgetting about any particular outcome. I just put my Helix in, and then focus on the sensations whatever they may be. Apparently my body and my Helix both know much more about what needs to be done than I do. If I feel I need to move, then I do, and I do not at other times. For me subtle is better. Since taking this approach, I have nearly had a Super O and the perseverance is worth it.
  • Glad you joined the forum eternaltraveler.

    A couple of thoughts:

    -Have you tried the "do nothing" approach? Deep breathing and nothing else? When I tried to will something to happen with contractions it never did. I have the best luck when I can completely clear my mind (pushing away thoughts of expectation), concentrate on my breath and observe the feelings. If nothing happens, no problem, I have had a nice mediative experience that has relaxed me for the rest of the day. :)

    - Are you certain that the P-Tab is hitting the perineum? If it isn't you will not be able to generate the neural feedback loop to get you to the Super-O (or any O for that matter).

    - Position. None of the positions were working for me that I read about. Until I did on knees and forearms, head/shoulders on a pillow. Created great pressure on the aneros without contractions. Experiment and see what is the best "meditative" position for you to observe the sensations.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    What does it take to get a cat to purr?

    It occurs to me that inducing the Super-O is not unlike getting a cat to purr. The environmental conditions must be favorable - warmth, comfort, quiet, serene. The psychological conditions must be favorable – trusting, caring, giving, non-expecting, non-demanding, ready and willing for the experience. The physical conditions must be favorable – the petting needs to be at a certain pressure, at a certain frequency and/or variety, at a certain emotional energy and intensity level. Even when all the conditions are favorable there is no guarantee the cat will purr, it may or may not happen. Such are the vagaries of dealing with the pussy.

    What does it take to get your cat to purr?
  • Rumel,

    Awesome post! thanks. You are absolutly right, I think I just thought I might be more expecting to control the super O intead of letting it control me :)
  • Bishop,

    Great advice, tried all that but sure doesnt hurt to hear it again! The do nothing approach is the best for me and i can get involuntaries within 20mins or so things just dont seem to progress after that point though.

    P tab placement is good, spent a while making sure i got the right spot.
  • I too was running up against walls with dud sessions until I did two things.

    One was to start with the intent of making myself feel good right from the beginning - make it feel good and sensual right at the beginning with you are lubing yourself and inserting it. Imagine it is someone's tongue and work it how you want to. This way you are arousing the area and making it feel comfortable from the very beginning.

    Second was to realize that there are so many different ways to move the aneros that makes it hit you in different ways. The best results I have found come from a having a pure squeeze of the muscle you use to stop peeing. For a long time I was recruiting mostly anus muscles and not these prostate squeezing muscles. They are two different groups. The purer, meaning most isolated contraction make the best stimulation for the prostate.
  • I also give a nod to the do nothing method. At times I'll even try and stop my involuntarily contractions and forcing my muscles to uncontract while at the same time keeping the Aneros on the spot that feels the best. The super-o feels like it comes out of nowhere.
  • The thing that started it for me was sleeping with helix in. In reality I think it was just that that was the most relaxed state I could get into. I woke up in the middle of the night with an erection and an incredible feeling in my anus. I tried to grab onto it to hard and lost it. The important thing was that I really understood how important total relaxation was. That was seven months ago .... and I am still focusing on maintaining the delicate balance of relaxation and gentle "holding" contraction to get myself off. Also putting slight pressure on the underside of the tip of my penis will launch me. i discovered that once things start I shrink to flaccid state even if I have an erection when I start. I can only cum if I am flaccid.