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Bearing Down at Point of Ejaculation
  • Hi all! I stumbled upon the following "pearl" that Redbeard2000 posted recently somewhere else in the Forum (if you're reading this, redbeard2000, thanks!):

    The only pearl I managed to extract from it is their observation that 'the experience of continuous male orgasm is one of relaxation of the genital muscles with a sense of opening up and pushing out at the same time. The anal sphincter in extended orgasm is relaxed and open (JUST AS IT WOULD BE WHEN USING THE ANEROS), rather than closed or reflexively contracting as it is in brief and multiple orgasm.'

    I have a tendency to constrict my sphinctre muscles at the point of ejac. However, lately I have been "bearing down" -- I don't know how else to call it -- though careful not to expel the Aneros like a slingshot, as B Mayfield described it. I observe this to be so pleasurable and too intense!

    I'm curious to find out if anyone else practices this method. And, dumb question: is it safe to "push" at the point of ejaculation?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    hey ff-

    i'm gonna give this a try: focusing on anus relaxation and bearing down during orgasm.

    as far as being bad during ejaculation, i don't know, but, i would say that if it doesn't interfere with the success of the ejaculation it is probably ok.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    redbeard, ff-

    i *did* try it, and, ooooohhhhh what a winner.

    i found that by consciously keeping my anus relaxed and by lightly bearing down on occasion to help keep my anus feeling "open and relaxed" i significantly deepened my orgasmic pleasure.

    this may be a really important key!

    redbeard notes that the aneros holds your anus open. however, i don't agree with him that this is sufficient. the key is not that the anus be mechanically opened, but that is open by muscular action: relaxation of the sphincter and bearing down of the pelvic floor.

    i should add that i read the ESO book a long long time ago, and it was *formative* in my understanding of my body and its sexual response. so much of what we take for granted here on this forum was ground broken/popularized in that book.

  • darwin said:

    i *did* try it, and, ooooohhhhh what a winner.

    Isn't it? I felt like a Bel-Ami porn star after I tested redbeard's discovery. It is, as the gospel says, a Pearl of Great Price :lol:.

    However, I do have to thank Rumel as well: it was from his reply to the post "wow! i bought 4 of these darn things and my post was deleted" that I first read about B Mayfield's S-L-I-N-G shot technique.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks for posting this stuff guys!
    Looks like I've got some new techniques to try! :D

    Love is Peace
  • I tried this today. Got some really good p-waves going until I tried to hard to cum and the session ended early. But it was great while it lasted. Thanks, flip!