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Aneros placement
  • I have now had my Helix and Progasm for almost a month. I posted a day by day (sort of) journal of the first week or so.
    I was only have very limited success. Don't get me wrong though. I have pleasure with it and it feels good but it never really seems to press right where i want it to. Either model.
    I admit to having some contractions,some sensations and when i decide to Super T,they are a sheer delight!
    I want to get to the Super O plateau but it has not happened yet,or even close.
    I wondered if it was placement. So the other day i tried to move the Progasm around a wee bit in there until i felt something happen.
    Bingo! Seems neither model is pressing very well or enough on my prostate. If i push it downwards a bit and out,it does hit it much better. Maybe my prostate is in a slightly different position. I assume all men have it in a somewhat different spot. But just letting the Aneros go in naturally does not hit that sweet spot.
    So now that i know this,i have the option of moving it around or trying a different model.
    I also admit that i love the sensation of moving it in and out or gyrating my hips while it is in.This gives a better sensation. The helix seems to small for me right now yet the Progasm is perfect.

    Anyone else have similar issues?
    And can one do too much damage to the prostate itself if one presses too much or hard?


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Many new users go through a period of adjustment as they become accustomed to their new massagers. It is a frequently heard lament that their model doesn’t fit them and to a certain extent that may be true. As you have already noted small incremental movements may be the only thing necessary for these devices to noticeably affect sensation. By maintaining a dry perineum area and slightly adjusting the P-tab location there, you can affect the action of your massager through your muscular contractions.
    The answer to your question : “…can one do too much damage to the prostate itself if one presses too much or hard? “ is a definite YES you can damage yourself, very easily. That is the reason why manual manipulation of your massager is not recommended.
    As you develop increased skill and endurance with your pelvic floor muscles you will be able to sustain movement of your massager for extended periods of time, though this is not necessarily required to obtain a Super-O. In any respect it is probably more important to tune into the subtle sensations being generated by your body on the micro-level than to focus upon creating increased prostate pressure with the resulting macro sensation feedback.
  • Thanks for the post rumel. I suppose it is a frustrating thing for many that instant results are not the usual event and pressure would entice some to manipulate the massager a bit. I only did so to really find that point where contact was being made. Hopefully as time goes by i will get better a it. I do know my muscles are getting much stronger.

  • I like you are new to these devices. However, I have just had an amazing session. I guess part of the jurny everyone talks of is learning to make you anus muscles quiver.

    I have not mastered this yet. What I did was to insert my helix the gently press and release my finger on the P tab. Almost a tapping which caused the device to rock. After about 5 mins I was really rocking also...

    Can't wait to try again