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New aneros, kinda question for people who own multiple
  • TbazTbaz
    Posts: 11
    Hey all,

    Been awhile since I posted. Since my last post, I kept going with the MGX, which gave me fantastic results but took awhile.

    One problem I found with the MGX was the necessity of incredible strength to "feel" the pressure. I kept using it, every so often got to the super o - but it took a very long time to get there, and well..just lots of work and all on the muscle side to really "feel" it.

    Passing a sex shop today, I decided to grab a different one. I got the Progasm today. It's...much larger, but they had basically the original models and then this. Very little selection overall. Anyways, I used it today, and after 20m it was pretty intense. I gotta admit it is much easier to use. I'm not really sure, though, if the increased size is really a good thing in the long run. This aneros doesn't take as much effort to really use.

    For those that own multiple aneros devices, how often do you switch it around? I own some Fleshlights, and those are great for rotating here and there depending on mood, do others do the same thing with the aneros?

    Also, is the Progasm a little more advanced for me quite yet? I have just owned these for a pretty short time (2 months maybe?) so lready using a new model kinda feels like cheating :)
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    Even though I have a total of four Aneros messagers, my main focus is on the Helix and the Progasm since I had the best results with those two. I'm finding lately that I use both during my Aneros sessions, starting out with the Helix then moving onto the Progasm as an extra boost if I'm not responding to the Helix like I should.

    So yes, don't be afraid to use both the MGX and the Progasm during one session. I find that just changing to a different Aneros is all what's needed to trigger my prostate to start responding.
  • Hey Tbaz!

    I currently have the MGX and the Helix, and, very soon, the Progasm (in transit!). I also have Fleshlights.
    I think you've pretty much answered the question--as you observed with the FL, there may be tendencies to rotate depending on the person's mood. Most likely, one may favour a particular model because of the success rate achieved from its use. And then, either boredom or horniness may prompt you to switch.

    Certainly, if a particular model starts causing pain or injury, then it may be time to refrain from it for the meantime or perhaps to stop altogether. In my particular case--based on just how you described the size of the Prog--I can say that if I would not be able to handle the Prog, I may have to consider switching back to the more appropriately sized models until I can ensure that I can accommodate a much larger one.

  • TbazTbaz
    Posts: 11
    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate them a lot.

    Flip, with the Progasm I will admit is just really hard to insert at first. I think it gets a bit easier, over time, but on the first time I tried inserting it - yikes. Usually I insert while on my knees, bent forward. I normally have no problem with this. I do this for the reason that I insert lube the same way so I can do all this in the bathroom then walk to the bed. With the progasm, I can't do it the same way on earth. I have to insert it exactly like the directions mention to get it in - and even then it's a bit tough.

    I think Jay hit it right on the head though. If using the MGX, then after say 30m or so, switch to the Progasm, it should be much easier to insert and could be done during relube. I haven't tried this yet, but in a few days I probably will :)
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Tbaz and ALL!

    I agree with the general consensus . . .

    Variety IS the "Spice of Life"; whether you are changing models each time
    you have a session or change once or twice during the session!

    I change during session allot!

    Also, I think it's alright to have both these sizes . . . you will probably fill-in
    the gap with other models later on???

    Over time, your PC muscles WILL get stronger, to the point where you can just
    sort of think about a contraction and will be able to hold it for a very long while!
    (I don't have to initiate contractions any more tho, my body starts and controls
    them in whatever way it wants or needs. Kind-of auto PC, I guess???)

    I have a full stable of Aneros models and also a toy-box full of other toys! More
    of the "Variety is the Spice" thing, but I use the other toys only occasionally now.

    Have Fun Guys!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I own both the Helix and Progasm as well. The helix was nice at first but just was not hitting anything very well. Depends on the guy maybe and where his prostate is. So i tried the Progasm and it is altogether much better for me.I feel fuller and much better. Granted i still have to wiggle a bit to get more prostate contact,but it is better. I wonder if any of the other models would be better? I would love a photo of WHERE everything is at inside of me!! Then no more guessing. The Aneros lineup is not cheap. I want another but am cautious on spending until i make sure these won't do it.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I use all of mine every session sequentially. I am starting to favor the Progasm as my favorite. It really takes me places. I believe part of that is because of the K-Tab, and part is that it just fills me more and I immediately involuntarily react to that. The Progasm doesn't move is much, but apparently it doesn't need to as the pressure from the larger size tends to induce involuntaries if you just lay there and accept them. I don't think my P-tab it hitting so I need to adjust it. Can't imagine how good it must be then! :shock:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Tbaz, :)

    One problem I found with the MGX was the necessity of incredible strength to "feel" the pressure.

    Recently this has occurred to me also. I own the MGX and a Helix. And while I can get some great feelings out of the MGX, it seems I can also do so with less effort with the Helix. Which has me thinking that it is time for me to buy the Progasm. I feel like if I don't have to work so hard at it, it is easier to relax through the sensations. Thus just allowing them to happen.

    Although, I believe hlaser99 is correct about over time your PC muscles getting stronger. But that also applies to the anal muscles too. I've noticed recently that I've been able to flex and hold both my PC and anal muscles for longer amounts of time. I think part of that also, is learning the different muscle sets, as far as what moves what down there. When you become more familiar with what it feels like to move different sets of muscles it becomes easier.

    Love is Peace
  • Please don't forget that "time" is going to be an issue for most people when searching out that super o
    I don't have any experience with any Aneros device except the Progasm model and I was dissapointed for about a week when I first got it.
    I can now say after 14 months that the Progasm is about the best purchase of my life!!
    Main point however is that it has taken "time" for me experience what this thing can do for you.
    Just have "patience", "focus" on where the massager is touching you within and use a good lube!(Like coconut oil).
    Also make sure to eat well!!
    Electric Orgasms are waitin!
  • having the eupho, helix and progasm. each with its own attributes. for me, the determining factor is length between ejaculation. to me, its like any hydraulic system. generally, minimum is 2 days, optimum is 7-14 days. average for me is 5 days. the longer i go between ejaculation, the more sensitive and engorged the prostate gets. the eupho is great at longer stretches between. progasm is good if i've only gone a few days. helix, well, the helix, for me is useful any time past 2 days. obviously there are more factors involved than the time between ejaculation, concentration, frame of mind, environment, health, position.

    i think position is another huge factor. laying on my right side, pillow between legs, pillow under head, pillow at chest, then essentially balancing on the side with chest pillow providing stability. basically stretch completley out straight, top leg drawn slightly up to relieve pressure on back. i find this the best position for duration and free movement. if you get a fleshlight involved this position is also perfect. using an old boot to insert fleshlight into then supported with various pillows to right position. lots of pillows i find are essential.

    another interesting position is laying on stomach then sitting up on elbows, putting that arch in the back, i find that the most intense position but movement of aneros is limited...

    its nice to mix up positions and really no position for extended periods, good to get up and move around, do some stretches, touch toes... lots of fun.

    i also try to avoid foods the day before i know cause gas, as gas, for me, is a hinderance.

    and, like everyone keeps saying, not focusing on results. just going with it.

    i find penile stimulation is necessary for a little bit to get everything warmed up and up to operating pressure :)

    a nice trance music or sitar with a good repetive beat. chillout is handy and free.

    i can basically tell immideatly the aneros goes in if its going to be a good session or not, it has that certain pressure and things just feel right.

    getting it down to a science

    happy aneros