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My experience last night... questions
  • Alright so last night was the second time using the helix. I put some glide on it and inserted it. I laid there on my side just relaxing. After about five minutes I could feel it moving ever so slightly on it's own. It felt good but was very subtle. I looked under the blankets and found that although I only had a partial erection, the head was rock hard and purple from the blood! Now I was like, this is actually working.

    Well I started to do contractions, and everything went out the window. Seemed to end everything. I have had this happen with the sgx as well. Do any of you not bother with contractions and just let the aneros do it's thing? I ask this because what ever model i use (mgx, sgx, helix), when I insert and just sit there I get an erection, some precum... I reach a plateu and start contractions... When I do the contractions it feels uncomfortable like overkill, and sets everything back to square one. should I just sit there and see if the plateu is broken on it's own? thanks
  • I am no expert but I find that I have to follow the feeling where my body takes me, not try to chase it (with contractions). I do deep breathing with no contractions because I found that the contractions for me stopped the natural progression of things. For me deep breathing and concentrating on the natural feelings that come and go, with no expectations. I know, it sounds expectations...when the regular MO for masturbation is nothing but expectations. To me, the aneros experience is most successful when it is meditative.
    Good luck in your journey.
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    Forget the contractions for now. Focus on maintaining that subtle feeling of pleasure. If it fades away try rocking your hips like you are having traditional sex. While rocking your hips experiment with various levels of anal and PC contraction (not pulsating - just holding a steady and slight contraction). It takes a few minutes of rocking before the pleasurable feeling returns. You may notice that by continuing to rock your hips for 30 minutes to an hour, mini-Os may be triggered and when you stop rocking your body will begin contracting on its own.. Then just fasten your seat belt and hang on. At least this is how it works for me.
  • I ditto JIH comments: always works for me.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Great advice from everyone here!

    I would just relax and breathe in steady even breaths (tummy breathe),
    and observe even the slightest of good feelings! These are O's in their
    infant state and they will grow!

    I too, would save any contracting for when you feel your session is at an
    em pass and going nowhere further and then use only very mild contractions
    to try and re-start your contractions to involuntary ones!

    But don't use them unless really needed . . .

    Hope this helps???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I totally agree .. i had no success when i tried to force contractions, but then i read that some people let it just happen and then things really have started to move forward .. just relaxing totally and let the body take over ... :lol:
  • One problem i have is that while lying down and "relaxing" i tend to dose off way too fast!!
    The i fall asleep,thereby wasting the time i would have had for a session. LOL

    I usually have pleasant feelings when i insert and if it hits the spot correctly,i will have some pulsations.

    Still no Super O's and only a few Super T's.
    I have just let things "happen" but doing so have had no reactions.

  • handlebar said:

    One problem i have is that while lying down and "relaxing" i tend to dose off way too fast!!

    I do on knees (slightly apart) and elbows, with elbows tucked down to knees and head on a pillow. This position creates a good amount of pressure on the aneros without contractions. And, for me, the P-Tab is in a better location. If you can fall asleep in this position you're too tired to use the aneros anyways.