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Not quite sure!
  • Hey,

    I know many people have posted here that they are uncertain which aneros is best for them etc ... but i don't recall reading anything about people who already achieve anal orgasms.

    I can reach the point of anal orgasm with my partner - it drives the most amazing sensations throughout my body. I am sure that aneros will work for me, however i am unsure which one i should buy! I don't want to invest in something that's not going to take me to this place!

    From what I read so far, i believe I should get the Helix?! Any suggestions?


  • If you are already pretty experienced in anal why not get the progasm this unit is nice and works well. It is the largest but to me fells pretty good when i have a mini o i have yet to have a super o with any aneros but the progasm is my favorite for when i want a full feeling and the one i can just insert and let it auto pleasure me. The smaller units i tend to need to do a few small contractions to get them going. I say go for the largest then if you like it try the smaller ones.

    My overall favorite is the Mgx its best for my anatomy it pleasures all the points i like. The progasm is sorta my quicky fix it seems to work fastest but its also over faster. For example with me i can get a mini o soon as 2-3 minutes after insertion but then i only have 1-3 mini o's then i am done there are usually no other sensations so i tend to take it out faster than the smaller ones. The mgx i can have a mini o but it takes a good hour or so for them to kick in but then there are more like 5-7 mini o's over a 2-3 hour period.