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starting out
  • just tried my aneros for the first few times. just thought i'd post my experience. first time i tried it...i have to say, a whole lot of nothing. no problems, and it wasn't uncomfortable, but nothing. also, after a while, the tab became very uncomfortable.

    so i decided to read through the forum and see what others had to say. the second time i tried a kneeling position. this time there definitely was a reaction as i inserted the device, though certainly not an orgasm. however, once in, that was it again. thought this time the tab was not as uncomfortable.

    today i thought i'd try something different. i woke up very early, and decided to insert the device when i went back to sleep. had no problem drifting off with it fact i had a dream about going out with the device still inserted! when i woke up, i did finally notice those involuntary contractions i had been reading about. so i think i'm now on the right track. part of the process must be to just completely relax and let your body take over. the contractions were rather pleasant and went on for a good hour. i had slept maybe 2 hours when i woke up. no problems, though i'm not sure if it would be advisable to do this overnight.

    anyhow, if i make any further progress, i'll post an update. i'd welcome any comments or advice.
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    Tried for the fourth time. Problem is soreness each time. Have tried the studd it came with, togehter with some Wet on the sphincter area. Is this something that subsides after awhile? Or do I need to get an anal syringe and some KY?
  • ScoobyScooby
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    You need to invest in some KY. The ID glide that is supplied is really not enough lubricant to insert the device IMHO. KY has worked for me splendidly!

    Good luck, relax, and don't give up to easily. I have been playing with this thing off and on since April 2004 and have only begun to get a handle on how the hell to use it.

    Take care,
  • Regarding the perineum soreness, i also found during the first stages of use the perineum became sore, however with time the soreness stops.
    My advise is to insert about 5ml of KY lube using a small syringe, apply some lube to the Aneros, it is difficult to keep the area around the perineum dry, however new users I recommend wrapping a little tissue around the tab, it helps. [I don't take any credit for this idea].
    B Mayfield has written useful information regarding the use of lube I follow his guidelines.