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At the office...
  • This morning I was working at my desk when I accedently brushed my finger over a nipple. We are pretty relaxed and I was wearing a polo shirt. It felt pretty good and I absentlmindly kept rubbing it. After a brief while I felt a familuar stirring in my groin and I realized I was beginning a chair orgasm.

    I had to stop in case someone came in. I tried to go back to work but I finally gave in and went to the restroom and had a pretty nice chair orgasm sitting on the toilet. It was fun and just think, I was getting paid for it!

    When I got home for lunch I was still pretty turned on but had little time for play so I got some favorite porn and had a massive chair orgasm. Later this evening I'm gonna really get serious with my Aneros!

    What fun!
  • Hi Dana,

    That is great!

    I'm lucky as I don't have to actually go into work because I work at home...
    If I start to have a chairgasm, I let it fly.. :lol:

    I hope you have a great session tonight!! :wink:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi Dana and skeeter_g,

    I have a related question about the chairgasm event. Is this something that you can do out in public with no one the wiser? As in no physical shaking or movements happening.

    The reason I ask, is because it would be cool if you could just sit there with nothing but a huge grin on your face. And have people wonder why. :lol:

    Love is Peace
  • When I have one everyone could see! There is a lot of shaking and me uttering gibberisg.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I can do that. Makes meetings go by faster! I can also have them standing up, which makes waiting in long lines less of a bother. :wink:
  • Zane

    I think with the female anatomy women have the advantage with the chair orgasms. We men sometimes leave behind a bit of a mess that shows in the front of our pants.

    Since my experience in the office I have been doing a lot of thinking and experimenting with my nipples and how they relate to these types or orgasms. My nipples have never been extremely sensitive, I did enjoy do the occasional sucking and playing with them by my wife but nothing this pleasurable.

    I have begun mental imaging of a nerve connection between my breasts and prostate. I play with my nipples and focus on my prostate and a "wire" running from one to ther other. I know that the undersides of a woman's breasts are sensitive and I also do some gentle rubbing and touching of that area. I've been doing that a couple of times a day and am finding that there is a change in me. Just this morning as I lay in bed I had a few very enjoyable sessions playing with my nipples and breasts and had couple of "orgsms" producing some significal pre cum. There was no touching of my genitiles so all the stimulation came from nipples and breast play.

    I now realize how much fun women have when their nipples are aroused and I am sorry I've missed all the fun. However I am excited by all the pleasure that awaits me.

  • Love_is,
    I sure the hell could not have a chairgasm in a regular office!!
    I have a tendency to let out these load moans. :roll:

    Zane that is wonderful, I wish I could do it in public for sure... If only I could keep my big mouth
    shut :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778

    Have you heard???
    Aneros presents, the Chairgasm Mouth Gag for men! Available for purchase immediately! :lol: (This is a joke)

    Well, I guess I won't be trying any of that out in public when I'm able to do that. Unless I'm in a bit more secluded or private area. :D

    zaneblue seems to be the lucky one to get away with it and not show it. Zaneblue, does that mean you actually like going to meetings now? :lol:

  • Hi Love_is,

    I could just see it now. "headlines"... "Skeeter_g is taken to hospital for almost swallowing Chairgasm Mouth Gag while having chairgasm in the office. Skeeter was believed to have stopped breathing, but when they got the Chairgasm Gag out of his mouth, he actually was breathing normally and had a big smile on his face that went from ear to ear!" 8)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Too funny skeeter_g!
    Nothing like a good laugh to start the day! :D