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  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    It's stated that it's for advanced users.

    I've just recently bought the Helix but haven't had a super O yet, I have experienced P waves and some involuntaries and the bizar occurance going from completely flacid to rock hard in the blink of an eye......

    So despite my limited success up till now I wanted to buy the progasm coz the perineum tab is closer to the prostate stimulator.....seems for me it would be a better fit, also I like the idea of having 3 points of stimulation instead of just 2.

    Has anyone here experienced a super O for the first time with a Progasm?
  • rrunrrun
    Posts: 6
    As you I have a Helix but I have a Progasm also. I have had no big O's with either, yet have come close with the Helix. For me the Progasm is a bit big and I am not ready for it as I do get some pain with it. :roll:
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    I am in the same boat as you fellas - a helix for four months and lots of fun but no O's. Since I started off new to this type of experience I was wondering myself just at what point I wasn't considered a 'virgin' anymore.

    Instead of going bigger I went smaller. I got the Peridise starter kit. Lots of fun but still not the magic key. I was also looking at the Maximus instead of going all the way up to the progasm.

    I definately recommend getting more than one model - it kind of relieves your mind to the question "did I get the right model?" when you can go back and forth and feel some differences and tune up different muscle groups. I still can't pull the trigger on the bigger models though.

  • What kind of lube are you guys using?
    Try switching to coconut oil.
    Made a HUGE difference for me.
    I think it is probably cuz the progasm is abit big for me but I
    liked that and the regular lube would wear thin too fast.
    Coconut oil realy lasts though...It's just a bit harder to clean up (You have to soap
    off realy good) and it's natural.
  • I have both the Helix and Progasm as well.The Helix is nice but that Progasm is amazing. That full feeling is wonderful

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I ordered the Progasm 2 days ago, you only live once right?, so hopefully it's the sheeyat.

    I'm really surprised I haven't had a Super O yet, I discovered masturbation through trial and error when I was 9!!!!I've experimented with fingering the A-hole and nipples, but must admit that nipple stimulation and Aneros is a whole new the moment I'm experiencing a constant buzzing in the area of my prostate, (lower)abs and ass, maybe this is the awakening of the prostate?......or maybe something is seriously wrong? hellllllp
  • The buzzing is normal.
    I think it's usually one of the first indicators of the prostate "awakening".
    I always found the buzz enjoyable , how bout you?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have the helix and mxg (which I like better than the helix) as well as the progasm. the progasm by far gives me the best feelings. I love the size of it, and although I was a bit sore the first time, not so since then. I usuallys start my sessions with the mgx or helix and after 30-45 min I switch to the progasm. I am yet to have a super O but feel I am closer each day, and I credit that to the progasm. The last few sessions when using the progasm I really felt like I could cum. Up until now, I had never had this feeling before.
    I really agree with J4 with trying out different models - I get a different feeling from each one, and it will answer the question of did I get the right model for me?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (Bobby McFarren). As ‘Tiphereth’ said “The buzzing is normal.”, there is nothing “… seriously wrong …” with you. You are indeed experiencing the awakening of your prostate and also other parts of your body as you open yourself to the greater realms of sensuality within you. As your journey continues you may experience these buzzing sensations nearly anywhere in your body and I agree with ‘Tiphereth’ , those buzzing sensations are most enjoyable. It is like your body is generating its own electro-erotic vibrator for your amusement.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    It is a pleasant feeling, pleasant but weird, but I suppose the weird goes into the rewiring.
    Today I had an incredible session doing the KSMO....I'm still shaking.....I'd cut out the KSMO from the audiolecture into a 5sec sample, put that into WMP and repeated it every 3 or 4 or more normal breaths so I got the sound just right and in winamp I put my own brainwavegenerator sound (Shumann resonance remade) which is meant to entrain your brain to the proper alpha frequency for about 20-25 minutes......and it's the best session I've had so far, I concentrated on the feeling (in similar places as with the Aneros)and it seemed to get stronger and stronger put still not quite what others have described, but better than I've had so far with my Helix. But maybe one's a catalyst for the other....who knows?....

    Can't wait till I get the Progasm, if I can get a Super O with that I'm going to buy the whole Aneros collection
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Helixer,

    I'm backing up Tiphereth with the suggestion to try a thick natural oil based lube. Much like he said, when I switched to shea butter, which is similar in consistency to refined coconut oil. It made a big difference in the amount of time it takes for me to get comfortable and relax. Which is now just a few minutes compared to an hour or more before that. A lot of this has to do with the insertion being quick, easy, and most important, pain free. I used a glycerin based lube before(Astroglide), that even with pre-lubing my rectum did not allow for this. If you are having pain or discomfort on insertion, it will take you a long time to get relaxed back there before you experience pleasure. And I've had some sessions when I was using Astroglide where it never happened. Something to keep in mind.

    Love is Peace
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    For what it's worth, I've found taking slow, deep breaths really makes it easier to insert.

    I personally like Slippery Stuff Gel, with some Petroleum Jelly on the Aneros. It easily lasts for hours, even overnight.
  • Helixer, Got that Progasm yet? =P
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Hi Helixer,
    I started with the Helix also and it took a while but after a couple of months I had my first Super O and its been awsome since so don't give up. As far as other models, I bought a Eupho and a Progasm, I like them both. Ihave had excellent results with the Eupho but not so great with the Progasm. I guess for me "its not the meat its the motion". The Helix is very mobile and the Eupho even more so. With the Eupho I can seem to find "the spot" and have experienced some incredible Super O's. I have had limited success with the Progasm. What works best for me is to start the session with one of the smaller models and after things get going, switch to the Progasm. I have had some of my most intense Os with the progasm but certainly my share of "dud" sessions as well. That's just me though. Everybody is different. My best advise is be patient, don't "try too hard" and just let it happen. Once your brain and your prostate make the connection your Helix will provide expereinces you never dreamed of. After that, just experiment and see what works best for you. Good Luck!
  • Mesage FOR Rumel CAN YOU EXPLAIN M A LITTLE MORE ABOUT SECI THANKS As your journey continues you may experience these buzzing sensations nearly anywhere in your body and I agree with ‘Tiphereth’ , those buzzing sensations are most enjoyable. It is like your body is generating its own electro-erotic vibrator
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I received the Progasm today, when I opened the box and saw the Progasm, it looked much bigger than I thought it would be, it was kind of scared me :((no looking under the bed tonight, there might be a giant Progasm lurking in the corner)....I tried it first it was painful and I didn't even come past the head, it felt like it would rip my A-hole open, so I used the Helix first, after that I was surprised how easy it slid in, no major experience just yet but I feel there's definitely better contact with my perineum and the K-tab feels good as well. I experience more of a buzzing sensation before and after as well than with the Helix

    I use KY jelly as it was recommended by one of the 'gurus' on this forum. I've just stocked up but the rate at which it's being used (now with the Progasm as well that uses about twice as much)I should be needing more lube soon and I'll definitely look into the recommended alternatives(thanks guys!), but I still think it's of secondary importance to the rewiring. Maybe I'm still trying too hard, but it's not uncomfortable anymore and I seem to be relaxed's turning these pleasurable sensations into a full blown orgasm that my body is still unaccustomed to ass of yet, but that might be the awakening of the prostate, the buzzing getting stronger and stronger, building and building until the prostate can take it no longer and just explodes into an orgasm......who knows?

    No way am I giving up!
    From what I've read on this forum about other ppls experience and my own journey up until's like a whole new world opening before my eyes, makes me feel like a child again perceiving it all with a sense of wonder and excitement
  • Helixer, Hey man glad to hear it arrived.
    The only reason I would recomend the coconut oil over the KY is the fact that the Progasm is BIG
    and if you use it too often only using KY it sort of rubbs you raw at least this has been my experience.
    when I switched to the Coconut oil I have not been rubbed raw since maybe im just sensative?
    I can also say with the oil the Progasm just moved far more fluidly. The KY equiv Equate is like two bucks at wal-mart
    and the coconut oil is ten bucks for a nice little bucket.
    Whatever makes you happy though :P
  • I'm about to order the Prog myself. But, after your last post, helixer, I'm starting to chicken out.

    Could you give me an idea? If the Helix is like a Chiquita banana, is the Prog like a regular banana???
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    flipflyer said:

    I'm about to order the Prog myself. But, after your last post, helixer, I'm starting to chicken out.

    Could you give me an idea? If the Helix is like a Chiquita banana, is the Prog like a regular banana???

    :roll: don't know, haven't actually tried either :), but I think it does help if you 'warm up' with something smaller.....but it shouldn't give you nightmares....although I can't really say coz it's my first day.

    Living is cheap in the USA Tiphereth, here KY is about 6 euros(1 euro~1,26 dollars) for 42 grams :(....I'll shop around though, I've a feeling I'll be using my Anerosisis even more in the future and there must be cheaper alternatives, even here
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    I'll also vouch for natural oils making a huge difference. I was using glycerin based lube (Astroglide) previously, and I almost never had an easy and pain free insertion with my Helix or MGX. I can't imagine what it would have been like with a Progasm! :shock: Ouch! And no matter how well lubed I was, there was always that slightly rubbed raw feeling on the inner sphincter before the rectum.My preference is 100% refined shea butter. Although refined coconut oil is pretty similar in consistency from what I understand. Both do tend to be expensive here in the USA, compared to synthetic lube. I have no idea how it compares in price in Europe. But I think what both refined shea butter and coconut oil have going for them besides excellent lubrication properties, is that it takes a very small amount for one session. So one container may very well last you a lot longer than a single tube of KY.

    Love is Peace
  • Hi flipflyer, et al,

    The Progasm is large, but not as big as a banana for sure, and it has the different sections to it that do not keep it in a constant size.

    If a person is able to insert the other models without issues, then more than likely they will not have any problems with the Progasm. Yes it is larger, and Yes it is a bit harder to initially insert, but IMO, most become use to the Progasm very fast and enjoy its size immensely. :lol:

    For lube, if you believe you will have problems with the Progasms size, it is probably best to use some natural lube, like Love_is has suggested.
    Shea Butter is an excellent start for a very slick heavy lube that is not water based. There are some receipts here on the forums for natural lubes.

    Rumel, and I, have come up with some good receipts we believe are well suited for Aneros play.

    Love_is has experimented with these receipts to satisfy his needs for use.

    Here is some of the threads. Water bases are just not as slippery as these types. 8)