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New member
  • Even though i have only ordered my Aneros Helix and Progasm,I'm still excited about the delivery from the postman!!! They should be here next week sometime.I have experienced solo anal play quite a few times but never really had dramatic results except in extra penile orgasms. So after much study,review reading and searching for a good price,I decided to order both products for myself.My wife is interested and encourages me to have fun and experiment.
    I hope to find some friends to share experiences with and if any want to chat on Yahoo,my ID is handlebar66.


  • Hi Jim,
    Welcome to the forum !!

    Get ready for a good time!! :D
    It is wonderful to have the support of the wife! that is just super!

    It is good that you are not new to anal play as it will be a much better start.

    Do some reading in the wiki while you wait the delivery, there is a lot of great information for the new user.

    You can ask questions here as well as using a yahoo account... There is a heck of a lot of experienced users that are more than willing to answer your questions. :lol:
  • Thanks skeeter g!!! I do hope to make lot's of friends here and look forward to the Aneros!


    Yahoo Messenger ID handlebar66
  • Thanks to the USPS and their speed,I now have both my Helix and Progasm after only 3 days!
    I promptly tried the Helix and after only 15 minutes of use,can feel something happening.I will be spending some time with it over the next few days as I get used to it but confess I'm already smitten.

    I hope to progress quickly. Perhaps I an add to the testimonials soon!!

    Best regards,

  • Hi Jim,
    Good deal! I'm glad you got your new toys... Wow 3 days was fast! You are going to have some great times ahead! :lol:
  • Indeed I will.Have already had a few.