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Glass / Pyrex Peridise - would you buy one?
  • View Poll Results: Would you buy a Pyrex Peridise? (dependent on cost) Voters: 682

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    NO: I wouldn't buy a Pyrex Peridise 6 0.88%

    YES: I would buy a Pyrex Peridise 10 1.47%

  • I know there has been plenty of discussion here about members requesting a stainless steel Peridise. Some experts are of the belief this may be too heavy though.

    I think a pyrex version would be nice. Super smooth and not as heavy as stainless steel.

    Maybe Aneros/HiH could investigate this idea and have a pyrex "toy" factory produce it under license.

    Edit: Sorry about the Peridise typo in the Poll! If support reads this can you correct the spelling please?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Geezer UK,

    What do you feel the benefits of an Aneros made of pyrex would be?
    And would the benefits be strong, or different enough to justify a change in materials, and/or an addition to the product line?
    I'm just curious. But also trying to play devils advocate.

    I mean you could probably make an Aneros out of a lot of different materials. For example, why not make an environmentally green Aneros out of bamboo, since it is a considered a renewable, and sustainable resource that grows in one season. But can also at the end of it's life be recycled(composted, burned for heat or electricity generation) or reused(chipped into smalled pieces to make particle board). Now, I know the idea of a bamboo Aneros does not necessarily sound like a good idea when you consider the thought of wood splinters in your anus and rectum. :cry:
    But I'm just using it as a counter-argument.
  • Fair comment Love_is but I'm specifically talking of the Peridise model and not Aneros in general.

    It's design, function and movement in my opinion make it ideally suited to be very smooth. Whilst it's possible to polish all products with wet & dry it's also a fact that stainless steel or pyrex are well used throughout the industry for this type of product.

    Pyrex is also suited to heat treatment, so for those wishing to experiment a Pyrex device can be chilled or warmed.

    I appreciate you humour re the bamboo product. I'm sure we are all aware of a very expensive range of hand carved wood dildos that are available, so the green option is out there if it interests you. As far as I'm aware they don't make a prostate massager or peridise type model though.
  • Maybe I should say this thread on the HiH forum set me off on this Pyrex thought:

    See the last post by user "quaips"
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    So a smoother surface would make the Peridise perform better than the current material it uses now? Not owning a Peridise yet, I don't have any idea.

    My humor regarding the bamboo Aneros, was only half so. As I am into the green/environmental movement and beliefs. But I thought it would be a good and some what outrageous example. But now you inform me that a company actually makes wood dildos, that blew my mind! So I had to go look it up. Yes, very expensive. But I question whether whatever coating they are using on it is any more healthy for the body than the different synthetic plastics that most sex toys are made out. This is where your idea to use Pyrex, or even stainless steel starts to look a lot better.

    I can just imagine the Pyrex ad campaign...
    Buy a measuring cup and a casserole dish, and get one anal toy free! :lol:

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  • Love_is said:

    I can just imagine the Pyrex ad campaign...
    Buy a measuring cup and a casserole dish, and get one anal toy free! :lol:

    :lol: Great, do you work in advertising then lol
  • Hi Geezer UK,
    It think it would be wonderful to have a Pyrex Peridise! Very smooth, and never issues with bacteria if a person wanted to keep it in for long periods of time. :D

    I would love the manufactures to also consider a stainless one as well. :wink:
  • Love_is

    I just pm'd you a link and they do make wooden prostate massagers too

    Edit: Can't edit Poll, only the body of post.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Nope, I just have an over active imagination and a dirty sense of humor! :D

    Turns out there are already a number of manufacturers making dildos out of borosilicate(Pyrex). Just do a search for "glass dildos". It's pretty interesting. Thanks for opening my mind on this subject.
  • Love_is said:

    Turns out there are already a number of manufacturers making dildos out of borosilicate(Pyrex). Just do a search for "glass dildos". It's pretty interesting. Thanks for opening my mind on this subject.

    I know, I put it in my second post

    [quote=Geezer UK]It's design, function and movement in my opinion make it ideally suited to be very smooth. Whilst it's possible to polish all products with wet & dry it's also a fact that stainless steel or pyrex are well used throughout the industry for this type of product.
  • Hi Love_is,

    You are correct about those dildos, they have been making them for a number of years... :D
    Not that I would know mind you 8)

    They have found that Pyrex is very strong, and cleans up easily, and that it is much cheaper than quality stainless!

    All these plastics can have issues with bacteria, and must be kept very clean...
  • I would probably purchase any version of Peridise. These are my favorite of the Aneros products and I hope that Aneros will continue to either improve or make similar products along the lines of the Peridise. I think pyrex would be a great idea! It's probably just a matter of time before a competitor seizes this opportunity to make a similar product anyway. I would hope that Aneros will keep a step ahead of any competition out there.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I apologize Geezer UK. I overlooked that you had said that already. It was not intentional.

    One thing that occur to me last night as I was thinking about a Peridise made from Pyrex is...

    (Forgive me if I get the jargon incorrect as I'm not an engineer.)
    While Pyrex is certainly a strong material. It is not as flexible before breaking as the plastic they are using now. (tensile strength?) So I'm wondering if the Peridise would be too small in diameter to safely use Pyrex, as the stem appears to be quite thin from the photos. (I don't own any of the Peridise so I can't say for sure.) What do you guys think?
  • Love_is

    I guessed it wasn't intentional, no problem.

    The diameter and strength are an issue on my mind too. Pyrex isn't a flexible material so my concern is more whether it is strong enough at these small diameters to be considered safe, or put another way, what is the safest minimum diameter for a Pyrex sex toy?

    I'm sure if you were to have a session with a Peridise you would understand why I would like a smoother a slightly weightier product such as this or the stainless steel version already wished for by other members.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Cool, glad we're ok. :)

    I wonder if the draw back from a stainless steel Peridise being to heavy could be alleviated by making it hollow. Of course, this is going on the assumption they were thinking of a solid stainless steel Peridise. I don't know if you could make one hollow out of sheet stainless steel and still have an absolutely smooth surface. But it's a thought.

    My other thought is...
    Do you know if the Density of Pyrex is less than of stainless steel? I tried to look it up, but it got to confusing for me. This could solve which material would be best if you're just basing it on overall weight.
  • Hi guys,

    The diameter is the problem for sure. As I looked into what it would take to do Pyrex, the smallest size is 20mm, and then the length also comes into play is it could also create a weakness.
    If a person is a bit hard on the usage then it could snap... not what anyone would want to happen for sure :cry:
    So, As this really seemed a good idea, I think we better now look at aluminum, or think of aluminum to recommend.
    Aluminum is not that expensive, but can be polished very smooth!

    Geezer UK, you had a great I idea, now lets change it to aluminum, what do you think?? :D

    Surgical Stainless would be the ultimate Peridise for sure!! :wink: very, very smooth, and you could keep it in the bum for a good amount of hours with no issues. 8)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hey skeeter_g,

    I don't know why I keep thinking about this, as I don't even own a Peridise set. It must be the challenge of thinking the problem through.

    I went and found the exact dimensions of the 4 Peridise models from the following post:

    16, 18, 20, 22 mm diameter heads

    ~ 6.5, 7, 8, 9 mm narrowest portion respectively

    103 mm length from head to foot (all)

    I think with a minimum stem diameter of approximately 6.5mm, we really need to be thinking of a material that is somewhat flexible in it's strength. Meaning not brittle, like Pyrex. I don't know if aluminum fits that bill. But it certainly would as far as weight goes. I bet a hardwood would fall under that category. But then you would have to have a synthetic coating on it to seal it. Which I think is something we're trying to avoid because of possible chemicals leached into the rectum and also I'm guessing the finish would not last forever. And it probably would not be as smooth as Pyrex or surgical stainless steel.
  • Hi Love_is,

    Problem with hardwood is that one would actually need that additional coating after the raw wood would be finished. We then should just stay with the plastic models available now. Plastic is cheap and can be stamped out by the thousands, thats how these Peridise are made now with a mold.

    As you may, or may not know, wood is not the best as far as bacteria is concerned. It is highly susceptible to bacteria, and just not a good product to use for this type of play. The coating would help, and be a must.

    Aluminum if heated can have some toxicity to it also, but it is not being heated in this case.

    Aluminum would be good, it is not brittle, but it is not known the wight difference between it and the plastic at this time. If the aluminum is the same weight as plastic, then again we would be back to the plastic, ...why change.

    I have the full lot of Peridise toys, and even the smallest 16mm would work well in Aluminum for now. It would not break or bend.

    IMHO the ultimate Peridise would be surgical stainless!
    Right now, it is being used internally for replacement bones and such. Stainless can be cleaned easily, It is not porous, and with lube, moves very freely. (I have a polished Njoy toy which is stainless).
    Stainless however is heavier, would it make a difference? we would need a proto, or sample to know for sure, just like the aluminum proto. :D
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    In general I have a problem with Aneros plastic, especially the Progasm. It has a tendency to hold stains and odors. I can only assume it is holding bacteria too. I would welcome either glass or metal providing the weight issue could be managed to allow a comfortable ride.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi guys,

    I’ll jump in here with a few thoughts. A Pyrex Peridise would be highly sanitary and elegant to look at and use but if it were to break …OUCH big time. I don’t think I’d risk it. A solid stainless steel model, I think, would be too heavy. It would be possible to fabricate a hollow stainless steel model but the cost for such an item would be very high due to the special tools and materials necessary to fabricate it. A cast aluminum model would be the next step up in cost from the cast plastic now being used but there are problems with aluminum: 1.) it is subject to electro-galvanic reactions in the presence of bodily fluids, along with many other metals as well. 2.) there is a question about toxicity due to ion transfer from the metal to the body. Titanium or magnesium castings could work well; those metals are lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant, but again cost factors may make them impractical. Hollow Sterling silver would be tolerated by the body and not subject to electro-galvanic reaction but it does oxidize to a blackish patina and continual use of polishes for cleaning would be a high maintenance factor. Hollow 10 carat gold or platinum would probably work best and look beautiful but who would be able to afford such luxury? Wood, is an environmentally friendly “green” material but as has already been pointed out is unsatisfactory for sanitary reasons.
    Perhaps the closest to a polished stainless steel model would be a model fabricated from a standard mild sheet metal steel, then given an industrial grade hard chrome electroplating polished to a mirror finish. This would probably cost about the same as a solid stainless steel model but would be lighter in weight and look spectacular as well.
  • Wow

    Looks like we have interest but have lost the practicality. I should have posted the minimum diameter question in the original post. It's certainly appealing to have a Pyrex model in principle but that's as far as it goes. I don't really want a 20mm dia. Peridise!!!!

    Looks like a metal variant is the way to investigate. Thanks Skeeter_g and Rumel for your informative posts.

    Ultimately, unless a proto of a solid stainless steel model is ever produced and trialled buy an experienced user (Skeeter_g - are you offering?) we probably can't answer whether it would be too heavy or actually the perfect weight. It just may be that a SS feels a better weight as well as a nicer finish than plastic.

    I think the Peridise is a fantastic design - I just desire a luxury version. Maybe rumel's chrome plating is a forward idea.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I don't think it rules out wood as a possible material choice. It just needs to have a completely sealed and smooth coating on it. There are a surprising number of companies on the internet making and selling sealed wooded dildos. But if you are looking at it from a health viewpoint, the sealant on the wood(even if it is considered to be food grade safe), may not be any healthier than the plastic already used in Aneros products.

    I'm not totally convinced that weight would be an issue with using medical grade stainless steel. As once again there are companies on the web making and selling stainless steel dildos and prostrate massagers. But like Geezer UK said, we will never know until a prototype is tried. The interesting thing about both of these materials, is if it was used on the other Aneros models, it would make handle/tail modifications not possible.

    I must say though that the thought of a stainless steel Peridise does invoke a humorous vision in my head of it being a dumbell equivalent for your anus muscle group. So next time you goto the gym and your trainer asks you if you have been targeting your anus. You can safely say yes! LMAO

    And while I was researching for this post I happened upon a very funny web page talking about home made sex toys that I want to share with everyone. Make sure you click on "Next", as there are about ten examples. Enjoy! :D
  • Hi All,
    I have done some more investigation into this and have been talking to some Machinists, Chromers, and metal casters.

    The most interesting was when I showed the machinist what I was attempting to duplicate... and he said what is it used for?.... well, all I can say is that I made up a good story!! :lol:

    The problem is the little handle at the end, and the multiple bums throughout the body, it just is not practical to machine at this point without incurring a substantial cost for a couple of protos to try.. :cry:

    I did have a brief conversation with a metal caster, but I need to take the peridise to him to take a look. The Peridise its self has been cast from a mold, I can see the casting marks, so I can use the cast of the perdise, to make another cast for aluminum. then I can have it chromed. :D

    This does seem the best way to go at this time, so that a couple of prototypes do not break the bank. 8) I have been making jewelry as a hobby for years, and know a cast may be the answer.

    I will continue to see what I can do, and let everybody know the outcome. Now it is almost like a quest!! :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hey skeeter_g,

    The most interesting was when I showed the machinist what I was attempting to duplicate... and he said what is it used for?.... well, all I can say is that I made up a good story!!

    You made me bust a gut reading that one! :lol: And the story was???

    Form what little I know, if you look at it from a time/labor and cost perspective, I would agree that casting certainly wins there. Was there any particular reason you were looking to have one machine lathed first?

    That's pretty cool that you are looking into this yourself. I'll be interested to hear how it compares in performance to the plastic Peridise if you ever get a prototype made.

    But don't let me end up reading a newspaper article titled: "Man goes to Hospital because of broken piece of metal in his anus". He claims he was "Trying to scratch an itch". :lol:
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    I have two concerns:

    1) Chrome is classed as a heavy metal element, which makes it toxic, and

    2) Chrome flakes off on poorly prepped metal, but especially aluminum, which oxidizes very easily and quickly (ever notice relatively new cars with chrome wheels that have bubbling underneath and won't hold air?), and produces very thin, very sharp shards that can slash mercilessly anything that comes in contact with it that is softer than itself. It creates a wound much deeper and considerably more painful than a paper cut. I can't begin to imagine a shard (let alone several shards) of chrome slashing around my insides, especially in an area that is so full of sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels so close to the surface. Not to mention having to explain to the E.R. staff (yes, I'm quite sure that it will have to be explained to each and every one on duty) how bits of chrome got embedded in your rectum.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    While chromium (III) is a heavy metal element, it is also an essential trace mineral for the human body, just as important as some other heavy metal elements such as copper, iron, nickel and zinc. Any of those can also be toxic at high dosages.
    The particular form of chromium (types 0 thru VI) is the most concern healthwise.

    You are quite correct about chrome plating [chromium (III)] flaking off of “... poorly prepped metal...” this is often seen in the case of plating steel directly without having properly removed surface contaminates such oils, salts, solvents, etc. Good quality, industrial hard chrome plating usually employs multiple coatings often first copper, then nickel and then chrome. This hard chrome plating process results in a very stable, long lasting, low corrosion/oxidation, durable finish. It is highly unlikely the body would be able to apply sufficient force to cause any kind of cracking on a well plated chrome Peridise model.

    I’m not a metallurgist but my primary concern would be the suitability of aluminum as the structural foundation for such a model. Aluminum has a very high coefficient of expansion and I wonder if it can even be effectively electroplated. Chromium has a moderate coefficient of expansion, there might be an incompatibility there.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Almost all new car wheels are chromed aluminum, and after a couple of years, they won't hold air. When the tire is removed, there is considerable pitting in the bead area of the wheel, and the flakes of chrome are imbedded in the bead area of the tire. Aluminum is very difficult to paint or put any other kind of coating on, no matter how well prepped it is, because it oxidizes very easily. A clear plastic coating, which was seen on car wheels over 10 years ago, seemed to hold up better.
  • Hi guys,
    I have decided that now a cast is the way to go!!
    Aluminum is out, Pyrex is out, Stainless is going to really be expensive, but still may be good down the road.

    I have contacted a well known caster, but he said he wants me to make a 5 proto cast because of the small size. Another problem is that it would be bronze, then chromed... the weight for bronze is 3 times heaver than aluminum, but aluminum is similar to the weight of the existing plastic Peridise.
    I will meet with the caster tomorrow, or Friday, and see what is up and a cost.
    If he is to expensive, I may contact an old jewelry buddy and have him give me a quote for nickel, then get it chromed ! :D
    I have not given up yet, I really want a peridise that is just a bit heaver then the plastic.

    I have one other Idea, but I will wait until I have worked all the other ideas I have talked about here.
    More of the Proto saga to follow...

    Here you go...
    The description I gave the Machinist was that it was for air suction in a surgical rubber tube for pulling in air. The little handle at the end was used to pull it back and forth in the rubber tube....
    What do you think?? :lol: :lol:

    One thing I do want to say guys, is that I'm well aware of some of the issues of this whole project, I'm just having some fun.

    I'm an engineer, by trade, and have worked with different types of metals for years.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    The description I gave the Machinist was that it was for air suction in a surgical rubber tube for pulling in air. The little handle at the end was used to pull it back and forth in the rubber tube....
    What do you think??

    LMAO Nice!
    It seems that you are not only skilled in engineering, but also in spinning a yarn! :lol:

    Can't wait to here the updates as they occur.
  • Hi All,
    I just wanted everybody to know I will not move forward with the Proto Peridise I was going to create.

    Why you say??

    Aneros support has just announced today on the Chat that there will be a Stainless Steel model available some time soon! How cool is that!!

    They do not yet have a date, but I hope it is soon!! :lol:

    This is very good news for all of us!!
    Thanks Aneros support!!! :lol:
  • Great news!

    I'm up for some stainless steel models as soon as they're released.

    I expect that considering the extra cost these will be sold individually but hell, I'll probably buy the baby two seeing as I love the smaller one of the beginners set so much.

    Thanks for the positive news Aneros, I was worried a competitor would steel the march on this idea.