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Aneros Progress Report
  • After my somewhat demented post on Monday, I thought I might post what has happened over the past two days. I think it will be obvious to everyone that I feel much more relieved and balanced. Monday was just flat crazy though.

    So after committing Monday to really submit to the use of my Aneros and just see where it would take me, some strange things happened. (Well strange for me anyway. Maybe new is a better word?) I decided to really lube up this time and actually used vegetable oil. Yeah that sounds funny but it has truly served me well in my past anal adventures. I actually prefer olive oil, but since we are almost out, I did not want my wife’s enquiring mind to ask where it went. (Lol, just how do you explain that? “I used it as an anal lube, dear.”) We have a KY “hot lube” that irritates me more than anything. Once the hotness goes away, its ok, but the corn oil was actually far more comfortable.

    So with three milliliters of corn oil inserted with a syringe rectaly and some light application of vaseline around the exterior of my anus, I turned my attention to the Aneros itself. I placed a light but full coat of vaseline on the Aneros and then multiple drops of corn oil from the syringe. The corn oil actually stuck to the light coat of vaseline, to my surprise. That was great because it means no mess! (I expected the oil to go everywhere.)

    Now thoroughly lubed, I lifted my leg up onto the bathroom sink and inserted. The Aneros slid in with little resistance. I wiped away the small amount of lube that left my anus and walked to the bed. Wow, with each step I could feel it rub! I forgot to mention that I had shaved the whole area from my anus to the bottom of my testicales. That was for two reasons. One, my wife has actually taken to playing and licking this area. She requested that I shave it. Two, one of the Aneros guides recommends shaving this area.

    I have not yet modified the Aneros like I said I would in yesterdays post. I figured that I was not exactly mentally stable when it comes to the Aneros yet and was not thinking straight about it. Modifications might be a one way street as it was unlikely that I could return it to its original form. If I screwed it up I felt like I would just die! So I left well enough alone. Plus one of the milestones on the Aneros site states, “no longer feeling like the device does not fit.” That was enough to warn me off, because on Monday I felt sure the device did not fit.

    So, I did as the guide says and laid upon my right side with my left leg crossed over my right. Not wanting to rush I just laid there. Well in a few seconds the desire to pulse was too much. Plus the Aneros was causing very slight pleasure sensations of its own. One quick pulse and the Aneros took off of its own accord. I use to be able to do this when I first got my Aneros and was positive that with a little practice I could do it again. It actually reminded me of the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters. Once lit, you are along for the ride until they burn out- you can’t turn them off! It felt like my ass was holding a medium contraction but in a spasm. I was on anal autopilot at this point. I felt like the Aneros might be slipping out and reached around to check its position. (I did not want to dump three milliliters of corn oil on the bed either! Again very hard to explain to the wife!) To my utter shock, the Aneros was drawn WAY up inside me! I actually worried that it might draw the back tab inside me! (I modified mine by cutting the ring tab off about halfway down.)

    Well, I just decided to be confident in “Mistress Aneros” and the fact that she would treat me right. That she would not make a mistake and hurt me in anyway, even though I had modified her. It dawned on me that I was no longer thinking about the Aneros as an inanimate object, but as a unique, living, female “thing.” I noticed that many others refer to their Aneros in the same way. Perhaps rewiring has something to do with changing thoughts as well as changing physically? Now all of this happen in just the first few seconds after lying down, then things really took off.

    Suddenly, my heart started racing. I mean really thumping. I could hear it way up inside my ears. It really scared me. Reminded me of the drugs they give people who can’t use a treadmill during a stress test. I marveled that a simple piece of plastic could make my heart jump out of my chest. Then I could feel my Aneros really start to grind against my prostate. That was very strange because I always thought the Aneros really did not fit my anatomy. But I could feel the “teeth” of my Mistress biting into what I suddenly knew to be my prostate. I have an original model that has two bumps on the front. These were seriously rubbing against me now. Again I was dumbstruck at how my Mistress had found my prostate. I always thought it much lower.

    Small waves of pleasure came from both my anus and deeper inside me. Something was building. I felt the total, immense frustration I had experienced all day Monday suddenly disappear. In its place was a calm feeling. Calmness in the midst of my heart beating away like a rabbit and my anus jumping around like a flea on a hot brick. For that alone I am eternally grateful. I don’t know if anyone else has ever gone through that. It was an obsessive ache that would not leave me alone. It was actually a painful, annoying ache that desperately needed satisfaction. I think my mistake was in “goofing around” with the Aneros for a week rather than taking it seriously. Apparently, Mistress Aneros is not to be toyed with! I was just using her each night to improve my standard penile orgasm, after a short pulsing session. The Aneros of course did give me better penile orgasms. But while seeming to be my willing servant, she was doing some self service of her own! She was building something inside me that could not be denied. And in that one moment, I felt it relieved. I could actually feel my sanity return. Don’t misunderstand, I was not going to do anything crazy, I was just really frustrated at my lack of relief. Mistress Aneros took care of that right away, once I let her have her way.

    It was then that I felt a very hard grinding that made me gasp. I thought I might be hurting my prostate. It felt like my prostate was moving sideways back and forth against the business end of my Mistress. Then a real wave of pleasure came forth and I groaned. My ass was still dancing around and showed no signs of stopping. My heart beat so fast it was scary. I felt something start to build again and remembered the statement that with the Aneros, one can go from orgasm to orgasm with no delay. I had a few more of these wonderful little orgasm’s and began to get tired. My ass just did not want to stop though! It kept on in its spasm like my life depended on it. The muscles began to ache though and I needed a rest.

    Reluctantly, I took back control from my anal autopilot and slowed the contractions to a stop. I could feel my heart drop down out of my ears and slow. I laid there for a few moments intent on starting the cycle again. I knew that I should have anyway. But the desire to achieve the goal I could feel inside me got the better of me. I rolled onto my back and chickened out for a penile orgasm. I must say it was not satisfying! Mistress Aneros had been at work bringing me something special and I did not have the self control to let her finish. It was not much more than an ejaculation. I attribute this to the fact that the Aneros was in the process of shifting my “wiring” to be aware of the prostate. Forcing myself back to a standard way of thinking simply was not going to be tolerated.

    The Aneros site often talks about this. The site mentions that the super-o is not something you can force. There is simply no way to bring it about manually. I was forcefully reminded of this when all I was left with was an ejaculation. I have learned my lesson though and have committed to no masturbation at all for this week. Mistress Aneros will have me totally at her beck and call.

    Last night, Tuesday, I was not able to visit my Mistress. All day Tuesday I could feel pleasure tremors coming from underneath my penis and testicales. I can only assume that this was my prostate remembering the previous night’s joy. I spent quite a bit of time Tuesday playing with my nipples and causing more pleasure tremors in my prostate. I did this while driving and whenever I could get away with it at work.

    As I write this on Wednesday morning, the pleasure tremors have been replaced by aching desire tremors. Playing with my nipples only produces more desire down there. My insides crave another visit from their Mistress. And so they shall have it tonight.

    Gone is the insane craving for something unknown that I was experiencing Monday. In its place is steady, tolerable desire for my Mistress Aneros. If anyone would like a further update, I will be happy to oblige. Just reply and I will let you know what happens in future sessions.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419

    Congratulations on achieving your first Super-O.

    Mistress Aneros has already got you hooked, hasn’t she? You’ve become addicted like so many of us, as she continues to re-write your neural code, the “rewiring” is upon you now and you're powerless to prevent the sweet seduction of her siren call.
    What you are experiencing is not at all unusual, here’s a section of the WIKI that mentions some of the psychological events you may be subject to, see - .
    Fortunately for you and the rest of us this addiction need not be debilitating but may in fact be beneficial to keeping our prostates healthy and quite happy. Plus, there are NO negative drug side effects, the all natural endorphin cascade is absolutely delightful. The only drawback may be the perpetual silly grin you show to the world each day.
  • I got my third Super O since purchasing my aneros (3 weeks ago), the 2nd in two days. I must say this was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. i did ejaculate and when I was finsihed it took a long time to recover and if I had been with someone i would have loved to cuddle. After I got out of bed I was dizzy for a while and even whie drivng back to the office from lunch (what a wondeful lunch) I was a bit dizzy and woozy.

    I think I'll not do it any more on my lunch hour (it is a good way to lose weight though) since I have to work the rest of the afternoon. I didn't get much done today!

  • So I guess you had a "power lunch?" That's great!

    I have not quite arrived yet to my first Super-O. I really love the sensations that my Mistress is building inside me though. I feel that she will take her time with me and will reward patient, regular use. Looking forward to my first, but if all that ever happens is the relief of tension when my Mistress abides in me and mini-o's throughout the day I am happy! I can see that this Mistress will have me for the rest of my days now. Not such a bad thing at all!

    Things seem wonderfully new suddenly and I feel like part of my life now revolves around "Mistress Aneros" but that's ok. With just three days of committed use under my belt, it already seems normal. She certainly does not take anything away and I am looking forward more than ever to being with my wife this weekend. (Wife works four nights a week and the wife and Mistress don't know about each other yet.) I am seriously thinking about ending my "double life" and ordering the unisex model for my wife. Mistress Aneros seeks to rule all!

    I almost told my much younger than I nephew about the device. That was really shocking for me as this is about as intimate as it gets. Putting yourself inside of a woman is one thing, (not knocking that mind you!) but putting a woman inside of you is quite another! We have shared many details about sex in the past so it seemed only natural to tell him. I am waiting for my first Super-O so I can really recommend this to him.

    I think I had a semi “Super-O” not unlike the one you described during your lunch. It was during the previous week when I was “abusing” my Aneros trying to force things from it. I had a sensation like I had to pee, which I read on the forums is something that should not be fought. This was while rubbing the head on my penis mind you, so this is not truly a Super-O The pee sensation moved farther back into my ass and grew steadily. It was like a “pee-gasm” if that makes any sense! Was a wonderful sensation but caused me to ejaculate due to my masturbation.

    I see now that Mistress Aneros was allowing me to abuse the device so that she could gain a pathway to me. That sounds crazy I know. It’s just a piece of plastic. A wonderful piece of plastic, but plastic nonetheless. But after Monday and the rise of an insane aching pain deep inside me and the relief that flowed immediately once I submitted to doing things my Mistresses way, I doubt nothing. Anything is possible. I further see now that Mistress Aneros is not the piece of plastic, but that she uses the piece of plastic to manifest herself. Not unlike a pipeline. Without oil flowing through it, it is worthless and pointless. But start the pipeline flowing and untold riches will be yours!

    Another long and rambling post I know, but I just can’t help but sing the praises of my Mistress!