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how deep is the helix insert
  • why i can't insert whole helix in?about 1.5cm is outside , but P-tab always touched
  • If your p-tab is touching and making good contact with your perineum you should not need to insert the helix any deeper. At this position the helix is engaging your prostate. How far out is it when you contract and relax? Remember it is not designed to be inserted completely to the base it is designed to rock and slide against your prostate very slightly.

  • thommothommo
    Posts: 4
    To be honest I wondered about this when I first got mine. In fact, I found that the P-tab wouldn't sit on my peri either and would instead 'hover above' for a good while after insertion. The great thing about the Helix however (compared to say, the MGX) is that it's FAR more comfortable when it REALLY gets going! It allows more contact on the prostate and a deeper more satisfying anal/prostate orgasm that doesn't exert so much pressure that the P-tab begins to hurt/ache after a little while (which I found limited my session times with the MGX). So despite the helix feeling like it's 'not in properly', go with it, relax without any expectation, and just experiment with small contractions or simply 'do nothing' and just focus on the sensations. After a while, you'll be dead glad of that extra inch of stem as it slides on its own inside you :)

    I was ready to write it off and go back to the MGX, but a little bit of perseverence has had to a whole different level.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    As luvinaneros has pointed out, the Helix was not designed to insert all of the way to the base. The last notch/contour that is near the base is there for purposes of balance only. If you attempt to push the Helix all of the way in, you will spring load the abutment arm which will push the massager out in short order.

    BF Mayfield