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Help with multiple ejaculation
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Hi all

    I haven't been online for a while and this might be a bit off topic but knowing how many knowledgable men are on this site I'll give it a go. I'm not even sure there are definative answers to this question.

    I posted this question on another site and haven't had any luck so here goes.

    Some time ago I was on a golfing trip with 7 other guys. We were staying at a golf resort and I was sharing a 2 bedroom villa with a good friend. We're both married and in our early 60's.

    On Sunday morning I went to the gym, only to find on arriving it opened an hour later on a Sunday so I returned to our villa. I went in and called for my mate to let him know I was back but there was no reply. I went to his room and found his door open about a foot and he was lying naked on his bed with his eyes closed listening to his MP3 player with earphones.

    He obviously wasn't expecting me back so soon because he was masturbating. I was absolutely gobsmacked but couldn't help watching.

    Now this is where it all gets strange. He continued stroking his penis for a minute or so until he reached orgasm. As he did he held his cock and as he ejaculated, his semen oozed out onto his groin. Soon afterwars he started stroking again and in about 20-30 seconds he ejaculated a second time the same as the first. He repeated this and the third time he actually squirted semen rather than oozed. I counted 5 ejaculations over a period of around 3 minutes or so with the last taking quite a bit longer than the others but ejaculated quite a lot of semen.

    I was fully aroused watching him and immediately went to my room. I lay on my bed and tried to emulate his multiple ejaculation feat but without success. I have tried to achieve this multiple ejaculation many times since but can't seem to control myself once the ejaculatory contractions start.

    I used to be able to ejaculate a couple of times in a row masturbating when I was young but haven't been able to do so for years.

    The fact is, before seeing my friend, I have never heard of anyone being able to ejaculate 5 times in a few minutes like that and would love to be able to experience the extended pleasure myself.

    I am afraid to broach the subject with my friend because I'm sure he had no idea I watched him but would really appreciate any help from any of you enlightened males out there.

    Can anyone help with techniques or exercises that might help me achieve this?

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Mrbater,

    I read this post earlier today and have actually thought about it a couple of times. While I have had no experience with multiple ejaculatory orgasms, I would have a tremendous amount of respect for the ability to do so. However, everything that I know about the subject would say that after a normal ejaculatory orgasm, the fun is pretty much over until some kind of recovery occurs. With that in mind, my original thought is that the guy might have something physically wrong with him that his ejaculate is actually leaking out before he experiences his orgasm. He might have some kind of condition where he has no control over it.

    That seems like a more plausible answer to this riddle. I could be wrong. If he indeed has the ability to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms, then I would be tempted to ask him.

    Good luck.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Well, another explanation is that he was 'edging'. In other words he was taking his excitement level all the way to almost ejaculating then backing off. I used to do this all the time. When you do often a bunch of precum will come out but since you haven't fully ejaculated you can continue on, and on, and on until you just can't resist that big O and ejaculation any more.

    Ok, :lol: I might as well tell you all my technique. I wonder if any of the rest of you did it this way? Basically I would lick my hand or use a bit of olive oil and then I would take my palm to the head of my penis and lightly / slightly rub / tilt my palm down and rotate around and around. You can continue to lubricate and focus on one spot. At first this may not feel like a lot of sensation, but eventually it is extremely intense and will drive you crazy with pleasure. When you are about to cum, you simply back off, stop briefly. If you are really about to cum you may have to clamp down with you pc muscle to prevent a lot from coming out and so you can stop. If you are brave enough after doing this 30 minutes to perhaps an hour try to cum by then not stroking yourself, but by just allowing yourself to cum from this palm, sliding, rotating motion alone. :shock:

    :lol: I feel like such a perv. :twisted: Let me know how you like it sometime when you aren't doing an Aneros session. Just another tip from OH!! 8) Oh, BTW, you can do this with the Peridise or other Aneros model inserted. Yes, it will likely drive you insane!
  • OH!!

    That makes the most since to me. Even with the help of zane's diet it usually takes me 4-5 minutes before I am erect again and able to traditionally orgasm. Every individual is different however and if he is having orgasms with each discharge of ejaculate I would like to know if there is a technique being used or he might just have an advantage we can not understand. Everything I know about physiology screams no way however if you would have told me 5 years ago I could stick a toy in rectum and obtain multiple orgasm that increase with intensity over time I would have said no way!! :D


    PS OH!! If you think your perv for doing that I guess I should tell you I am one too.
  • Hi,

    I have tried having multiple orgasms myself with limited success. When I feel I am about to cum I pull up and squeeze my pc muscles and breath deeply until the feeling of wanting to cum has passed. Also squeezing your penis lightly between thumb and forefinger near the penis head at the point you want to ejaculate or putting pressure on your perinieum (halfway between your anus and scrotum) can help stop full ejaculation. Sometimes these techniques result in just a little cum dribbling from the penis and you still feel fully aroused. Timing is the key though and its all to easy to go over the edge and have a full ejaculation. It sounds as if your friend has really good control over his pc muscles and orgasm and if the last time was when he ejaculated fully then I suspect he let himself have a full orgasm. I have never managed to ejaculate 5 times, I have only managed a couple so hats off to your friend. Timing and patience is the major key as the temptation to just let go and cum fully is so high. Still practice makes perfect and it is fun trying!!

    I hope this has helped and wish you success.


  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Guys,

    I thought about the fact that maybe this guy was "pre-cumming" but I would think that mrbater would be able to tell if it was pre-cum (Cowper's) fluid or actual sperm. By the description, this guy was oozing the white stuff, not the clear stuff countless times before letting it rip.

    OH!!: Perv here too!

    luvinaneros: I couldn't agree more! The body is capable of so much more than we give it credit for. I had one of my better sessions last night and after all these years, I am still amazed with it.

    It's all good.
    Posts: 70
    From one perv to another, what I have found can work but not everytime: if I can time things just right, I can have a orgasm with just one or two good intense squirts and resume intercourse for more to cum later. To do this I have to completely stop all movement the very that the cum is on the move. This does not always work and sometimes my partner will continue to move which blows the whole process. It does seem impressive to you partner if you can pull it off. When I first started seeing my current GF I was able to do it frequently. She told me she did not know it was possible for a man to cum 3 or 4 times. She did not know what I was doing but she sure thought I knew what I was doing.
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Thanks all for the replies.
    Yes Buster it was definately semen not pre-cum. I could tell it was milky fluid ejaculated even though I was some distance from his bed.

    What was strange too was that (I think from memory) out of the 5 timed he ejaculated, the third and the last were the only times he squirted. The last time was the most intense, the others were simply ooze. It could be he was squeezing his cock at the time of each ejaculation but I'm not sure. I just thought to myself that to have the pleasure of 4 or 5 orgasm's in a very short time would be awesome. It may be that I'll never really know.

    I have tried edging but the thing is when I stop all movement the pleasure subsides but I don't ejaculate anything. I have the usual pre-cum but that's it. The other problem edging at my age is that if I don't get the timing exactly right I can lose the orgasm completely and it can be almost impossible to get it back. I think that's an age thing.

    Cheers my friends,
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    I can do what he does he is basically edging an orgasm if you know how to do this its fun. I stroke until a few seconds before release then i contract my pc muscle hard and slowly release then some cum oozes out. I can do this probably 4-5 times too more times then that your are pretty dried out. You have to time it right like almost point of no return but your pc muscle needs to be strong enough to hold it in and keep the involuntaries from pumping out the cum.

    I have done this its almost like mini o's but the main release is not as intense i honestly dont do it much as its not as pleasurable as one good release. I like to use my massage shower head on my sack its 10x better and the release is very very good.