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Applicator question
  • fisherfisher
    Posts: 2
    Can I purchase the lubricant applicators (I think they're like rectal syringes but I could be wrong) at local drugstores/pharmacies? If so, what name do I ask for them by?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi fisher,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Many guys use a baby medicine syringe to deliver their anal lube. You should be able to pick one up very cheaply at nearly any pharmacy without disclosing its actual usage. Here’s just one place you can find them on the web -
  • fisherfisher
    Posts: 2
    thank you!
  • Hi Fisher

    I use the Aneros applicator: Many independent online sex shops sell it too, I got mine from LoveHoney in the UK. It has a douche tip which is really easy to insert.

    I've also found it makes a good low volume douche, when I used a bulb type I used too much water which felt as though it filled me up for a while afterwards.

    If you have a bulb type douche the tips are most likely interchangeable (as mine are). I use one for filling the syringe with water or lube and another for shooting it up my bum. If you are in and out douching and lubing this saves time cleaning and prevents contamination of your new lube.

    I found it way too fiddly and messy to fill the syringe by taking the plunger out. By sheer design, it wants to shoot the contents as you reassemble the plunger into the barrel.

    I've settled on one full syringe of lube as a pre-lube and it works very nicely. Currently it's some nice thick water based lube but just recently I've got into the mindset of having a glycerin free lube instead so I'm going to get some Maximus next time. I've also used the Aneros Marksman shooters (glycerin free) it's a very nice pre-lube but expensive if you have a lot of sessions.
  • NunyaGANunyaGA
    Posts: 38
    Iactually wound up using a "pill popper" i got from the pet store as a syringe on my partner.


    I was told to try an ear a nd nose syringe but the lube was too thick, and this thing never worked for pilling my cat anyway, so i perverted it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What's with the tip of that thing? It looks a little vicious! Kind of like the mouth (radula) of a lamprey, Wowouch! lol

    A couple of years ago I posted on a larger syringe (12 cc) that I've used off and on for this purpose. It's called a Monoject 412 and it can be purchased from for only 98 cents. The cool thing about it is that it has a curved tip, so once inserted you can actually direct the lube onto your prostate. One word of caution however, the tip is very pointed so it MUST be inserted VERY slowly and carefully...spooning it in vs. a straight on insertion.

    BF Mayfield
  • NunyaGANunyaGA
    Posts: 38
    *lol* it does look vicious but it's not. it's there to hold the pill in place until you pop it. provided you don't push the plunger all the way down - the tip stays smooth and rounded.