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No Longer a virgin
  • Without going into great detail about my wife’s and my relationship I want to tell you how she initiated me into the world of anal orgasms. We’re in our 50’s and I still have a strong libido, hers, however has long since gone away. I won’t cheat on her and gladly accept it when she does her wifely duties. This isn’t satisfying for either of us.

    Unbeknown to me she researched and purchased from Aneros the Volcano pack. Last evening she told me about it and we went to the web site and explored it. I was certainly game even though I’ve never tried any anal play before. We decided to start small and began with the SGX.

    She left me in our bedroom and I began. I was there for about an hour and a half and tried all different positions. The best was me lying face down. I did experience about three quivering experiences. They felt great but I never did experience a progasm. After a while figured that was all and it would take me a while. I went to see my wife and told her about it. I did thanks her and said I had a great time and eventually I’d get the progasm, based on other’s experiences.

    About and hour before our bed time I told her I was going to try again and she said go for it. I lay on my right side with my left knee bent and right leg straight. After 5 minutes or so I did get another quivering session only this time it was more intense. After the feeling subsided I rested and then the quivering started again only this time it didn’t subside. I had a total anal orgasm, a progasm. Those who have experienced them before know what I mean. It was mind altering and body altering. I ejaculated and never touched myself and I wasn’t even a bit hard. I kept cumming and cumming. I have never felt anything so powerful. It took me a full 10 minutes to recover, something that has never happened.

    My wife heard me moaning and she went to our door and watched me. She said she had never seen me cum like that before, a total body experience. When I was done she lay down next to me and stroked me and caressed me. It was wonderful. I felt like a woman in that I really needed to cuddle afterwards. She even scooped up some of the ejaculate and offered it to me. I didn’t even hesitate and licked it from her hand. It was so good.

    The entire experience has affected me tremendously. In fact as I write this I am oozing pre cum as I write this. I am home for lunch and am by self and after I post this I am going to try again. It’s like the first time I had sex, I want it all the time. I even had dreams last night about it. I guess I am one of the lucky ones to have a progasm the first time out. I am certainly not complaining.

    I am certainly never gong to miss a regular orgasm. I am so happy that my wife got me this I’m going to buy her some jewelry. She deserves it!

    Insearchofme (I think I’ve found me)
  • I wrote my first post as a word document an was going to paste it here. Before I could do that I went and got the SGX and tried again. While I didn't get the big one I got two small ones and a pretty strong medium one.

    I stood up and bent over the bed and got another small one. I guess three small and one medium progasms are pretty good. I do love this thing!!!!
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi insearchofme,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Mistress Aneros has already got you hooked, hasn’t she? You’ll become addicted like so many of us, as she starts to re-write your neural code, the “rewiring” is upon you and now you're powerless to prevent the sweet seduction of her siren call.

    Congratulations on your early success, it is indeed rare for one to experience a Super-O on their first day of usage, so consider yourself quite fortunate and guess what? - there's more to come.
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    What a great surprise your wife had in store for you. I'm fortunate that mine is very supportive too but some have to hide the usage. So much of what you relate sounds familiar regarding the cuddling etc. I've never been hand fed but who knows. Yes, rumel - there's more to come.

    Yesterday, my wife and I had a tantra session that was out of this world in itself. Then she said "I wonder what would happen if you would massage now." Well we soon found out - The helix was just inserted as she encouraged me and I was immediately through the roof and stayed there nearly three hours!!!! Never before had I had these intense and strong sensations for such a continuous and extended time. I had dry orgasms that were beyond what I thought were dry orgasms. Utilizing the method in my "Hands off" thread (not for everyone of course) I would ride the waves and reached the calm seas where they continually washed over me for hours. It was utter bliss during which I had dreams that had me grunting and groaning until I was hoarse! While there were a couple of instances when I could have ejaculated I chose to preserve the energy and ride the next one higher. The only thing that stopped the orgasms was my need to get something done! The strangest thing is I think there's even more out there.

    I had more orgasms spontaneously throughtout the day. Last night I had to go back and try again to see if was real - it was and I was back at it but not as strongly. Got some time off coming up so you know what we'll be doing.
  • Thanks for your notes of encouragement. I really am"in love" with Mistress Aneros! Mywife said we should name her and we now call her Ashley. I'll wait until I use the Classic before I name her. It will have to start with an A though.

    My wife tells m I'm acting like a young girl who has had her first orgasm, in a way I am! I can't wait until my orgasmic response is totally rewired.
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    Giddy! I know the feeling - I was back there yesterday and you'll be again in the future. If you'd like to thank your wife you may begin some investigation of tantra or even consider a tantra coach since it could take you both to new heights. The aneros is providing the training wheels - you may also consider KSMO - Jack Johnston's site has some good info.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Wow! That's really cool! I'm so happy for you! Sounds like a kick ass time! (Pun wasn't intended, but heck why not?). I had a great session today too. It's so good you have to shout about it!

    Welcome to the forum, and all the joys of Aneros and male multiple orgasms. Just wait until you can have orgasms hands free and with no device either. :D

    PS: That cuddling afterward sounds great. I know I need something after these experiences and I'm not a smoking man.

    PSPS: What Ohmy06 said about tantra may be a good fit for you. I've tried it a bit with my wife, and it can be really good. I still need to learn and do more, but it's all about being together, and connected, closer, and into each other. She can learn to orgasm too just from you being still inside her for long periods as you gaze into each others eyes, etc. I was doing that and instinctively found her 'sacred spot' (something I was unaware of at the time) and it seemed to have a magic effect on her. I know she loved it. Likely your wife will too.

    Here's a good link to get your started: