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bullet vibe and tail-less helix
  • i tried something different this lil bullet is bout 2 inches long and bout as big round as my pinky fingerstarted as usual..lil vaseline on ass...lil on bullet...insert it in just inside...lubed up my helix and inserted it...apparently it pushed the bullet up with it...staying in contact...hit the switch on the bullet...and omg what a nice feeling as it was making the helix vibrate...felt of the p-tab was vibing...felt really good ...started doing my contractions ...
    have had many super-os with helix and progasm but this was going somewhere whole pelvic area was just vibrating...within 10 minutes i was in extasy...the o-s were coming one on top of the other non stop...flicking my index fingers on each nipple wildly...this always help enhance every session...
    my hips were just bucking ...legs really seemed to intensify the effect of the helix...i turned over on my stomach from being on my back...maybe 5 minutes...couldn't take it...humping the bed as i was moaning...ohh lawddd...flipped back over...immediately the o-s start again...arching my back..hips lifting off the bed grinding as it just felt soo dick started getting erect which usually doesn't happen and flopping around as i bucked and twitched...finally couldn't take any more felling like i was going to freak out and jerked off to an amazing explosive suprt-T...collappsed on the bed panting and moaning..omg...i'm definetly gonna keep doing this new trick...
  • evil-zombie,
    Sounds like a hell of a good ride !! Congrats !! :D
    I have one of those little bullets, I will have to try it!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Wait a minute EZ, am I reading this right? Do you actually insert your bullet vibrator into your ass? How do you get it out? I would think that using the cord to pull it out would only work until the cord breaks. These things are pretty cheap.

    Let us know.
  • yes..thats what i has a cord leading to the controller...i tried again this morning with my progasm...again was very intense and enjoyable...espically on my stomach...what if the cord breaks and lil bullet is left inside ? should get pushed right out on next bowel removes with lil pulling anyway being already lubed inside anyway
  • Hi Buster,
    I would assume it is attached..., mine has the little cord at the end that attaches to a little speed regulator. it is abut 3 feet long. I have also created another attachment "life line" that makes mine safe.
    I suspect, and hope EZ has done something similar to be safe. :D
  • well what gave me the idea to try it with my helix and progasm was that for several years of having this lil bullet...i normally use it in a condom...up my butt providing nice sensations while fucking one of my Fleshlights...on my knees with it wedged between the mattress n boxspring...provides a nice buzzing sensation up through my cock and balls...and removal is not by the cord but by pulling on the condom thats left hanging out..guess it might be a good idea to use this method with my aneroses so i'm not pulling on the cord...