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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Just thought that I would drop by and explain what my first super-o was like. It happened last night.

    Now, I originally purchased a Helix in February and have played with it off and on when I could since then. I didn't want to give up hope on me having a super-o because reading some of the posts on the forum I wanted one so bad and I am glad I stuck with it until I got it.

    It had been about 3 and half days since I last ejaculated. I first started by watching some porn to get me warmed up. When I couldn't couldn't stand it anymore I lubed up and inserted my Helix. Got comfortable on my bed, lying on my side, I started to do anal contractions in order to get the Aneros to work properly. I was laying there for about 15 minutes contracting and releasing my sphincter muscles. I was getting some minor pleasure at first. Then I started doing it a little faster because I had tried that in my previous session and it just seemed to me that if it was going to happen, then that would be the speed it would happen at. Then it started. It was like everything in the gooch area was lighting up (not literally, but you know what I mean). I could really feel the perineum tab pressing on it, more than in all of my previous sessions. It felt like it was pulsing with every contraction. I knew I had something going by this point. I kept going at the speed I was and then I felt a lot stimulation in by prostate, almost like I could feel it swelling up, maybe it was, but I don't know. It felt really good and I kept telling myself, keep going, keep going. The feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. I felt like I was about to cum, then it came, and holy crap. It felt like I was cumming, even though I wasn't, but a feeling a bit stronger than when I ejaculate with or without the Aneros in. It only lasted about a second or two. But my god, I was in total bliss for those few seconds. I then tried to keep going after, but by that time, I was in awe that it finally happened and having many involantary spasms, I could concentrate enough to keep going.

    So for all of you who haven't had a super-o, I recommend you keep trying because your persistance will pay off in the end.

    I will continue to experiment with it and hopefully get longer lasting super-o's. I can wait until next time because now I know what it is capable of. That's it for now. Later

  • Wow! I got quite a shock, Rocks, when I saw the title of your thread. I thought for a moment you'd had a near-death experience! These orgasms are so intense I often feel as if I'm passing into another dimension. Anyway, glad you are still with us to enjoy the journey.

    Best wishes,

  • Fantastic news!

    Now guess gets even better!

    What you've described sounds to me like a dry-gasm (all the sensations of cumming, but without an erection and no ejaculation other than a LOT of precum). I had my first ones recently after 6 weeks of using a Prograsm. I had four in a row in fact, with no 'remission' or long resting period in between.

    Although intensely pleasurable and completely wondrous because I was having them again and again, for me they felt similar to my usual orgasm, with all the sensation focused on my midriff.

    THEN...I turned over onto my back and used my fingertips to quickly rub the bony ridge between my cock and bellybutton. My body soon went rigid with what felt like jolts of electricity and I was probably shouting with the force of it. To me, that had to be a Super-O and it was completely different to any way I've ever come before. A total mind and body experience!

    So keep working on those dry-gasms and who knows what will follow?!
  • Yeah, now that I go back and read the Glossary, I think I had a dry-o. I didn't know that there was such a thing. I only thought that it was mini or super-o and that was it. My bad. It's just that this is the first time I have felt that I have actually made an improvement from what normally happens, that's all. I could only imagine what a super-o is like, that is until I have one (hopefully). So sorry if I pissed anybody off who is reading this because I didn't know the correct terms to describe my experience. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
  • Don't worry too much about the terminology, we're all learning.

    I still have no idea what P-waves or involuntaries are... ;)