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My first videoclip
  • I have made a videoclip with highlights of a recent 45-minute session (20 minutes preps, 25 minutes on camera):-

    There were two constraints on my time - needing to go work afterwards and having only 30 minutes of high quality video available on my camera.

    And in editing it I was aware that there's not much excitement to be found in watching someone from behind grind his crotch into a pillow LOL.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    What type of aneros device were you using?

    What was that around your penis? underwear?

    Where you able to have a dry orgasm after touching your penis? I have read and experienced personally that after touching the penis it redirects the feelings directly to the penis. Just curious.

    Those shaking uncontrollable movements are amazing.
  • *smiles happily* good video. :D
  • Finally one good video :) Hope to see more soon :)
  • ffd71:

    1. It's a Progasm.

    2. I'm wearing a jockstrap (just cloth, not with a protective pouch or anything).

    3. I've not yet experienced the dry orgasm I've heard about. I finished off with a good old-fashioned (and very wet) orgasm which unfortunately didn''t show up very well. Next time I will adjust the lighting. As for whether to touch or not - do what feels good, I say, there aren't any rules!

    johntrevy and addicted:-

    Cheers for that!

    I'm very surprised there aren't more clips out there.
  • You might find my second videoclip a bit dull because I've kept the editing to a minimum. I wanted to give a better impression of what a session for me involves, or at least at its beginning.

    The big news is that after making this clip, I continued using the Progasm that same evening and experienced my first 'dry-gasms'. All the sensations of cumming, but no ejaculation! So look for that in my next clip, on its way soon.

    On top of that, I carried on and had what can only be described as my first SUPER-O! More details to come in my blog.
  • I really liked your second video clip. Some of it reminds me of myself in a few sessions, especially with the Progasm. I've used that technique too: the one where you grabbed your legs and locked them in your arms so the legs stayed over the shoulders.
  • The second clip is very good too. I have only one advice - to place the cam closer to the action :)
  • I'm afraid the 2nd clip won't play for some reason :( but I have seen the first one - it's terrific! :D
  • Someone has challenged it, saying it's advertising.

    This is a bit rich since 100s of clips on Xtube feature the Fleshlight and other products featuring a brand name.

    I think someone has a vendetta against Aneros. Go to and see what I mean.

    I'm talking to the Xtude administrators and hope to have my 2nd clip back up & running soon, cheers

    [quote=theydon'tknow]I'm afraid the 2nd clip won't play for some reason :( but I have seen the first one - it's terrific! :D
  • I see exactly what you mean redbeard, about certain sites not liking the aneros. People generaly fear what falls outside thier "natural frame of reference". The brain is nothing more than a processoor for this reality. and computers only know what is taught, if it is given an instruction that isnt in its database it gives an illegalk operation error. We are no differnt.
  • I LOVE it LOVE LOVE LOVE IT@!@!!!. Most Importantly I love the human nervous system and the brain!! It is just incredible what the human body is capable of. AMAZING!!! Great job!! 8) 8) :wink: :twisted: :twisted:

    P.S. Use White socks next time!! ;) :P :lol:
  • Another clip, showing me having my first dry-gasms (all the sensations of cumming without the mess).

    Each time the screen 'shatters' I am getting ready for another dry-gasm. You'll notice my first two were about 30 seconds within each other, incredible!

    Some people have remarked my 2nd videoclip could not be viewed for awhile on Xtube. Someone had complained that it was advertising! It's back up again for now.

    ArcticWolves - thanks for the compliments and suggestions, it's largely thanks to you I was inspired to buy one and film a session using similar moves to you

    Johntrevy - teach it in sex ed, that's what I say, why should only women enjoy multiple orgasms?
  • Yes redbeard i should teach it. BUT! The powers that be dont really want you to know that kind of info. Why? because there is no stress in orgasm. The object for them is not to destroy us psysicaly, but spiritualy. We have so much energy in ourselves that needs to be shared, not used for selfish reasons (like it does most of the time with a one night stand/prostitute/ one sided relationship)