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Achieving hands-free ejaculation...continued
  • I've had my aneros for about 6 months and I'm grateful to the makers of the product; I never imagined that an orgasm could be so overwhelming and gratifying on a mental, physical, and emotional level. I almost feel that this type of enjoyment is too good for humans! :shock: :P I consider myself a "Jedi Knight-in continual progress" when it comes to the aneros. I've been able to tap into my alternate mental plane to utilize "the force" to activate and repeatedly replicate the pattern of Super-O's. However, the hands-free ejac is my latest "project" in self-gratification-a skill that I've been unable to ascertain thus far.

    I've read the Aneros instructions – which talk about how one may attain a hands-free ejac from aneros. I plan to try the technique B Mayfield uses-visual imagery rather than edging, as I too feel that direct penile contact reduces the flow of energy towrad the hands free ejac.

    B Mayfield: "Most of the imagery that I use involves seeing myself building to an ejaculation; seeing my penis becoming erect, the head becoming engorged. At the same time I keep focus on that anal desire as well. You see, I use the eventual fulfillment of that anal desire (introducing anal/prostate stimulation when my arousal is at it's apex) as the catalyst that allows me to ejaculate....hands-free! In a sense I actualize the orgasm through my thoughts about having it, with the anal play providing the necessary stimulation to push it over the top. "

    Does anyone else have any mental stim/techniques that they have found successful in this area?


  • The strong desire to achieve a hands-free ejaculation is something I cannot fathom. When I first started using the Aneros, my problem was that I DID ejaculate "hands-free" and then my fun was all over. My goal in practising solo cultivation with the Aneros has been NOT to ejaculate. Even now that I can enjoy multiple sustained orgasms without ejaculating, I still occasionally accidentally blow it.

    Why would anyone want to have a hands-free ejaculation and dump their energy when they can otherwise orgasm over and over again to their hearts content and become even more energized in the process :?: I don't get it.
  • I do enjoy the multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, however, it would be quite a climax to be able to conclude an aneros session with a hands-free, penile ejaculation; this would be the "icing on the cake."
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Have to agree with you GrandTiger.

    I actually find it easier and easier to slip into hands-free ejaculations with the Aneros as time goes by and I'd prefer it the other way around. The only thing that's helped is to use smaller and smaller models. Now I'm down to the smallest Peridise model and I still have to be careful not to go over the edge.

    I did find one small advantage though. On the rare occasion that I do ejaculate using the Aneros, I'm learning to enjoy what I call "streaming ejaculations." A streaming ejaculation occurs when the fluid pours out slowly, in a continuous stream rather than in "squirts."

    The sensation of streaming is, for me, is far more intense and exquisite, than the squirting sensation of normal ejaculations. And it lasts considerably longer, depending on how effectively I can relax and control my PC muscles throughout the experience. It's not uncommon for me to begin with a steady flow for a (mind-blowing) few seconds and then fall into a series of PC contractions to complete the ejaculation.

    Like you, I prefer not to ejaculate and preserve my energy. But I've found that if it's going to happen anyway then I might as well see how much longer I can make it last and how much more pleasurable I can make it feel. I've noticed that streaming doesn't cause me to lose any more fluid than a normal ejaculation does, it just stretches out the process.

    So far, I've managed to roughly triple the length of my ejaculations with the Aneros, lasting perhaps 30 seconds or so. I get the sense that with enough practice, I could eventually have complete voluntary control over the stream, turning it on or off at will, reducing it to a drop at a time, making it last as long as I wish, etc. But then, the pleasure of even just an extra ten seconds or so of continuous ejaculation feels almost overwhelming to me as it is. LOL!

    If anyone else has experienced this kind of ejaculation, I'd appreciate comparing notes.
  • Hello Pan,

    That's amazing! The streaming ejaculation you describe is exactly what happens to me. It comes in one mighty flood pouring onto my belly and is indeed more intense than a squirting ejaculation and lasts longer too. But usually I try to hold back to minimize my losses. I like your idea of practicing to prolong the flood even longer. I guess I would have to plan that rather than just doing it when I accidentally go over. I'll think about that because ejaculations are expensive in terms of energy loss.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I've experienced this flowing type of ejaculation or streaming as you call it. They are very intense and yes, they seem to continue on for a much longer time than the traditional squirting type of ejaculations. Although I don't have the kind mastery over them that you've described I have learned to control them more than I could originally.

    What I find is that once I've gone over the top, I actually try to relax as much as possible. Given that there is so much that occurs involuntarily during orgasm, this requires some focus. In essence, I try to let my body go limp and let the activity continue between my legs. It's a terrific sensation....almost like my body is holding back a torrent of energy and my penis is the one spot where the energy is trickling through...with this wonderful, exquisite pressure.

    On one occasion in particular, I experienced a full 20 seconds of the flowing followed by several strong bursts of the squirting variety. It felt amazing. I haven't been on the Daoist path recently, so my interest was not so much about conservation of energy as it was exploring the outer limits! lol.

    In general the more that I'm able to relax the longer the duration. Any skeletal muscular contraction seems to actuate the squirting response.

    With respect to the issue of slipping into hands-free ejaculations, I've not experienced that yet. Most of the hands -free orgasms that I've had have all required some conscious effort on my part. Given what you've said, perhaps that's for the best anyway?


    BF Mayfield
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I used to have the hands free ejacs a lot more often. It's been a while for me now, maybe a month or two. Seems it started slowing when I occasionally ended a session with a Super T. I really enjoy the hands free ejacs as it seems a good way to finally culminate a session and it lasts a long time and feelings are similar to a Super T - but probably better IMO because driven more by ecstasy than stimulation. Lately I kind of worry they are gone. I also like to limit the number of times I ejac weekly as otherwise I get run down. But I do think it is essential to ejac 1-3 times every 2 weeks to kind of 'keep the pipes clean', out with the old fluid and then build some fresh. Seems to me that occasional purging would be good for the prostate, etc. So I think it is good to do this. I also notice when I ejac this way rather than by hand I don't seem to get as fatigued and run down. I also don't seem to get as fatigued from ejaculating from normal sex for some reason.

    Anyway, I think it is a good thing to strive for and have in your bag of tricks. Usually when it happens to me I've been at it for at least a couple of hours anyway.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Guys,

    it's so great to talk to other practitioners about this "streaming" phenomena.

    GrandTiger, I would definitely say that planning to have a streaming orgasm makes it far easier to control. At least how my last few have been, and each time I feel as though I have more control and am feeling out how best to extend and expand the experience.

    Mayfield, I think you're right that it's better to have the hands-free ejaculation as a goal. To me it often feels like a heat-seeking missle is on my tail! LOL.

    Your description of relaxing as deeply as possible and letting the body go limp during the process is exactly the same as what I do. Like you said, so much of ejaculation is normally considered involuntary. I am attempting to make the involuntary become voluntary by surrendering as much as possible precisely when my body wants to seize up and contract (and contract and contract...). For now I'm just approaching it like an extremely pleasurable game.

    One thing I find interesting is that, if I'm not mistaken, GrandTiger and I both practice some degree of semen retention (for me it's once a week or less), and you prefer to ejaculate more regularly? I wonder if that might account for the difference between the hands-free ejaculation feeling like a choice vs. a goal? Possibly due to GrandTiger and I having fuller prostates due to retention?

    Would love to hear both of your thoughts on this.

  • I've achieved many handsfree ejaculations or Super T's using the Aneros. In some cases pre-mature ejaculation or at times difficulty keeping from ejaculating therefore distracting me from p-waves and dry orgasms. The Progasm is definately very easy to be milked by or have a handsfree ejaculation due to its size and pressure on the prostate. In these cases it's good to use edging (and mental) techniques without touching the penis of course. I remain flaccid throughout most of my Aneros sessions. Same thing goes with being anally penetrated. Many guys are like this, even pornstars have to stimulate themselves to stay hard during being penetrated. I've heard this from a pornstar I know. So it is completely normal if you are flaccid, tumescene, or erect during something inside your anus. Every individual is different. Sometimes it fluctuates. Precum fluctuates, varies, sometimes none at all or very little.