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My Experience / Questions
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I bought a Helix about a month ago, but only really played around with it a few times. When doing so, I was able to relax, but only to a point. During the sessions (that lasted about 15 minutes), I only felt a few sensations. First, I was automatically able to pick up on the "heartbeat" type sensation, that occurs when the Aneros moves. If I was relaxed enough, I would get a stream through my body, that would last no longer than 3 seconds. Only problem is, I was unable to get that sensation to come back.

    Last night I tried a different approach. I threw some meditation music on my mp3 player, got everything ready, and decided to have a session before bed. It started out with some deep breathing, which lead to those sensations returning. Only this time, I was able to get two streams to run through my body. This occurred as one directly after the other. But what was to follow is what worries me.

    I found that if I closed my eyes, its easier for me to focus. But by this point, I felt as though my whole body was being thrown around. Now, I heard a lot about body movement, but in this case, there was none. I felt as though the bed and my head were spinning at super speed. I dont mean that in a dizziness or sick way, but more as if I was laying down after drinking way too much. It was a neat feeling, but by no means pleasurable. But as this was happening, the body movements began. The upper part of my leg would tighten and shake, and then become released, followed by the same thing in the testecal area. Again, not pleasurable, but a nice feeling at the least.

    However, it seemed as though my heart rate jumped through the roof. Now, I am a young male with no medical problems. But if my sessions are going to have this effect, is it healthy to have that repeated heart rate jump up? Also, about 30 minutes in, I decided to end the session, and masterbate . After done, I tried to go to sleep, but my body was still shaking at times, and my heart pounding more. It took about 15 minutes for my body to calm down.

    Is this normal?

    Considering most of my session was intense, but not pleasurable, was I even on the right track?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    Hi Nat,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    IMHO, everything you’ve described happening to you is totally normal. Every individual reacts slightly differently to the onset of his rewiring process. While not all individuals experience the same sensations in the same combinations, I can assure you there is nothing in what you described to be alarmed about. You will encounter new and somewhat strange sensations in this sensual journey. I think when most of us experience a new sensation the first time we don’t quite know how to categorize it as pleasurable or not, unless it is clearly painful. I can vaguely recall my initial surprise upon my first ejaculation as a child, the stimulation leading up to the event was pleasurable but the physical spasms of the orgasm and ejaculation did not immediately register as pleasurable themselves, but I quickly learned to associate that event with the pleasure which lead up to it. I think a similar association will occur to you as you continue along your journey. Eventually all these sensations will be happily accepted as part of the sensual awakening you are going through. I am quite confident your body would not manifest these echoing sensations to its own detriment. This learning process of rewiring is more about your attitude and being open to the greater possibilities for pleasure than it is about your body giving you negative feedback.
    Your statements : ”Again, not pleasurable, but a nice feeling at the least.” and “Considering most of my session was intense, but not pleasurable,…” seem to indicate to me you haven’t quite begun to make the requisite associations with pleasure. This is where your attitude can greatly help or hinder the learning process. If you view these sensations as too strange to explore more deeply and try to reject them, you are setting the stage for negativity and associations with discomfort. If you view these sensations with an open mind and curiosity to further explore them, you are setting the stage for positive reinforcement and pleasure.

    The choice is yours with the attitude you take.

    I think you are on the right track, you’ve been adventuresome enough to get this far, I just detect hesitation in your post which may be due to our natural fear of the unknown. Trust your instincts, trust your body, let go of any need to maintain artificial control over the natural, wonderful sensations your body is capable of creating within you. If you do so, you are allowing for yourself to experience bliss.
  • Hi Nat, Likewise welcome!

    Everything that Rumel says but be advised that your body will continue to surprise you. 18 months into the amazing Aneros experience I still get sessions that surpass anything I have experienced previously. I still have to make a leap of faith that my body knows what it's doing/knows what it wants and try to disengage my 'sensible' side to allow the full force of the ecstasy to engulf me. Yet I know that there are more hurdles to negotiate, more peaks to conquer and I'm confident that there is another, higher peak beyond that, and that, and that...

    It's a scary, but exhilarating ride - a bit like being on a roller coaster with a blindfold. Trust in the rails of the roller coaster, you put them there, you know that they are secure. Trust in the car, you built it. Relax, breathe and enjoy the ride.

    Above all, Have fun!

    Old Wolf

    p.s. Try not to always masturbate after every session. It can help in your advancement to build up a bit of sexual tension. I tend to go 10-14 days between 'wet ones' (but being 57 I can get away with it better than someone half my age :wink: )
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Thanks guys.

    I tried last night, but felt discomfort.

    Something has to be wrong.
  • ali900ali900
    Posts: 3
    i think im going through the same phase - i bought the progasm about a week or 2 ago
    i tried it 3 time - the first time, was a bit rough - it looked big - so i guess i didnt enjoy right

    the 2nd time - i re-read the instructions - but got the dizziness stage - i did cum a bit but it wasnt those hands free ejaculations - its just a bit of precum and some cum

    the 3rd time - again wasnt that much fun - it was a bit of discomfort but i dont know where im going wrong - i need some advice (please pm so i can give you my IM)

    i tried relaxing with those breathing exercises - im gonna give it ONE last shot...
  • Others and I have went through many or some of your same sensations and bodily reactions. As far as your heart beating fast I think you are safe there. Your heart naturally beats faster when building to an orgasm or running or jogging. You are young and probably have no heart problems or high blood pressure so I don't think you have anything to worry about. It is probably healthy for your blood flow with this experience. The heart beating fast sensation throughout your head and body is a common happening when you are building senstations or getting closer to a dry orgasm or Super O. From my experience with the Peridise I've felt like my heart was beating hard and fast in my stomach (abdomen).
  • Also when starting off, try not to do too many sessions right after each other. This is like exercise, start off slow and allow the muscles to recuperate afterwards. A particularly long session might require several more days than normal before going again.

    Use that time to develop mental arousal around wanting to go again. Like the others have said initial sensations may not feel pleasurable, but that can change. Tell yourself over and over that you are turning yourself on, that the tickling pressure and feeling on the prostate are good and fun. I would visualize myself as fucking myself of a sorts. I would think "wow how hot is that, I'm getting reamed right now." This would help me associate arousal thoughts with what I was feeling.

    I suppose it could be a little bit like those into S&M. Probably initially one would feel pain and just think pain. But at some point an association of feeling good came after the pain feeling, and eventually the mental focus channeled pain into the arousal center. This is probably very limited description of the process (I'm not into S&M), but hopefully sheds some clarification.

    Remember, your re-training your mind to find whole body pleasure from a different source than the normal stroking/thrusting of the penis the body/mind is set to.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I have a Nike aerobic heart monitor watch. A couple of times I wore it thinking my heart rate would be crazy high as I orgasmed but learned it actually stays fairly low. Only problem I have is sometimes I hold my breath a bit around orgasms. Sometimes I need more air and if I don't take enough breaths I will sometimes have my heart rhythm jump some. For me this is also related a bit to asthma / allergies. I've noticed that when allergies are bothering me and I am going to have some asthma it may make my heart jump a bit - even when not in an Aneros session. Perhaps the breathing issue is the same for you or something similar. You might check your rate. You might try a claritin antihistimine or even ginko biloba. I've found when mountain climbing that ginko really helps aspiration and blood flow to the brain. For me this seems to help asthma and the increased flow to the brain seems to also help orgasms. I will also (as usual) throw in fish oil for you. Fish oil is known to be good for improving heart rhythms, and improving orgasms.
  • DaneDane
    Posts: 5
    It was my third time using the Helix. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time preparing for a session. Having all the tools ready on the bed,Looking at porn becoming erect. showering to relax, using the shower jet to stimulate anus and clean it, injecting lube into the anal canal, inserting well lubed, relaxing. then long slow contractions etc. pleasant sensations no erection. Tried hip thrusts some what like intercourse motions. began to feel as if the helix moved deeper and gentle building of orgasmic sensations prior to an orgasm keep at it but finally lost the pleasure wave and decided to jack off with the helix in and did not get an erection but ejaculated rubbing my flaccid cock.

    Is no erection normal at at that point?

    Is the sensation of the helix moving deeper inside what I should expect? I felt as if I was going to come but never actually but was a this level of arousal for 30 minutes with no precum or anything.

    Any guidnace would be appreciated.