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Incredible Little Peridise !!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Well, I finally decided to go for the Peridise...

    I held off for a long time believing that those little things could not possibly give me the kind of Super-O's I was use to, dont get me wrong, I can get Super-O's with no toys at all, some how these just did not seem to look correct to me for anal pleasure.

    I guess that my engineering sense is what stopped me in the first place, who knows.

    Last week I ordered the Peridise beginners set, because I did not want to order the full set, just in case I did not really like them.
    I received the set yesterday afternoon, and was just to tired from the days work to try them. I could not believe how tiny they seemed to be, but said to myself, first thing tomorrow I try these little things.

    Even though I had a great super-T a couple days before, I awoke this morning with some mild sensations all around the middle section of my body. I knew that I needed to have a session, because that was the feelings I always get when I need to play.

    I work at home, and needed to start work, but after I took care of all the emails and morning issues, I went back to the bedroom and proceeded to take all my cloths back off, and lube up and try the Peridise.

    I have always liked a fuller feeling, and used the larger of the 2 Paridise. I started to lay on my back as that is the position I most often use. but it just did not seem to be the correct position I should be using... I stayed for a bit and relaxed..... but nothing... I know how to pull in a super-O, so I tried that, still nothing. I finally rolled on to my stomach and almost instantly I started to get some incredible sensations in my butt... They were not the same as I was use to with the other prostate toys, it was in a different area altogether.

    As I tried some mild contractions, all of a sudden things went wild!! I was bucking and yelling into a pillow!! I could not stop having super-O's. The feeling was absolutely different and I did not even have any sensations in my groin, it was all totally in the rectum. 5 or 6 super-O's I think I had the first time, and I felt like I had a great workout at the gym.

    I was breathing and sweating so much it was amazing.... but that Feeling!!! Fuck was it good!!.

    I knew I had to go back to my home office as I had a conference call I needed to attend. I went back to the office with only underwear on, because I was still so warm from the workout I just had.

    As the conference call went on, my body was saying give me more!! I was not setting at all easy in my chair and got up many times to try and just relax. my body continued to tremble and I could barley hold a glass of water... The conference call ended, and I tore off my underwear, and ran back to the bed. I reinserted the peridise, and started to have super-O's immediately...oh my god !!!
    I dont know how may more super-O's I had, but again I had another full work out before I got some rest.

    Again I went back to the office, this time very hot, sweaty, and naked!! I figured why bother with the cloths at all.. :D I took care of some more business, then back again to the bed. This time I wanted to try the smaller of the Peridise models.

    Again on my stomach with peridise in, I started to have super-O's! I did not know I could have so many super-O's in really only one session. After another 1/2 hour or so, I said I really need to rest a bit. I went and took a shower cleaned up and back to the office for the rest of the day.

    Next time the guys on this forum say that something is incredible, I will now believe them, and not wait so long... I will also not let my visuals sway or cloud my judgement.

    What a wonderful journey today was!! :D
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi skeeter,

    >....all of a sudden, things went wild!<<br />
    Yes, they're amazing little demons!

    I have the full kit and, when time allows, I enjoy working my way through them from the largest to the smallest. After doing that for an hour I've tried switching from the smallest back to the largest. I've also tried starting and continuing with only the smallest. Whatever I choose to do with them the Super-Os come thick and fast right from the start. I reckon I could, if need be, just marry the smallest one :D

    What I find especially exciting after a couple of hours with the Peridise is to switch to the Eupho - OMG! - the effect of introducing the P-tab to the scene is stratospheric!

    Anything bigger that the Eupho, however, I find counter-productive.

    Having an engineering bent, as I do, I bet your thoughts turned (as mine did) to - "I could have turned up my own Peridise from a piece of aluminium rod in five minutes!"

    I'm shortly going to get a whole two days of private time and I hope to continue my exploration of these little monsters.

  • BrentBrent
    Posts: 21
    Okay, these things sound interesting. Are the Super O's different? You guys are tempting me to get try it.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    I succumbed to the testimonials on the Peridise a few weeks back and have had a few chances to try out the larger model from the beginners kit. My first two attempts were after using the Helix or MGX and nothing of any consequence happened for me.

    My third attempt just a day ago was another matter. I put the large model in and did my breathing and relaxation drill. After an hour of gently cycling between limp noodle and clenching to 50% on the Peridise... it hit me. My prostate felt like a muscle flexing to show off for the ladies. I was tembling from my waist to my knees enjoying a wonderful Super-O.

    Things progressed after the first, to the second, to the third like a beautiful syn wave. I shook more with the Peridise than I normally do with other models. I could even feel the muscles in my chest and around the rib cage just twitching in a happy way. I lost count of the number when the Peridise started getting highly mobile and sliding out and back against my orgasmic muscles and prostate. No other time in my experience has an Aneros moved so much.

    I have felt simple motion that is more perception than reality and probably doesn't move more than a couple of millimeters. The Peridise was moving the length of itself from one end to the other and I was in such ecstasy I couldn't stop growling and was breathing as hard as I could. This end-to-end motion only happened 4-5 times at the apex of orgasm but it was the whipped cream on a wonderful sundae. Phew!

    When I got up to use the restroom at one point, I noticed that my hips and legs were wobbly and weak. Never had I had such a physical reaction and I had to steady myself a bit until I recovered somewhat. The effects weren't long-lasting but obviously related to the exercise.

    I'm a little concerned to try the next size down (haven't yet) if the large one does this to me. I want to make sure the life insurance is paid before I consider getting the advanced set.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Thanks all for the wonderful responses!!

    darwin, I was actually thinking of you when I posted.... You had mentioned the Peridise was the best thing sense sliced bread, and you were so very correct!!.... (well maybe you really didn't say it quite that way), but you get the point. :)

    mog, I'm with you on the using the smallest of these little guys... I tried the Eupho today, very close to the end of my Peridise second session, it just did not seem to do it...It had a whole different feel for sure. I will continue to experiment, but I think the smallest is the true way to go for me as well.

    Brent, the feeling is very different to me because, I do not feel much in the penis at all, I was always soft, and really did not have it in my mind at the time. I may work on this and see how it progresses.
    The Super-O's are very centered towards the anus and rectum, and the most intense I have ever felt.
    Today I had another Peridise session and almost passed out from exhaustion and the intensity of the O's. I was bucking and moving so much I must have looked like a chew toy that dogs shake in their mouths when they play... The bed is in shambles, it looks lika a small bomb went off in it :o
    My vocal cords are now sore from yelling and whimpering into the pillow, the pillow is wet from sweat.
    But you know what ??....I feel so incredibly good at the moment ( I know I could do it all over again this afternoon)! :D "Ecstasy" comes to mind...

    Brent go for the Peridise!, and I know darwin will concur... all I can say is wow, you will love them.

    mobilsub, your post is right on...!! wobbly legs and all! I went down stairs to get some vitamins and coffee, after my first sesssion today, but only had the vitamins and tons of water instead. My hand could hardly hold the cup for the water it was trembling so badly. :D

    Gosh I love this forum!! :D
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    Rock on Skeeter and everyone else.

    I too picked up the full set and have been satisfactorily impressed. Very different sensations than what is generated via the Helix.

    I too tend to stay softer with any Peridise model if lay on my side; laying on my back and with nipple stimulation leads to some rock hard erections. What I've found interesting, especially when on my side, is that the Peridise tends to cause me to pump out more pre-cum than the Helix. I wonder if this is due to having less contact with the prostate. Usually the pre-cum gets pushed out with some hard contractions (like hard enough for your penis to flex and lift a towel hanging on it). But with the Peridise I've been able to focus on deeper and lower muscle flexing which pretty much doesn't touch the muscles in the penis. What I do feel is throbbing being transmitted up into the penis. The result doesn't feel like anything is being squeezed out, but after about 20 minutes, I've drooled out a lot of pre-cum. It is just dripping out and down the side of my leg.

    Incredible little product.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Damn you guys and your testimonials.

    I'm gonna get the full set now. The only problem will be finding a place to hide all of my new toys.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey :lol: one thing I'd mention about the Peridise that is pretty cool is you can actually wear it anywhere doing many tasks. I actually wore mine for about 7 hours and went to the mall shopping / trying on clothes, etc. Kind of interesting checking out all the women in the mall while wearing it :twisted: . The only down side is that you can't completely devote your mental energy and attention to the sensations when moving around and doing things, but it does give you subtle clues. Plus, I've noticed a ton of precum even though I didn't realize I was being stimulated. You need to concentrate well during driving though so you don't have an accident. You can wear the thing around the house or whatever and no one is the wiser. I know that people have removed the p-tab on the Aneros, but I'm sure it is nowhere near as inconspicuous and portable as the Peridise. It's almost like they designed it for this purpose, and it really works. Initially I thought...why would I want to wear something like that around in public? I would be so distracted and orgasms might give me away, but I actually enjoy it, and so far no problem with the orgasm issues. The Peridise usually gives me milder orgasms than the normal Aneros anyway - usually. I have had some pretty good super O type - even wet ejaculations just using the Peridise. But don't wear it when you are sleepy as I've found you can just go to sleep and forget it's there and sleep through the effect.
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Wow! I got the Peridise right after they came out but never had much luck with them, just a few nice sensations. I have had excellent results with my helix but nothing close to an orgasm with the Peridise. I do like the fact that they don't make me sore. My helix is awesome but it tends to fuck me to death and I'm always a little sore for a day or two after a session. After reading your posts I will have to give the Peridise another chance!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    very cool!!
    I'm very scared to try this little gem in the public like you... I'm sure I would have a major super-O or something... :D

    You did give me a great Idea to try it at home, most of the time I'm the only one here anyway. :roll:
    I have cut off the tails of most of my other Aneros's, but this one just seems more logical to have in place because of its small size. :D

    o'shea, I have noticed I do have to be just a bit more horny with these, but not much... maybe an extra day of restraint at most. see if that helps.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    as i just described in wildturkey's thread "7 month user - just a few questions," the peridise is... giving to me what other models of the aneros are giving to others. boundless increasing pleasure.

    as i have described before, while the aneros was key in my acquisition of mmo skills, it itself rarely (with some noted exceptions as written about here on the forum), put me over. it doesn't hit my spots right, and it often caused slight discomfort of one kind or another. i have been mostly an aneros-less guy.

    but, the peridise! i cannot get enough of it, and long for my next session. and quickie aneros-less sessions are going to whole new places. basically, because of the peridise, i am seeing what others are feeling with the aneros.

    plus, the incredible thing is how toned and alive my pelvis is. for example, my erections are maxed out throbbing, not just during sessions, but whenever i get one, including in the morning on arising.

    wow, what a product!

  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    skeeter_g, I just finished reading this thread and have been having amazing results myself with my Peridise. All of my results have been on my back and I was wondering if you could share some tips on getting results on your stomach (es. feet flat or raised, knees apart, penis under stomach?). I have various techniques that are successful with the on the back position to help induce different types of orgasms, but just can't seem to get any feelings going with the stomach position. I suspect that the stomach position might invoke even different sensations.

    Secondly, I have much more success with the smaller of the two Peridise units from my starters kit and am wondering if the purchase of the smallest Peridise is worth the investment. Since smaller seems to work best for me in my success with the MGX over the Helix, I've considered the Eupho, but I'm just consistently getting amazing results with the Peridise. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I've enjoyed reading your previous posts and have gleened some much needed info from them in my journey. Thanks to you and other posters, I can proudly say that I'm getting tremendous results on a consistent basis - Thanks!
  • I just purchased the Beginner's Set last night. Can't wait for them to get here! :[

    On the info for the Peridise it's advertised as a unisex toy... Have there been any reviews from female customers? I'd be curious to see their reactions to the product.
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Buttercup, where are you?

    Draken14 here is asking about female customers of the Peridise.

    I hope you and hubby are doing great.

    Best wishes,

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Red-Man,

    You know it is really funny that my best position is on my stomach with the Peridise!
    Before I got the Peridise, I tried all positions with my Aneros's, and my best position is/was my back, just never felt much on my stomach. :D

    When I use the Peridise, I lay on my stomach, flat with legs spread a bit. I tuck my penis pointed down towards my feet under my stomach. I also have a pillow that I clutch with my hands and use for my head, or when I scream. I usually don't go over an hour per session as I'm so exhausted, but I do usually have three 1 hour sessions in a single day with the Peridise! :D

    I definitely need to have a full day to myself for the three sessions, but do a bunch of things around the house when I'm not having a super-O.

    When I start to dry orgasm, or super-O, all things change, my butt is up in the air, legs spread wide, Peridise is moving in and out of my anus, and at times, my legs are bouncing on and off the bed...

    By the way, I never feel like I should be having a super-T after Peridise sessions.

    When I use the Peridise, I sure have the Super-O's, but they center differently than with the traditional Aneros. These O's are very anus centered, but very, very, intense!!

    Hi GrandTiger,
    It is so funny, I was just thinking about this AM about how our wonderful lady members are doing with the Peridise... It would be really interesting to hear from them.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    The peridise is absolutely awesome!

    For all of you who lay on your stomach, how do you do this without having a wet orgasm? I have done this several times and end up with a wet one. I lay flat on my stomach and lay my penis down toward my feet and still end up having a wet one. I have even tried the method that I read about here on placing a pillow or your fist on the pubic bone and that still ended up with the same results. How in the world do you all have a dry one in this position? If I lay on my back, that is a different story, I can have multiple O's that are dry.

    Any thoughts?
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    Thanks, Skeeter. I just haven't been able to get anything going except on my back where I practically own that position. This is also true of the MGX and Helix. I can get things going from the back position sometimes in less then a minute. I've learned to use the splaying of my knees and slight pressure on my right foot to coax multiple dry-o's and just wonderful sensations. Every time I get the feeling that I've felt every sensation, new one's come in my sessions that just leave me amazed.

    I'm thinking that it would be great to learn to coax feeling from the stomach position, but just can't seem to find any movements that seem to get things going. I suspect that if I ever get the hang of it, that I'll find even newer and different sensations. I'll practice your methods some more and do appreciate the advice.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Red_Man, and all,

    If the Back is the best then you will know. I find that the Peridise has a tendency to move a lot, and for some reason my body really likes that stomach position.

    A little insight into a session this am with the Peridise...

    I work at home and did not even put on any cloths this am. As I was setting, and started to do emails, I started to have small tinglings, and within a short time, I was having chairgasms. I did not have any type of Aneros in me, just my usual all of a sudden mini-O's setting in the chair.

    As I thought about the post last night, I thought to myself... I need a good Peridise session, and hopefully more description for the folks here. :lol:

    I went into the bedroom, put down towels, went and lubed up and inserted the Peridise. Almost instantly I started to have mini-O's.... I went over to the bed, and lay on my stomach like I had explained yesterday on this thread.
    I then started to have contractions and went directly into a super-O... then another, then another.

    I was trying to think of what just happened and write it down for folks.

    As I had mentioned, most things were still true from yesterday's post, and description.

    When I stopped having the first set of super-O's today, and was taking a very short breather, or really catching my breath for the moment, I remember within the O's that I also was feeling some very good feeling moving up to the top of my penis, and all around the entire middle section of my body, wow. very cool!!, at the same time I was having those feelings, I seemed to be doing some slight thrusting, and I was spreading my legs wide apart, and also putting my butt in the air like I really needed to get fucked or something.
    Another observation was that I was pulling apart my butt cheeks by hand to get more of something.

    I was clutching the pillow under my chest and face, as tight as one could possibly could, when a type or crying or yelling would start, I buried my face into the pillow and just let it go.... holly cow!!

    Another thing I noticed that my legs were not having spasms, like sometimes my legs do with the other Aneros's, but bouncing up and down on the bed at intervals between super-O's..

    I guess I had about 5 more super-O rounds before I said time to stop for the moment and get back to working. This session lasted about 45 to 50 minutes.

    I hope this makes some sense, as I'm still panting, and sweating my ass off as I write this.

    I very much hope to have a couple more sessions before the day is over, and I'm sure my body will demand it!! :D
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi ffd71,

    Sorry I missed your post.
    I know that I'm very, very, lucky, and "highly rewired", and that I just don't ejaculate, unless I'm really trying to do just that.

    I'm not saying that I cannot have a wet orgasm, man oh man, I can have incredible super-T's with no problem, sometimes I actually have to give myself a wet orgasm, just so I'm not always so very horny.... I think that is because of the Omega-3 oil I take in large doses daily. :D

    It is very interesting for sure, I really wish I could help. My best suggestion is not to rub against the penis at all, and I don't know how that could be done on the stomach. Maybe a small pillow between each leg that does not touch the penis, but also raises you slightly from the bed so there is not any penile touching.

    If anybody knows a trick, let us all know.