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Do you enema first?
  • View Poll Results: Do You Enema First? Voters: 689

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    All the time 242 35.12%

    Sometimes 220 31.93%

    Never 227 32.95%

  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    My level of expertise is next to nil when it comes to anal play. I have perused this forum many times over the past few months and finally gave in to your stories of awesome orgasms. So I jumped in and bought the Helix/MGX/Higginson Syringe combo! I couldn't wait to insert it and begin my 'training'. I read and re-read everything to make sure I fully understood the process of using the Aneros. At any rate, excitement quickly turned into frustration. I wanted to make sure that I was 'clean' before beginning my first experience. I have never had an enema. Upon B Mayfield's advice I decided to try an enema.

    So I spent some time trying to figure out how to use the Higginson syringe. (I know some of you are laughing at this because it seems so trivial and mundane!) But like I said- I have NO experience when it comes to anal penetration of any kind. I found a site that helped alot

    I prepared my 'workspace' with the syringe, some ID glide lube (that came with the shipment) and some towels to lie on. I filled the syringe with warm water (102 degrees) and began the festivities! I lubed up my ass pretty well and massaged my rectum with the lube. Then I tried to stick the pointy end of the syringe into my rectum. (I pretty much assumed this was the correct end to insert XD ) I had difficulty inserting it more than an inch! (I'm thinking about the aneros and how the HELL am I gonna insert something that is many times fatter than the pencil sized tip of the syringe!) In actuality I think the tip felt a little 'sharp' finger didn't feel so bad when I was applying the lube.

    So I finally get the damn thing in about an inch and decide to start the pumping process to fill my rectum with warm water. The bulb of the syringe was rather tight and the liquid didn't feel like it wanted to go in. But after more diligence- I experienced some success. I think that I was able to squirt in about half of what the syringe can hold. The feeling was kind of like reverse diahhrea. Not exactly pleasant or sexy. I as able to hold it for a little bit and then decided to 'evacuate'. I was able to clear out some of the stuff that was in there, but upon wiping found that it was not as clear as i would have liked.

    From the standpoint of a total beginner I think that instructions on how to use the Higginson syringe should be included with the package. I was not able to use the syring very well (I understand that there is a learning curve to this process and I am commited to be patient.). If anyone out there has a technique for using the syringe effectively or can tell me what I did wrong- please help! I understand that this is probably not the kind of material that people want to think about when it comes to the use of their Aneros, but I am having trouble taking the first step.

    At the end of my enema disaster I had no desire to even try to insert the Aneros for the first time. It was a little disappointing and embarrassing. Thank God for this forum! Someone- please guide the way!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi pnoman,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I recommend that you read “Cleaning your rectum” in the WIKI. I think you may have misinterpreted what B Mayfield said in his “CLEANING OUT WITH ENEMAS” thread, I believe he was recommending a simple flush of the rectum only, not a full enema.
    I recommend that you perform the flush while sitting on the toilet, this will allow simple and quick flushing and cleanup.
    After lubing the syringe tip and your anus, squeeze the bulb and allow it to fill with warm water, make sure you get the air out of the line before carefully and gently inserting the nozzle.
    The Higginson syringe bulb holds 2-3 oz. of water, so you will only need to do this 2 or 3 times. After squeezing the bulb contents into your rectum remove the syringe and allow your rectum to evacuate the contents. Repeat the procedure once more and if you feel the need repeat again, this should be sufficient to have cleaned out your rectum without inducing peristaltic action in your lower colon. Clean up your butt, apply lubricant and you’re basically set to receive your Aneros.
    If you are having difficulty inserting the nozzle (meeting resistance or experiencing discomfort) DO NOT FORCE IT! You are probably just tight from nervousness, in which case take a little time to massage your anus with a lubed finger to relax yourself a bit. The nozzle should slide in effortlessly and painlessly if you are properly lubed and relaxed. There is no need to retain the water for any length of time, just squirt it in and allow your rectal muscles to squirt it back out upon removal of the nozzle. Don’t worry about the last flush being perfectly clear, it probably won’t be, remember all you are doing is clearing the rectum of any large bits of fecal matter to facilitate Aneros mobility.
    As you will read from the WIKI you may not need to flush out your rectum at all if you have already had a bowel movement 1-2 hours before your session, with experience you’ll know when you need a flush and when you don’t. Incidentally, a high fiber diet will be beneficial to keeping you regular with firm stools and less mess and decrease your chances of developing colon cancer.
    I hope this helps you feel a little more comfortable with the process.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Thanks Rumel-

    I did read the the ENTIRE B Mayfield post- several times. I was just having an issue with the higginson syringe. I tried the process again and was able to get only a few ounces of water in there, but I think it was sufficient. After finishing the process, I went on ahead with my first aneros session. At the conclusion the device was clean and clear- so I think I did ok.

    I will post about my first experience with the aneros later on- it was a great experience!

    Thanks for your reply.
  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10
    Hi Pnoman,

    I just use an lube applicator syringe (similar to that which I got with my first Aneros). All I do for the cleaning process is fill the syringe up with warm water and empty it into my bum (usually 3 or 4 times about 15-20 mL total), and then go sit on the toilet and evacuate. Then I repeat the process one time, wipe up, and I'm good to go. Be sure to clean your syringe when your done. I have not had any issues with inducing the peristaltic response, probably because I try to use the least amount of water as possible.

    I hope this helps.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    i tried ..pre lubing,,, need for me...all we're messy...espically the syringe lubing...before a session...a good dump then vasoline on my aneros ...i'm good to go
  • rickydeerickydee
    Posts: 5
    I'm into douching on a regular basis. I feel it's good for my system. I've been doing it for 40 yrs :D
  • I don't ever do session without doing an enema first.
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    I tried, but the process didn't seem worth the effort. Gas is a much greater detriment to the quaility of a session. Besides, I've changed enough diapers to know what messy really is.

  • I think its pretty much necessary. At the risk of getting a little nasty... oh well that's what this post is all about. The sh*t's gritty. And when you've got grit inside the butt... You get the idea. After a half hour it gets to be a distraction to me. A clean butt w/ aneros is a happy butt IMO
  • ViggenViggen
    Posts: 20
    I agree with Lurkish 100% on this one. I always do a small enema.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I always 'take a dump' before a session, and then take a short shower to wash the outside and as far inside as I can easily reach with my fingers.
    That's enough to leave me feeling clean and empty.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Sometimes. It depends on what I've been eating.

    Usually I glance at the last dump in the toilet and make as guess as to what might be left inside. If it's popcorn kernels etc., then it's a quick rinse. Otherwise I skip the nuisance of a pre-rinse.

    More important for me is not leaving much glycerin in me after a session. I've not made the Shea Butter switch yet so, if I've lubed heavily with K-Y or ID I take a conventional enema after the session. That's been a help to avoid what I mentally refer to as, "K-Y hangover." :(
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    I have the Higginson syringe and didn't find it to work as well as my trusty turkey baster. I know what you're thinking; it stays in the bathroom, never to return to the kitchen. I purchased it specifically for this purpose. While in the shower I use soap to get everything outside clean. I use the warm shower water, cup my hand against my body and fill the entire baster with only the warm water. One or two bulb fulls later, I dry off and evacuate. I'll fill the baster back up by cupping my hand with warm water from the sink and repeat if necessary. You don't need to get more than just the tip of the baster barely in for this to work, if you can relax enough to accept the water. Be gentle with yourself, you can squeeze water in much faster this way than the Higginson syringe will deliver it.

    I always cleanse the colon with warm water before a session. Using this method I don't have to take a shower or use lube for the cleansing.

  • I used an enema before a session, and had a huge anal orgasm. I had evacuated, but when the p waves hit, it felt like I had to release more of the enema one way while my Helix was going the other. This was unexpected as I have had numerous enemas over the years, and know what empty feels like. I'm a reasonably new user, so maybe this is normal when one cleans out first. Not like a super O, but very nice.
  • Always...I use a small bulb syringe and fill it about 3 times then release in the toilet....repeat the 3 more bulbs full and then ready to Lube up. I use Abolene as the first lube inside the rectum and on the Aneros, then about 5cc of Maximus Lube.
  • i'm new to all things anal butt have been experimenting with the progasm and have overcome the difficulties of insertion/penetration - and never enema ...

    we are very fortunate to have a bidet in our bathroom next to the commode - this was definitely the very best investment we made 15 years ago when we remodeled our house - it was a boon to our already active and fulfilling sex life ... just hearing the familiar sound of the bidet faucet flowing upstairs gets my lubricating male fluid oozing in addition to giving me an instant boner knowing my wife's expecting a lengthy romp

    ... at the time the bidet and its installation cost us only a couple hundred bucks and it paid itself off in the first month (assuming only a ten dollar charge per lay with oral foreplay - far cheaper than a pizza!)

    a year ago the only experience my anus had had other than defecation was an annual quick probe (DRE) by my doc which was tolerable butt by no means arousing - however as a medical imaging tech i've had plenty of experience opening anal sphincters both female and male and know that it can always be done without pain butt with patience ...

    early in our marriage at about age 19 we had experimented with mutual anal play and penetration butt neither of us found it gratifying although both of us enjoy a little external sphincter stimulation during sex - my wife doesn't mind a saliva or sex juice lubed middle finger in her backdoor during intercouse (she likes it) and it turns me on feeling my erection through the thin tissue wall that separates anterior rectum from posterior vagina

    as a med imaging tech i know an anema or laxative cleanout is generally in order however the normal healthy anua and rectum are generally empty unless it's Number 2 time ...

    so if i've eaten i wait until i empty my bowels ... before aneros time (or even conjugal sex) i'll shower and then clean my junk and anus/perianal area on the bidet with warm water and a foam soap (i use a foamer with about one part ivory to ten or fifteen parts H2O)

    ... for progasm self abuse (joking) i'll spend about fifteen minutes on the bidet initially spraying and washing with plenty of anal/perianal/perineal massage (also some attention to my penis as this process only works when there is arousal/horniness and in my case a boner) and then filling the bidet with very very warm water - full enough so that my junk including scrotum and balls, perineum and hole are submerged - and contnue to gently massage everything with a slick finger ...

    with each circle of my long finger i penetrate slightly stretching the sphincter initially to the left then the right then back toward my tailbone then forward against the root/bulb of my erection with each stretch i work my slick finger a few more millimeters into the hole continuing to do the serial 4 way stretch until i'm in an inch or two which is shy of the prostate but allows me to massage the cowper's periurethral glands enhancing the leakage of precum - which is god's favored male lube for all erotic activity

    ... i can then reach the prostate with my entire finger inside me exploring the rectal walls and [I]rarely encounter anything[/I] other than moist velvety smooth mucosa and its clean mucous secretion - on the rare occasion that my finger finds a fleck of fecal residue i'll gently scrape it out and then drain the bidet and refill with clean water - this hole process has become pleasurable (the teasing tickling stretching and manipulation) except for the prostate manipulation which is tolerable but nor real arousing

    massaging the root/bulb of the erect penis and the cowper's glands has become pleasurable and the aneros penetrating is likewise something now look forward to - based on the response of my already erect penis which tends to swell, ooze and pulsate even more than at baseline ...

    in the absence of a bidet i would imagine i could do it all in a deep sitz bath or shallow bathtub (although i'd want to shower again before i crawl in bed)

    now back to a practice session ...

    - rip
  • kharrismakharrisma
    Posts: 29
    I use the classic red-rubber-bulb, at least 2 bulbs and sometimes 3 ('til the "runoff" is clear.) I did experience some discomfort initially that seems to have to do with the angle of penetration. You must remember that the rectum runs pretty much straight up and *slightly* inward (parallels the spine, but tilts just a bit towards your front.) If I deviate much from this line, I get discomfort, like I'm running into a dead end. Sometimes "corkscrewing" the tip around allows it to 'find it's own alignment, (at least with a rubber bulb, as the tip is quite flexible.) Try using your little finger to find the best 'angle of attack', and try to duplicate that angle with the enema wand. Tons of lube helps. Too much is simply a small waste; too little can be a trip to the emergency room. Little embarrassing to explain what happened. Be careful.
  • l¤ve h¤lel¤ve h¤le
    Posts: 55
    I did read in 'Bizarre' magazine a few years ago about some folk who flushed alcahol up the back passage so they could get drunk very cheap and quickly. I do recall they say that if you put beer or wine up it should be watered down and spirits is a no no, i.e. Think Dead.
    And No I'm not going to try this at home :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    An inexpensive, comfortable and effective way to douche.

    Bought one of these to deal with hay fever issues. Got it home and it worked. Then, gave it a try as a douche syringe.
    So, bought another, just for sinuses.
    --- Smooth 'interface' with the anus. No need to lube before douching. No air slugs to cause issues later on.
    --- 5 oz capacity, easy to fill, easy to clean -- etc. Transparent bottle makes easy to check for mold growth.

    neilmed pharmaceuticals - sinus rinse bottle - 1 kit
    NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Makers of Sinus Rinse, NasaFlo Netipot, Nasal Irrigation

    For me, enema or douche is to an Aneros Session like starting a car is to driving. However, if it's a Tempo or Peridise session, I usually skip rinsing out.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Pretty crazy that the poll results are nearly identical to each other
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I'm a new user too. I don't bother with enema because I'm very clean inside.

    I guess because of my Asian diet (little processed food, little junk food, lots of fresh fruit and vegetable). Even I don't do enema, I have never found anything dirty on my Aneros. It's always clean after usage as before insertion.

    I think enema do more harm on a healthy intestine.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    I voted for "Sometimes" because if I know my rectum is clean, based on what last came out, I don't bother for Aneros sessions. However, if I think my wife is planning to fuck me with a strap-on, I rinse out with a small bulb-type douche. She expects the dildo to come out shiny clean and I wouldn't want to disappoint her.:)


  • [QUOTE=ten_s_nut;100230]Hello, all.

    I voted for "Sometimes" because if I know my rectum is clean, based on what last came out, I don't bother for Aneros sessions. However, if I think my wife is planning to fuck me with a strap-on, I rinse out with a small bulb-type douche. She expects the dildo to come out shiny clean and I wouldn't want to disappoint her.:)



    i've answered "no" previously to this question as my rectum is generally totally empty unless I need to move my bowels - although i always clean myself in a bidet as part of the relaxation and insertion routine with my progasm ...

    however since the waking of my prostate i have shared with my wife and she enjoys massaging my man gland

    ... so i now use a small 60ml plastic enema bottle that has a valve in it, inserting 2 to 4 oz warm plain water and assuring that it cums out clean before engaging in this doctor play

    she dons a lubed latex or polyurethane glove sitting or lying between my legs and has learned to eagerly massage the gland - while sucking my dick ...

    she enjoys the precum - as she always has

    ... i've never been able to cum when she blows me as she has a hypersensitive gag reflex - butt she says she wants to swallow my cum

    i need to be at maximum deep penetration to ejaculate - deep enough that the skin of my cock is pulled fully back not just exposing my entire glans penis, butt actually putting tension on the frenulum and pulling the gee-string so that my knob actually bends down as it feels the traction

    - rip
  • I found that using the Fleet Phospho Soda bottle with out the Phospho Soda - just water works great. I try to empty a whole bottle and hold it just a bit and evacuate and repeat. About 2 of those is enough to clean me very good. and quite pleasant to use. make sure you empty it and clean it out very good and only fill with clean warm water.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I only clean myself (using fingers) when I'm in a bathtub, which is (yes, horrible !~!) twice a week. Otherwise, I just postpone session if my anal canal is occupied, or if there's too much stuff on aneros after pulling it out.

    I carefully wash aneros about 3 times with soap after each session.