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Lube Question
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    Just got my tub of Boy Butter. I will probably be trying it with the Progasm tonight. Any tips for getting it into a syringe for prelube?

    If this works half as good as it smells I should be all set.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    be sure that either
    (1) you have water based lube, or
    (2) your syringe is non-latex

    oil based lube will dissolve the o-ring if it is latex (most common type).

  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    I thought it would smell like coconut but it doesn't. It's relatively odorless which is a good thing. Works very well and is very long lasting. You can tell it is oil based as cleanup is a little more difficult. It turned out to be very easy to draw into the syringe. Good advice about the O-ring. I'll need to keep an eye on that. The syringe is cheap at least.

  • Use only water based lubes like KY, Astroglide, or their generics. You asshole is thin with my blood vessels and it absorbs whatever you put up there. I don't trust silicone lubes, oils, or stuff unless I'm absolutely certain it can have no long term effect on my body. I sometimes use the water based ID Glide. Hope it is safe. Don't know all the chemicals these lubes have in them.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ALL!

    I use Boy Butter H2o for all rubber toys and Albolene for everything else,
    including all Aneros units!

    My 2 cents!

    Later, hlaser99
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Some water based lubes also have Glycerin, check out the ingredients first.
    Be aware that you body may not tolerate it, and you may have the urge to purge.... :wink:
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    For all those concerned about your health,

    I only use coconut oil for myself. The body loves coconut oil and is not harmful at all. I get plenty of movement and action with just coconut oil.

    I go to a naturopathic doctor and she told me to stay away from those products except a product called Firefly. Go to Google and type in firefly lube and you will find the website. Hope this helps.