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An absolute MUST read!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear Friends,

    I have certainly heard about this book but did not think about actually reading it until GrandTiger recommended it to me. The book is: The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams. I got it at my local library. It appears to have been published in 1996. My copy is pretty yellowed but the content is very important to what it is that we are all trying to accomplish. I am 3 chapters into it and feel now as though it is something that everyone should read it. What is described in great detail is the state that we are all trying to attain. The Aneros is simply a devise to help us get there, and it does a great job of it. What this book does a good job explaining is what "there" is all about. I think that the explanation really does help put a few things into perspective and might make some of your journeys more interesting. And maybe quicker.

    I thought it was interesting that it took me almost all summer to get it available to me. There is a strong demand for feeling the way we do.

    Thanks G.T.!
  • I would have went out and bought the book at Barnes and Noble. That's where I got mine from. But I understand you wanting to see it first before you buy it anyhow. I own the book and it does explain a lot though I don't understand everything in it nor have I read the entire book. It is interesting. I'm surprised they even had it available at the library. Where I live they'd never have a book like that at the library. I live in a very southern, conservative area who'd like to believe that we all came from cabbage leaves and storks.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi equalityboy81,

    It could be that I have been at this for so long, but it helped put some things into perspective for me. I think the one thing that is does extremely well is explain the concept of the orgasm and ejaculation of being two separate events and how to keep them that way. I liked how they explained that besides procreation, why would anyone want to ejaculate? And physically, you don't NEED to ejaculate. I did not know that. I figured that you HAD to every once in a while at least. I know that is is just a pair of authors opinion, but it makes for some interesting reading.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Buster and eb81

    Mantak Chia and his associates have a large enterprise and influence and many worthwhile resources. Their multi-orgasmic website is at:

    In 1990-91 I found and read Chia and developed a practice based on his books Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, and for mrs.a; Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. In about the same length of time as we have been with Aneros and KSMO now, I was successful in being able to ejaculate inwardly and the open to the chi energy in quantity and quality. Using a thermal shock of sitting in a shallow pan of ice water after an inward ejaculation, a full microcosmic orbit of chi energy from the base of the spine, up the back, around the brain and pineal gland in particular, down the front looping the heart and the stomach and back to the base chakra and onward... unfolded and embraced me.

    Then I was back home at business and raising our children and very happy doing that. The energy practice was impractical in those circumstances for us.

    I agree very much Buster, with the great value of the perspectives, knowledge and traditions of Tao and its complement Tantra ( which we also explored back then) on our journeys here with Aneros. I don't find certain aspects of the Taoist practices helpful, but those energies are very real and very helpful. Once Aneros practice reconnected me to them (along with KSMO), we have been off and running and soaring!

    equalityboy81, I read your letter to Aneros in the Testimonials and congratulations to you. I too suffer from depression but cannot take the medications. I find this whole orgasmic/ecstatic energies adventure through Aneros and KSMO to be the best general life-enhancing and anti-depression activity possible.

    Maybe we need a Complementary Practices Library thread here.

    all the best to you both

  • Buster:

    I agree wholeheartedly. It's a good book and it makes sense. It makes a lot of good points. But, it's good to conserve semen but I personally feel you should ejaculate at least three times a week to get rid of the old and in with the new to cleanse the prostate gland. In the recent past news, it said that guys who ejaculate so many certain amount of times in their younger years and continue to will have a lower risk for prostate cancer. My grandfather has prostate cancer so I wish he had had the Aneros when he was growing up. I just want to do everything in power to make sure I keep a healthy prostate. I agree with the book to some extent but to do so in moderation on both ends. I believe everyone can have a healthy life if they do everything in moderation. You can have too much of something or too little of something. Either can be bad, but in between never hurts. Definately having too many Super O is never harmful which is a great thing for us. Too little ejaculations can according to science. So this analogy doesn't apply to Super Os just ejaculations.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hi Guys,

    this is a great topic and I wish I had more time to contribute. But I wanted to pass on this article by Michael Winn.

    It's an account of his learning process from a wide variety of teachers and techniques, both Tantric and Daoist (including extensive personal instruction under Mantak Chia) over a period of several decades. Personally, I found it to be profoundly insightful and informative. I would definitely recommend it to any student of either Tantric or Daoist sexual practices. And I hope it adds a little something to the discussion here as well.

    Best Wishes,

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks so much Pan!

    The Winn article is extraordinary as a map of the ongoing development of these practices here in the West. I read slowly through completely this morning – rereading several sections as I progressed. One feels at home in the midst of his own journey at many points, even with very different personal history details. This is enormously helpful in the current reflections on our experiences and progress over the last year and a half.

    I actually had an accidental week-long informal but intensive immersion with (a) Yogi Baba in the late 1960's immediately on his first arrival from India accompanying a friend of mine. That seems at odds with Winn's dates and I am fascinated by how he (this particular Yogi Baba) might fit in Winn's chronology. I am going to email Winn and ask.

    Pan, when you have some time, your thoughts on Winn's overview and your integration of your practices including aneros and KSMO would be of great interest and assistance to many here and at KSMO.

    eb81, with your interests and focus on sound, you might find KSMO a beneficial complementary practice as many here do.

    Thanks Buster and eb81 for this thread and prompting your input and gift of Winn's wonderful overview Pan. Buster, your title applies very much to the Winn article as well, IMHO!

    It would be great some time to do a Chat here and a Chat at KSMO based on the Winn article as a basis for discussion of the personal practices/responses of those here interested.

    spiritual orgasmic energies access opportunities to all

  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Oh my Goodness!!

    You don't know how happy I was when looking through the posts the other day and saw all the interest generated, in the Tao/Tantric Heightened/Sacred Sexuality!! To see Michael Winn's Name there!! Here, here!!! You guys are Awesome!!

    Soooo nice!

    To you All!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Everybody!

    I ordered it through Amazon (for about $12) as soon as Buster started this thread.

    This book is very interesting and does parallel allot of functions and processes in
    the practices I am involved in!

    When I feel I have a good handle on the exercises and practices in the book,
    I'll report back with any gems or epiphanies I may have encountered . . .

    Thanks Buster . . . Great Read!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Laser,

    Get with me when you get a handle on either the Cool or the Big Draw. I think that one is going to take me a while.

    Are you staying dry down there? Jeez, Fay has been knocking you guys around!

    Hang tough.
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    If you're interested in a more complete system of Taoist practices you might want to check out Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy by Eric Yudelove. Mr Yudelove was a student of Chia's and went on to become an instructor at Healing Tao. This book teaches you techniques that develop the mind, body and sex.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Buster!

    I was zipping along in the book and hit the same snag! Some things just
    take some time, I guess???

    If anyone knows a short-cut let us know!

    Fay, if nothing else, was very wet! (I usually like my women that way! LOL!)
    But non-stop rain and wind for a week is enough; she's finally moving west!

    Sounds good, BigE . . . I'll check it out!

    Later, Hlaser99

    (Just ordered from Amazon!)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    well of course i had to get the MUST READ book.

    i did my own interpretation of the big draw, and it was awesome, awesome. i was orgasming and orgasming, sometimes continuously, and often full-body, for i think an hour and a half.

    basically, i just clenched my toes and my pc muscles, and kind of my butt, and then drew the sexual feeling (energy) up into my chest as i inhaled. then i exhaled.

    before this book i kind of pooh-poohed the sexual energy thing. but, i really think there is something there. i am a clinical pragmatist by nature, not a spiritualist, so i like to think of it more as bodily function than mystical.

    i do like the book a lot.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i will add that there is one thing i strongly disagree with in this book.

    they suggest practicing kegels while you pee. that is an irresponsible and uninformed recommendation. no urologist would ever authorize that. bladder and kidney damage is a serious matter that can happen when the flow of urine is chronically stopped.

    all sex education resources suggest stopping the flow of urine --once or twice-- to learn which are your PC muscles, so you can exercise them while not peeing. i have never before seen it proposed to do it routinely while peeing.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    That is interesting Darwin. I am no doctor, but I know that I have heard from several sources that interrupting the flow of urine was a good practice in keeping those muscles developed which later in life will serve you well. So when I read it in the book I thought nothing of it.

    It kills me that you are already successful with the Big Draw. I am happy for you. I am slow in getting it to work properly. What else is new. Let us know how you are progressing with it.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    yes, exercising your PC muscles is definitely a good thing, and will serve you later in life. typically it is recommended that you do about 100 clenches of various types per day.

    but not while peeing.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey Buster and All

    Mrs. a and I have Chia's The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know on its way now scheduled to arrive in the next couple of days. We'll give our review as soon as possible to complement your review of the Male book that launched this thread Buster. And thanks again for that and all the thoughts here to date.

    adventure onward all

  • I bought this book a few years back when i was 18

    the techniques are not very dificult to do for the most part

    but many of them are also not safe

    mantak recommends clenching the pc muscles EXTREMELY HARD as HARD as you can

    he also recommends clenching when urinating

    I practiced these two things very seriously for about a year and developed severe prostatitis as a result

    I believe the urination stopping and starting is potentially very harmful

    It is three years later and I still leak semen in the urine quite frequently unfortunately

    Its so ironic that the very thing i tried so hard to conserve now leaves beyond my control because of

    such techniques. stopping and starting the urine flow can cause what is known as urinary reflux or urine to travel into the prostate

    this can lead to stones, infections etc

    if you want to consere sex energy there are much safer techniques then extremely hard pc clenches

    and stopping and starting urination

    a few years back mantak had micheal winn write an article about how the "million dollar point"

    technique they were previously teaching was unsafe and stopped recommending it after many

    students reported damage

    I wouldent be suprised if chia comes out a few years from now and does the same for the urination

    technique and recommending squeezing as hard as humanly possible

    mantak does teach some good stuff in other books but he is infamous for the sexual techniques he teaches

    he makes it seem you can reach heaven with a few pc squeezes

    he is thought of as the fast food of spirituality in many other neo-taoist circles

    so dont believe something just because it is an "ancient technique" and has been used safely

    for "milennia" listen to your body instead

    some "spiritual" techniques require a good dose of common sense

    ksmo and aneros are much safer in my opinion learn some basic pranayama to conserve sex energy

    or chigung pc muscle excercises are not necessary to bring up the sexual energy
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    thank you so much for posting this.

    i am very sorry you have had this happen.

    this report does not surprise me. in this thread above, and in others, i have been trying to warn about exactly this kind of problem with squeezing while urinating.

    sadly it is a common misunderstanding.

    i agree with you, any book that advocates this completely loses credibility.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Darwin, nervetweak,

    THANK YOU for keeping us informed. It is very nice to have this membership share such valuable information about potentially seriously harmful consequences from ill informed practices. Keep the good info. coming guys!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Well don't I look like a dick for suggesting it?!

    I got a quite a bit of good information out of the book. The idea is to get these muscles strong. Stopping the stream of urine is a descriptive way to show guys how to pump them up. You can do these exercises at any time not just when you are taking a leak. I can sit there and do them at any time and often do.

    To discredit a whole book that has been around for the amount of years that it has because of this one issue seems ridiculous, but I don't want people to hurt themselves. Do the exercises in the safer manner, but I still stand behind the book. For me, it was important to know how you can move your sexual energy throughout your body. A good companion to the Aneros and KSMO practices.
  • Well don't I look like a dick for suggesting it?!

    Not at all

    mantak's book is probably the most widley known of all books on this subject in the west.

    And I do not mean to discredit his entire book or all his teachings, like I said earlier some are good and

    some are potentially dangerous and/or may not work the way he claims they will

    I know of many people who have benefited from mantak's work and I also know people who have

    not got the results they were expecting or have injured themselvs

    some people really like chia's approach and others hate it a good place for furthur discussion on

    the matter is at the taobums forum

    Before I bought this book I had bought "awaken the healing energy through the tao" also by chia

    which was one

    of the best books i ever bought in terms of benefits it provided for me. I learned to feel "chi" and

    how to move it to various places.

    Chia has also come under fire due to the way he was teaching a higher level energy practice known

    as Ironshirt chigung, where chi is "packed" into various places in the body because again people

    were reporting health problems
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260

    Definately having too many Super O is never harmful which is a great thing for us. Too little ejaculations can according to science. So this analogy doesn't apply to Super Os just ejaculations.

    Actually I think you can have too many super O's. At times I border on it. For one, there is such a thing as sex addiction. Orgasms are related to very real brain chemical interactions and possible addiction. I think you can become accustomed to having a certain amount and it could be trouble for you if you get less. Plus, I have learned that while the proper amount of Super O's are great and relaxing...even invigorating, too much leaves your drained, worn out, and tired wanting sleep. That's because I believe your brain uses up a lot of these chemicals while orgasm takes place, and it certainly wears muscles out from all the spasming over time. I've found that I often miss things I should be doing because I want to have orgasms, or I am in the middle of continuous orgasms for hours and don't want to stop. That can be a problem. As a matter of fact right now, my 16 year old daughter wonders why I spend so long in the bathroom. My wife is 'in the know' but the daughter isn't. Not sure how to break that issue.

    Does anyone know the science of orgasm as it relates to brain chemical reactions?

    Alternatively I do agree with your point on moderation. I think that is correct. I agree you should ejaculate a few times a week for health.