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HypnAerosession - Why no download option?
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Just wondered if this is going to be an option. To be honest I don't have a cd player any more so having an option to purchase and download an mp3 would be ideal.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Thank you for showing an interest in my “HypnAerosession” CD’s. I understand your desire to obtain my product through a direct download of an MP3 version and I can create such a version. The problem for me is an economic one. I have investigated the costs associated with creating a commercial web site and the ongoing costs of maintaining the contractual obligations of monthly minimum fees, just to break even on those costs I would need to sell an average of 2-3 units per day, every day, 365 days per year.
    This is such a niche market, I am not convinced there is enough demand to justify those expenses. I currently produce these CD’s one at a time off my home computer. This has the advantage of keeping my overhead costs down with virtually no extra monthly maintenance costs incurred, thus the price can remain at a readily affordable level. I certainly can not afford to setup a web site and operate it at a loss just to sell a limited number of these sessions, regardless of their usefulness. Even now it will require the sale of several hundred units just to recoup my initial capital outlay.
    If the good folks at Aneros would like to setup a download capability on their web site, I am confident we could work out a suitable arrangement to accomplish the goal of increased availability to the Forum membership.
    In the meantime, if you purchase the CD set, your present computer probably does have a built-in CD player, there are any number of free, downloadable software programs available to “rip” audio material off of CD’s and convert them to MP3 files. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can then easily download them to your personal MP3 player. Besides, if you buy the CD’s you get a couple of cool little temporary tattoos of the SOS logo! :)
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Hi Rumel,

    Thanks for your personal answer. I understand where you are coming from as I have marketed things online myself.

    The overall cost of pumping out a mp3 would be greatly smaller than that of a CD, but I understand the limitations with regards to whether the company will deliver this alternative.

    Keep me posted on the progress.


  • EnderEnder
    Posts: 3
    Great CD. Purchased it last month and only now seriously getting into it. Now for me, the only negative part was the very slow "warm up" session. I realize it's important to forget about the toy we brought along to the party, but it seems to drag on for the sake of being 100% relaxed. Next time I'll just move on to the subsequent tracks...

    My other beef was the fact that Alana "remembered" me from last time even though it was my first time listening to the CD! Oh well, for future sessions, her memories of being "wet" will (hopefully) be legitimate ones!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I’m glad that overall you enjoyed the CD’s.
    I feel the relaxation portion of the session needs to be listened to numerous times to firmly establish the key words “Sliding Deeeper Now”, as such I wanted the listener to feel like ‘Alana’ knows him as a friend. That’s the reason for her saying “… thanks for inviting me back here…”, I know it is a little awkward upon first listening but it works well for all subsequent sessions.
    After the key words have been firmly rooted in your mind it will be easier to drop into a relaxed trance state via Disc 2 alone and you will no longer need to go through the relaxation sequence from Disc 1.
    I am working on a couple of supplemental discs now, which will soon become available. These will not be specific voice directed like Disc 1, but more like Disc 2, using nature sounds in lieu of a music score. However, they also will rely upon the listener having familiarity with the key words established on Disc 1, so in that respect the time spent with 'Alana' on Disc 1 is a good time investment for future sessions.

    P.S. To 'Morn' etal. I am in the process of getting a service to handle a downloadable MP3 version of "HypnAerosession".
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Just to let everybody know you can now get a downloadable MP3 version of “HypnAerosession” from ( ), it is listed under the artist’s name ‘Alana’, album title “HypnAerosession”.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    So appropriate that my 2nd century post features a new experience thanks to Rumel. This CD plus some exploratory time was responsible for a 2 for 2 on the first listens out of the box with some wicked sessions and continuous Super O's for an hour. This was truly the ticket! Never before............but hopefully to be repeated soon. OH OH OH OH OH Thanks Rumel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • eddie1eddie1
    Posts: 8
    Downloaded the MP3 last nite and it was awesome. I had one of my best ever sessions listening to Alana. Well worth it. Thanks Rumel!
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Hi Eddie!!

    Sooo happy you like the CD. It was really a 'pleasure' reading that you enjoyed your session so!

    'See' you next time!

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Posts: 70
    At first, the "long warm up time" bothered me somewhat also. I have found though, that by relaxing and waiting for "the warm up" portion to play through, the results are a very intense session with a huge pre-orgasmic build-up. (Man, does it feel good.) In fact, when I do not play the CD I find myself hurrying to get to the Dry Os where as the CD forces me to take my time and let things build up. The anticipation of waiting for that first time Alena tells you to slightly clench is almost unbearable and it's a huge relief by the time that point arrives. This morning with Alena was a good example. By the time Alena first told me to lightly clench, my heart was racing and my breathing was very quick, my penis was twitching, and I felt like my insides were going to burst and splatter cum everywhere. How do you put "hyper-intense dry orgasmic explosion" into words? Thanks Alena, you should have been here - it was great! :D