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A larger MGX
  • I have the MGX, Helix, Maximus and Progasm.
    My favorite is still the MGX. I believe is is because of the ridges at the bottom. With those, I get an itchy (in a good way) feeling at the back of my rectum. It sends me over the edge!!!!!
    None of the other models provide this stimulation.
    I think a Progasm, with ridges added, would be the perfect model for me.
    There is a company that produces a similar product. I believe it is called the Nexus and it has ridges on the entire device. I am considering buying that item, hoping I will finally have found the perfect tool for me.
    Anyone else have any experiences with the Nexus?
  • Alot of people say that it is over agressive, im not sure if thats because this is the ANEROS forum, but i wouldnt think over agression would be that bad.
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    I tried that Nexus with the ridges. I threw it in the trash can. The next time I want to rasp out my ass I will just roll some coarse sand paper into a tube and jam it up my butt. That will be cheaper and feel better.

    Some of the other other Nexus products aren't bad.