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Teasing your prostate tip
    Posts: 70
    I have found that before a serious session I can get my prostate to wake up and begin to talk to me by teasing it. After a few teasing sessions my body begins to beg me for a session. Then, when I have the serious session things go real well, real fast. Also, the lube applied during the teasing sessions helps when I begin a serious session.

    To tease my prostate I apply lube to my massager of choice, insert and tighten my abdomen muscles while applying a gentle and very slight anal contraction - just enough to where I can feel the massager against the prostate. I usually do this while standing up and arching my pelvis forward. This forces the massager against the prostate and really feels good. I hold this for about 30 seconds to a minute while I make a few subtle (very slight) contractions and releases. Then I remove the massager and go about my day. I may do this 3 or 4 or 5 times over 2 or 3 hours. Following these teasing sessions and out of nowhere, like a sudden and unsuspected wave that crashes on the beach, I get hit hard with a pleasurable warm, tingling pre-orgasmic feeling of pressure and pulsing from the prostate. This may hit me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from my last teasing session and usually while I am setting at my desk trying to work or setting in my easy chair watching TV. It hits out of the clear blue and when I am thinking of other things entirely. When that feeling hits you just cannot ignore it. It takes over and satisfying it becomes all important. After becoming fully "teased up" I head to the bed. The feeling of the prostate finding the massager when it finally slips in for a real session is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this approach.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi JLH!

    Good Warm-up!

    Lately, I have been using a Peridise for this purpose and just insert maybe half way (although
    when the gentle beast wakes-up, it sucks it in to the hilt! LOL!)

    Any way I just breathe and relax (sometimes with the "15 quick breaths" mentioned in a recent
    post! Excellent!)

    Everything just happens slowly and naturally from here!

    Nice and easy . . .

    Later, hlaser99
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi JIH and Hlaser99

    What a great experience and description JIH. Isn't it amazing the tricks you develop with a gland! And some muscle-memory and nerve circuits cycles. This is close to but different from my experience of encouraging the sense of my prostate "reaching out" seeking the massager, my MGX, and learning to "Polish the Knob", the tip of the MGX. Similar to your experience, my body quickly learned and remembered the cues and moves and hungered for those signals, memories and desires! It learned to call them up and demand more too! I also agree with you about the merits of standing massage positions!

    Hlaser, I don't think we talk enough here at Aneros about the after effects of prostate stim, whereas that is the focus at KSMO. It is one reason the two practices complement each other so well. However I have always been grateful for your discussions on Chairgasms and Cargasms, early Aneros "Echo Effects" as we call them at KSMO. Maybe we need to compile a catalogue of Aneros after-effects here...

    JIH, the great thing is that your body can learn this so well that you will be able to call up that tease, at will, anytime you choose, and boost you into mini-Os and beyond, the O-zone. all without doing the physical stim, unless of course there is time and place to do the physical stim when you prefer! Great adventuring! All the best.

    Guys, doesn't this kind of magic, onward to Super-Os and Calm Seas Bliss, really mean that we are truly working with the Philosopher's Stone, our prostates, the alchemists' dream, that can transmute leaden day-to-day embodied experience into golden ecstasies at all levels out to the cosmic! Bliss On...

  • wendigowendigo
    Posts: 34
    As this subject touches on my own topic about the prostate, i have some questions for JIH:

    From your post, i understand that the direct contact of the massager on the prostate
    feels good to you? I feel nothing im afraid, exept that it hurts a bit if i massage it to hard.

    Did the prostate massage "work" for you from day one, or was it a learning process?

    Posts: 70

    I absolutely did not have the pleasurable feelings from day one. In fact, it was quite a long time before I learned how to have the pleasure feelings. I mentioned in an earlier post that when I began I would feel pleasure only immediately following insertion and that feeling would quickly fade - in about 10 seconds. I found that by thrusting my hips forward and backward, like during traditional sex, I would, after about 10 minutes of slow thrusting, begin to feel a build-up of a pleasurable feeling much like the feeling you get just prior to orgasm. The feelings were very subtle at first. They were so subtle I wasn't even sure if they were real feelings or if I was imagining them. Then, during one session, the feelings grew in intensity until I knew for sure they were real. The time period to this point for me was about a month of having sessions almost every night. What kept me going was that the massager just generally felt like it belonged inside me. I would even sleep with it in from time to time. Also, I found that I had better results with some massagers and less results with others. This is truly a personal choice. I also noticed that this would change - a massager that gave me no results would later begin to work very well. I now rotate the use between several different massagers. Also, you cannot go by what others on this site say 100% of the time. For example, the Helix does not work well for me but the Maximus is awesome. The Eupho is nice to sleep with because it is so unobtrusive but it just does not bang the prostate like some of the larger models do. You have to try different makes and models.

    A note about the hip-thrusting technique: after several minutes of thrusting I would sometimes begin to feel soreness. You have to just have to stop when you feel this. I would usually stop until the next day. When the feelings of physical pleasure intensify it is very hard to stop.

    It was well over a year before I experienced my first Dry O. It made everything worth while. There is a lot of focus on this site about trying to reach a "Super O". I do not even try for that. The dry Os are worth the time in themselves. For you guys that have not yet found the dry O imagine a traditional orgasm with ejaculation that does not leave you drained - an orgasm that you can have over and over all night long - until you just get physically fatigued.

    When I had my first dry O I was caught off guard and totally surprised. I wasn't even sure if it was an orgasm. I remember thinking "wow, I think that might have been an orgasm." The the next one hit and it was more intense and I thought "yep, I'm having orgasms!!! Daaaaamn" I was not trying to have orgasms, they just came.

    My advise for beginners is if you are not having feelings of pleasure, try different models and when you are having your sessions, at first, just relax and put on a favorite TV show. Relax and watch your show while your body adapts. Do not even strive for an orgasm. If you encounter any feelings of pleasure do not try to intensify them. Just pay attention to them - focus your mind on them. They will fade away at first. Don't worry about it. They will come back. In regards to obtaining pleasurable feelings, I read somewhere, something like, "if you watch the rabbit you can observe its habits, if you chase the rabbit it will run away." This is not even close to a direct quote but you get the idea. Do not chase the rabbit when striving for pleasurable feelings - just watch the rabbit. Sooner or later, you will see the rabbit will come out of the woods right in front of you if you are patient and observant.
  • wendigowendigo
    Posts: 34
    Thanks, well i´ve ben thinking about changing model (got a progasm) but im afraid
    that it might be counterproductive, you know, like the craftsman blaming the tool instead of himself.. :wink:

    Is there really a big difference between the models?

    I DO feel some pleasurable sensations, using my muscles to make it move inside me,
    but it does not seem to have anything to do with the prostate.

    I know that you are supposed to avoid penile stimulation, but i sometimes use the progasm
    while masturbating and this makes me feel an electric tingeling in my whole body,
    then i reach the point of a pre-orgasmic feeling and i expect an intense orgasm
    but then it fades away and leaves me dissapointed. The ejaculation comes after
    the orgasm.

    At least once, ive had the sensation of my brain being showered by these electric impulses
    from the orgasm,kind of a head-orgasm, my most rewarding result from the progasm so far..

    Posts: 70
    In my case the various models make a huge difference. The Progasm feels good to me but I get very little, if any, prostate stimulation from it. For me, the head should be a little more aggressively pointed towards the prostate. I rarely use the Progasm anymore. I just check it from time-to-time to see if things have changed.

    I have tried penile stimulation during a session and it brings a good session to a quick end.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Some good info here for the new user as well as your interesting experiences.

    I have been noticing I do seem to like a standing position a bit more now than when I first started some time ago, but I always seem to be trying something new anyway. :D

    I'm with you on the Progasm, I do use if from time to time now, but don't get the responses I use to enjoy. I still use it, but it depends on my mood for sure.

    I really love the little Peridise, and I was hesitant to get it in the first place. It may be small, but what a great feeling, and the Super-O's it gives me!

    wendigo, JIH is correct, various models do make a huge difference. Some just seem to work better than others, and it truly is a personal preference. I often change from model to model, and I think the only one I dont own is the Maximus...Hmmm.... Maybe I should try that one :D