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"Wild" shaking but little arousal. Feeling Positiv
  • LeaderdomLeaderdom
    Posts: 8
    Sorry for the length, I'm just feeling really energized after my last session! I was curious about one thing which I asked at the end of my post, if you just want to skip there and avoid all the drawn out backstory. :D


    I first purchased my Aneros several months ago, and had nearly no results my first two sessions. I had posted in this forum before and you all gave great advice, but I never felt anything other than the actual physical sensation of the Aneros moving in and out of my anus, and I just packed the Aneros away and forgot about it for several months.

    The past few weeks, I had found myself thinking about the Aneros, and going over a lot of the advice members here had given me, as well as the wide variety of information actually posted. I started thinking more and more about what my mindset had been and what I was told I should be thinking, and I began to realize I had been expecting the Aneros to basically give me the sensations of a penile orgasm, except from my prostate. The past few days I started reading a few things in this forum again, including Tantric breathing techniques and the like.

    Well, today I had a five hour plus drive back home from a job site. After a few hours of staring at the interstate compounded probably by the early hour, a cup of coffee, and the fact I hadn't masturbated in over a week, my mind started drifting to various sexual fantasies and situations. I soon became aroused, but I was more or less shocked at how strongly I was. Just sitting at the car driving on the interstate and the vibrations from the subwoofer blasting mp3s, I felt more aroused than I had ever been. Just sitting in the car and doing some deep breathing I had seen in the online videos made my skin tingle and made my entire body feel even more warm and aroused. This feeling lasted for nearly two hours, and I knew this was the best time as any to try my Aneros again.

    Since I didn't have work again until later in the week, I unpacked my truck as fast as could and went through my "ritual" of cleaning myself out and preparing for an Aneros session. I decided for my third session to use a pair of cutters to snip off the "handle" part of the Aneros' base (not the perineum tab) since it had always felt like it had hindered the Aneros' movement. I used the "Wet" lubricant that came with my MDX package from Aneros to lube up my hole, and tried a trick I had used in my second session to use the squeeze bottle to squeeze more lubricant into my butt (didn't work this time as I felt it overflow down onto my sheets, :), but some did pool on top of my hole thanks to how I was laying and I was able to push extra lube inside with my finger). I then lubed the Aneros up with some Vaseline and inserted it.

    I had done a little "reading" beforehand to try to rekindle some of what I felt while driving ( - Marjorie is a fantastic erotic artist, and more to my enjoyment erotic author, and I think her themes lend themselves well I think to Aneros sessions). Since I found my mind starts to wander if left idle, I decided not to wait the generally recommended 20 minutes after insertion to adjust to the Aneros, and moved around until where I felt the most comfortable, on my stomach with my head facedown, my chin and forehead each resting on an arm.

    I turned my bedside clock around so I wouldn't worry about time, and just started doing some small starting contractions, focusing entirely on the Aneros and its movement, instead of sexual situations as I normally had. After a few minutes, this odd feeling popped into my head that if I so chose to, I could control the depth the Aneros moved inside of me down to a millimeter. So I decided to explore this, and found that (as far as I could feel) I could move the Aneros as minutely as I so chose. Halfway through doing this, as I had been flexing my muscles to both move the Aneros slowly and keep it from moving faster than I wanted it to, I felt what I decided were the "involuntary" movements for the first time. It was nothing major. I decided it could be best described as three small pulses (as if there were bubbles passing through my hole, without the actual bubbles) followed by a slightly stronger contraction.

    I was quite happy to find I was able to sustain this for several minutes, and I also became excited since it was the closest thing to progress I had felt since buying the Aneros. I also felt like I had to pee, but chalked this up to (hopefully) prostate stimulation, since I had read on this site that was a possible "side effect".

    After a few minutes the contractions stopped and it took me a few minutes before I could start them again, using the same technique as before. All of a sudden, I felt my left upper leg twitch, and then my left butt cheek as well start to twitch. This continued to build until my entire left leg began to spasm and shake, seeming involuntarily. I felt the sensations being directed into and through my Aneros, which seemed to increase the involuntary movements, but I still didn't feel anything I could describe as sexual arousal and I remained completely soft. Somewhat worried of leakage a rolled to my side to put some paper towels under me, which I regretted because after that the shaking and the involuntary contractions stopped.

    After that I rolled onto my back, with my knees in the air and my feet on the bed pulled up against my butt. I started doing the same small-and-hold movements from before. I started to feel the same small contractions as before, and the urge to pee increased. Within a few minutes my legs and butt began to spasm seeming on their own according, and my legs shook as my hips thrusted into the air all while I felt my anus contracting, all seemingly on their own. My breathing became rapid and I felt my arms begin to shake as well. My legs were twitching so much hit became hard to keep them bent. I began imagining the Aneros moving within me and conjured images of tantric "energy" flowing around me and over me (this illusion may have been supplemented I was naked on my bed with an oscillating fan blowing over me). Thinking this, combined with the shaking and my deep breathing I felt a wave of sking tingling wash over me from my butt over my body up to my head, but curiously I was still feeling nothing in my penis or in the area other than the urge to pee.

    Unfortunately, it turned out I really did have to pee :), so after the shaking died down I took a break to relieve myself, and then went back to my bed to continue. I find I was able to build myself back up to the involuntary shaking quicker than before, and it continued for several minutes in waves, while on my back, stomach, or even laying to the side (weaker when on the sides). In fact, almost scarily, when I was on my stomach my legs were kicking and my body was shaking so much I was bouncing into the air, and as far as I can tell all on their own. Rolling over after the last bit, I saw I had a small bit of precum leak out but other than that I still felt hardly any sexual feelings or pleasure in my penis or that area. Even when manipulating myself it did seem I was maybe slightly more sensitive than normal, and the feelings when I touched myself were "nice", but I remained soft.

    Anyways, by that point I turned the clock back around and saw it had been nearly an hour and a half, and I was starting to feel a bit slow, so I went back on my computer to finish reading some of Marjorie's stories and "finished" myself (the combination of the session plus the new experience of being able to quite comfortably sit in a chair with the Aneros still inserted now that the "handle" had been snipped off was incredible). I did notice that my manual orgasm lasted a lot longer and I ejaculated a lot more, and the pleasure didn't necessarily peak as high as usual but it was more drawn out.


    Anyways, despite the lack of serious sexual feelings I'm viewing this last session as a big leap of progress! Going to rest a bit and try again later in the week perhaps. The "violence" of the contractions confused me however since I didn't think I had read that anyone experienced them to that extreme before. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't feel any sort of orgasm-like feelings other than the actually movements and contractions, I almost thought I was having a Super-O, at least as I understood it :). In fact after several minutes of them I was laying there panting and sweating, but it seemed to be more due to being worn out than anything. Has anyone more experienced had these full-body involuntary spasms before (none of them hurt), and if you did was it normal to not feel much sexually while having them?

    It wasn't that I didn't enjoy them, its just that it didn't feel like I was going to orgasm even when my whole body was shaking. I'm thinking I'm just not sensitive enough yet, despite the shaking.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    when these shaking things start as u say...u should not even be think about ur dick...if its hard or not...mine never is..i don't focus on that..rather focus on doing contractions mild or hard that push the experience further into ur body...till ur arms and hands start trembling...ur lower lip starts...ur butt cheeks start raising n lowering off the bed and u basically start losing control...rapid panting breaths...that my friend is one flavor of a super-o..winks..