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Am I on the right track?
  • boybutterboybutter
    Posts: 1
    I've been using the Aneros for over a year now, but I've always wondered if I'm rounding 2nd base instead of hitting it out of the part. I find that if I completely relax and breath very deeply and rapidly I can (sometimes) bring on what first seemed to me like a seizure...My hands and arms would clench up and hug to my body like a disabled person with that kind of condition might have. I'm not making this up and not trying to offend anyone. I was really worried at first, it felt great, but even my face was contorted in an uncontrollable fashion. Now I feel like I'm in more control if it, I get the same sensations, but I can continue to relax the rest of my body without that uncontrollable tenseness. The thing is, I'm not following any of the given instructions on how to use the Aneros. There is no bearing down, no clenching. Instead, I relax and sort of open up, and then breath very deeply like I'm panting.

    In short, my question is...where do I go from here? I feel like I have spent enough time experimenting, and believe me, I have enjoyed it! Is there something I'm missing that requires you to "bear down" or contract that would make the Aneros pleasurable in a different (and god forbid even more pleasurable) way?

    -Boy Butter
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi boybutter!

    I don't bear down or clench intentionally either!

    All of mine are done involuntarily, with no conscious effort on my part! (my body does it
    and I just sit back and enjoy the benefits!)

    IMHO, no bearing-down is necessary! I occasionally use a slight contraction to get something going, during a lull
    in the action, but usually not necessary for me!

    One thing though! I find that the "experimenting" and discovery of new techniques and new kinds of orgasm
    is fabulous and essential to keeping everything fresh and new in my sessions!

    Enjoy your journey and keep having fun!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi boybutter,
    If you have already have had great super-O's, or great pleasure like you say, and want to try something new, get yourself a Peridise.

    I believe you will really find some new pleasures that you have not had before. :D
  • LeaderdomLeaderdom
    Posts: 8
    For me, at least in my interpretation, the uncontrollable tenseness was my body beginning to react to the stimulation from the Aneros. :) If I forced the parts of me that tensed up to relax, the pleasure and sensations usually went away as well. It was when I gave in and let my body do what it wanted that it took me all the way to the top!
  • slappyslappy
    Posts: 7
    Hi Boybutter,
    I also have been trying for a couple of years now and have failed to achieve an orgasm, but have enjoyed most of the journy. I experience mild sensations when on my side and contracting the aneros. After some time I then lay on my front (this I discovered by accident) relax and then the sensation builds up. Its nice but I never get an erection and never orgasm. I will get about three waves, and then nothing.It al makes me wonder if I am wasting my time. I do think that if you have not ejaculated for a few days it helps (difficult with my wife, we are very active) Any advice is always welcome from anybody out there. Some people seem just be able to put it in and off they go. HELP HELP