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My weird trick into getting SUPER O's!
  • hello,

    after months of doing different positions, i have one that always works.

    First, i dont prep much other pre lubing my finger with Genero KY, and prelubing my anus.

    Next i lube up the Helix, and push it in while squatting.

    I have to have a perfect setup,

    -blindfold (everthing has to be pitch black)

    -ipod ( i use a relaxation music )

    -two pillows for lower back

    -shirt to tie my legs together (will get into that later)

    So to start i just lay back and try not to do anything, and have my body get used to the aneros.

    I try to have anything i feel down there and make it pleasurable.

    Next, i start clenching with different pressures, never 100% though, that never works.

    When i clench, i make a number system in my head (1-10) and everytime i clench, i would rate it, and try to stay the same, or go higher, 10 meaning pure pleasure.

    Once i get physically tired of clenching i move into my so called "weird trick" although its more of a weird position.

    I first noticed this that when i have my thighs touching, i can feel my prostate not only being caressed by the aneros, but also by the sides of my thighs, basically the pressure is enveloping my prostate.

    I found out instead of physically trying to close my thighs together, why not tie them up with a shirt, or loose cloth. Once i did this, the pressure became consistent and i no longer had to concentrate on pushing my thighs together, rather, concentrate on the prostate feeling like cumming. The trick is to either have your penis between, or outside (pulling it out before you close your thighs). The first one feels really good, but i usually settle for the other position.

    So for the position, i am lying on my back, BUT my thighs are pointed to the right as if i am doing a yoga type stretch. This makes your spine have a slight turn toward the bottom where there are alot of sensors by your sacrum. Now my top thigh (left one) plus gravity is putting tremendous pressure on my prostate and i imagine the flow of pleasure going from prostate to lower back and again.

    After a couple of minutes, i would feel this great amount of pleasure, and all i can scream is "right there, dont stop" The pleasure is too intense and i tend to squirm, this is where the thing holding your legs together does the trick, it wont let you release, but just feel pleasure. i do this for 5 minutes, and i am completely drained.

    IF someone else tries this let me know how if feels.

    Its always a winner for me.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi acakactinum,

    You get an A+ in experimentation! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. I am sure that many guys would love to have a sure fire method to bringing on a Super O.
  • Great advice acakactinum! You just helped me get my first super-O! (I think)

    I was on my side with knees up at my chest and I needed to stretch my legs out a little bit. So, I crossed my legs as I straightened them out and got a really nice sensation from this position.

    With my legs still stretched out straight and crossed I thought back to your post, I was thinking; "Wasn't that guy going on about something to do with clenching your thighs?" Literally 5 seconds later I get an extreme response and get the feedback loop in overdrive. I started shaking like crazy, my head going back and forth along the pillow and my legs still crossed and straight just moved back and forth just keeping my thighs clenched. It only last about 10 seconds but it was intense!

    I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it now.

    I'm going to have to try this again with something to tie around my thighs to get it to last longer next time.
  • BrentBrent
    Posts: 21
    That is very interesting. I think we all have to find a way there. I have been having what I though were super O's but I think I really found out today what one is like...............awesome.
    Going to post about it.