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Aneros + Fleshlight = Humping Madness
  • hamtirobohamtirobo
    Posts: 14
    I'm new to the aneros and my first couple experiences were pretty uneventful. It was more uncomfortable than anything else. But last night, I tried using the helix again. Laying on my back, I relaxed with it in for a few minutes, and then tried anal contractions with slow breathing. I then tried to hold a contraction at about 50% and started feeling involuntary anal contractions. I continued doing this for 30 minutes, alternating from laying on my back, to laying on my side, to laying on my stomach, but all I could get were involuntary contractions. It felt good, but probably not even close to what you guys call a super-O. So I decided to just go to bed with it still inserted. I woke up the next morning and tried those 50% contractions again. After a few seconds, I got those involuntary contractions that lasted for a few minutes, but still no super-O. I was about to get out of bed when all of a sudden my whole body just tensed up and started shaking for 10 seconds, so I thought I should stay in bed and mess with it for a little while longer. I placed my blanket between my legs and started grinding in the side position. After a few seconds, my body started grinding the blanket by itself. I just relaxed and my body just took over. I started humping surprisingly fast and my head started wobbling up and down. It was more weird than pleasurable... After ten minutes or so of just involuntarily grinding my blanket, I decided to see if I could involuntarily hump my fleshlight, so I lubed up my fleshlight, and within seconds of inserting my penis, the involuntary humping began. It began picking up speed, and I was probably doing 2 humps per second with the side position. I tried lying on my back with the fleshlight on top, and my body started thrusting upwards on its own. I eventually ejaculated after a few minutes.

    After some rest, I decided to take a shower. I still had the aneros inserted and I brought my fleshlight along just in case. With the hot water running over my body, I inserted my limp penis into the fleshlight. It felt good, so I started jerking off with the fleshlight. After about 30 seconds, my arm just started jerking off for me (again... really weird). I relaxed, and my right arm just went crazy, jerking up and down at a ridiculous speed. My right arm started fatiguing, so I used both arms. After a few voluntary arm movements up and down, both arms involuntarily jerked me off with the fleshlight. I think I was doing 4 cycles per second, and I was like... holy crap, never knew I could jerk off this fast. I eventually orgasmed (it wasn't a super orgasm though, just a regular ejaculation I would get with a fleshlight alone).

    I have still yet to get my first super-O, but if you have a fleshlight, I would recommend trying what I tried. It's like someone else jerking you off at amazing speeds, except you feel the fatigue in your arms. Tie some weights to the fleshlight, and you might have yourself a good exercise for your arms!

    I've reached the stage of having involuntary contractions and movements, but do you guys have any tips to help me get past this stage and have a super-O? Sometimes my contractions lead to the aneros being pulled in really deep, and that's when I have the strongest erections, but after about 30 seconds, it goes away, and my penis becomes limp again. As I'm typing this up right now, my thighs are squeezing my groin involuntarily (and I don't even have the aneros inserted!). It seems my body just does whatever makes my groin area feel good. Is this a sign that I'm getting close to a super-O? Also, post your aneros + fleshlight experiences if you have any.

    I've come back to edit this after a few hours. It seems like any repetitive motion I do can just be taken over by my body, and it seems to speed it up. For example, brushing my teeth or chewing on some food. I did some warm up exercises on the piano and ended up doing some pretty quick trills, although they were pretty spastic. I have to try to stop it. It's weird. It might just be mental (epilepsy anyone? lol...). Anyone else ever experience this?
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    yeah...have had some good times with my pinklady wonderwave fleshlight and my helix or progasm in...just a couple of days ago...with the helix...was having a good time...for an hour and half or so...decided against a super T in favor of hitting her...lubed her up..popped her between the mattress n boxspring..down onto my it up pretty quick...started fucking her while doing contractions as i fucked it...

    several times during this...i had to stop as i started getting full body shakes from the helix...kinda freaky as ur own ur knees fucking the FL...all u can do is hold onto the bed and it though...nice wicked O'S ..after 20 minutes of this i felt a powerful one coming and jizzed hard into the wonderwave as i just shook uncontrollably...nice combo of took me several minutes to calm down and be able to stand n pull out the helix....i'm loving this more and more...