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Your Convusion experiences
  • I assume everyone knows what I mean.
    I am somewhat new to this device so a lot of this is new to me. Also as someone who once had a form of epilepsy, I am no stranger to convulsions. (and this is similar, but one major thing is you can turn it off at will)

    I have had some completely wacked out experiences with losing muscle control of (mostly) my whole body. As you know it starts in the hips with a motion similar to having sex, expanding outwards to chest legs arm, neck feet, etc.

    I have noticed that even though its involuntary (does anyone know why/how this happens from that little piece of plastic?!!?) you do have the ability to stop it at will, and start it again. Also, you can "ramp up" the intensity as well, usually aided by keeping that little tab right on the "spot" This can be difficult when you are flailing around like someone plugged you into a 220 volt socket, but its possible.

    SO anyways, just wondered if anyone has any crazy experiences along these lines. personally I have ramped this up to some intense levels, but for all I know this is the low end...?

    Some stuff that has happened w/ me:

    - lying on back, flopping like a fish with breathing in time with the convusions (anyone else on the breathign thing, its very bizarre)

    - also on back but legs flailing side to side

    - bashing head into end of sofa repeatedly (like a woman getting F---ked real hard, except it just me)

    - weird toe curlings - like pinky toes revolving in cirlcles on their own, usually before major convulsions start. could be other toes or even ankles too.

    - flopping from position to position (back, side, prone) automatically.

    ok, any thoughts are great. anyone ever hurt themselves, break furniture, etc. it seems entirely possible!

  • ChangoChango
    Posts: 2
    I tend to get convulsions in my abdomen, upper thighs, and definitely the toe curling. Then once I finish, some other "after tremors" persist for about 3 minutes or so. Those can be almost full body, and kind of low intensity. It's actually really nice to let it go and enjoy it. It reminds me of waves on the beach...they hit the sand abruptly, then run back out to sea.
  • bfellabfella
    Posts: 4
    its really cool to read a post that is similar to ones own experence. i had major convulsions last night, completly lost control and at one point was pushing my hips down and really riding my aneros. i had maybe 5 waves of a cumming sensation. it was amzing, and now, the following afternoon i want to play again, but might just wait til this evening
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    Thanks for the list, you're perfectly in the range and helps to remind us all. Personally have had all that you mentioned and of course more - one that's kind of weird for me is arching of the back to where I'm "bridging" - odd position and I can't force myself down til it wants to. I actually prefer the "peaceful seas" (think that might be darwin's term) but often have these types of reactions. The unpredictable nature is part of the fun!
    Posts: 70
    I have found that during traditional sex I enjoy stopping all movement at the point of ejaculation so I can focus on the feeling of the cum traversing its path from deep inside me all the way though my penis. By stopping all movement I can also focus on the feeling of each throb of my penis inside a soft warm vagina knowing that with each throb my partner is receiving a load of my hot cum. (I find this to be very erotic and I also get an erotic boost when my partner moans with pleasure from the feeling of the hot cum entering her body with each throb.) My partner gets turned on to the feeling of the hot cum so she is agreeable and also becomes motionless at that same point while she waits on it. I have also found that I tend to treat the Aneros sessions the same - I like to stop all motion so I can focus on the feelings of pleasure that is being produced inside the pelvic area. Any moving or thrashing about removes my focus from those feelings.
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    Good comments and interesting perspective. Sometimes during intercourse and my wife's orgasm I'll stop all motion as you mention and let her vagina "milk" me to ejaculation. That's a high for us. The difference since my rewiring is that during this period if I do some PC contractions I'll also get some p-waves, buzzes and the super-o effect etc. during the build and that really adds to the excitement. You might try it for an adventure.

    As always this forum provides a great place for frank conversation and sharing of ideas and ways to improve ones sex life with or without the aneros products. Thanks aneros!
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I certainly shake all over like many of you mention. One thing I'd add is sometimes my hands curl very tight. So much so that I am very close to getting a cramp in my hand and same in my toes / feet.
  • 11011101
    Posts: 2
    I just got my Helix last week. I'm having the same convulsions mentioned, but there seems to be no real climax. I let them go for a while, then consciously stop them and play with the Aneros for a while until they start again. I'm hoping that this will remove expectations to get closer to orgasm.

    When I use it with my wife, it is different than by myself. I drip and squirt pre-cum with her, not by myself. I still have the same convulsions and no climax. In fact, I seem incapable of a regular penile orgasm after using it for a while during sex.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    i find this very wicked n kinky...was a real surprise very early in my discoveries of what the aneros can do for/to you...first hips n legs started bucking was like..oh helll..whats this?
    proceeded to move into my arms,hands...lower jaw..trembling...full body shaking...delicious super-os....the first time though...on my fourth session with the progasm first aneros..was just mind blowing...u catch urself arching ur back up off the bed..clenching tightly on the device...grinding ur hips in air...

    since adding the helix....i love it start with it...and move to the progasm bout an hour in...flip over onto my stomach..and oh hell...end up just wildly humping the bed as it feels like the progasm is just butt fucking me soo good...uncontrollable body quaking n flailling as my butt cheeks just quiver n shake...loss of control and moaning into my pillow..i love it...
  • I've had a lot of these things happen but I don't know the science behind it all. Wish I did. Wish someone would study this phenomenon. Here is a link to my story which the content is related to this subject:
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I have some similar experiences but nothing that was uncontrollable. Is it for real when you guys say that it is uncontrollable?

    I have found that the more relaxed I am, THE BETTER and quicker things start. If I start moving it subsides.

    I am wondering if this uncontrollable shaking and convulsion type activity is normal among most of the readers here and especially the experts. I would like to hear from them as well. I guess it is different for everyone. I have noticed that when I stop the shaking and RELAX, it gets really intense. Any others like this?
  • ffd71:

    It is nice to get a variety of opinions from the experts. You should address or contact experts Darwin, Rumel, Arctic Wolves, B Mayfield, hlaser99, Buster and Pan.

    I think it's different with everyone as far as the convulsions go.