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Body movements?
  • Mrsmith007Mrsmith007
    Posts: 13
    I'm confused on the movements I'm supposed to use with Aneros in. Am I supposed to try to contract the INSIDE, or am i supposed to do a movement more with the outside like moving your cheeks together?
    Posts: 70
    I'll try to answer your question based on my experience and what has worked for me.
    It seems the general idea is to move the Aneros so that it massages or rubs against the prostate. In my case I have learned I can get a very pleasurable feeling, that grows in intensity, when the massager presses against the prostate without moving. The feeling I get is the same feeling you get just before ejaculation in a traditional orgasm - that point where cum begins its move from deep inside towards the penis. The feeling grows in intensity until I feel like I am going to explode and I really can't take it any longer - it's just too intense but very very pleasurable. There is a process by which you "train" your body with what others on the site refer to as "rewiring". You begin by lubing up and inserting the device and relaxing for about 15 minutes or until any feeling of discomfort from fullness disappears. Then, begin by gently contracting the anus to slowly pull the device up into your rectum. By gently and slowly increasing your contraction you should pay attention for any pleasurable feelings that come from inside your pelvic area. As soon as you detect any pleasurable feeling hold your contraction at that level. You may want to release the contraction to rest the muscles and return to that same level of contraction after a brief "rest" (3 or 4 breaths). It also helps to take slow full "in the belly" inhales and very slow exhales during the rest period. By simply focusing on the pleasurable feeling and holding the device in that same spot, the intensity of the feelings will magically increase in strength without any conscious effort on your part. I fact, if you try to make an effort to increase the intensity of the pleasure the feeling usually fades away. With time, you will learn to contract other muscles in the area which will help bring the pleasurable feelings to the forefront. So, what all this boils down to is you begin by slowly contacting the anus and seek a pleasurable feeling in your prostate. Do not try to create the feeling, just learn to move the device around using different muscles and pay attention to the feelings produced. In regards to contracting your cheek muscles, I never tried to do that but in my last two sessions my check muscles began to contract on their own. As far as the "rewiring" process, the body will take over after time (in my case about 6 months) and will produce the contractions with less and less conscious effort on your part. This is when it all becomes a lot of fun. It's as if you get a prostate massage from something or someone else. I don't know if this answered your question or not. If I am off base maybe some of the more experienced will chime in and set me straight (no pun intended) :)

    BTW, I have been practicing for almost 2 years and have not experienced what others called a Super O but I really don't care - what I am experiencing is a lot of fun, very addicting, and I am always looking forward to the next session. I am not even seeking the Super O - I just want what I have now to continue. Maybe one day it will surprise me.

    On another note, I began taking 2 Testosterole Maximum capsules a day (from about 6 months ago and I get a warm glowing feeling of pressure and "horniness" in my prostate about 2 to 3 hours after taking the capsules. It's like my prostate starts telling the brain "OK it's time for action! Let's get going!" This takes about a week to "kick in" after beginning taking the capsules.) The warm glowing feeling last several hours and I try to time when I take the capsules and my sessions so they are during that period.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Guys!

    MrSmith007, I think you are talking about the contracting of the PC muscles??? (same ones you squeeze when finishing
    urination, when you squirt those last little shots out into the bowl!)

    As JLH mentioned, in time your contractions will come more of less automatically!

    Also, I will recommend that you order the "HypnAnerosession" which will instruct you, via a very sexy lady, through the
    beginning stages of relaxation and into the actual contractions and eventually into dry orgasms themselves!

    Sorry, had to throw in a little something for this great, new product! (available on "this" site!) LOL! But, seriously folks,
    this IS a great product and should be of immense help for anyone "especially a newcomer" . . .

    My 2 Cents, as usual!

    Later, Hlaser99

    Oh, and JLH . . . I've gotta say, you have a really great attitude towards your Journey and sessions in general! Keep it up, Man!
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Primarily inside movements. You can contract your sphincter muscles and hold. You can feel the Aneros in contact with your prostate and make internal motions that 'tickle' it. You can also contract your abdomen and mentally 'pull' the Aneros up inside you toward your belly button and hold. A lot of it is just letting it naturally play with you and reacting in kind with it. This leads to escalation of movement and intensity of orgasms.