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7 month user- just a few questions
  • wildturkeywildturkey
    Posts: 20
    I've been using the aneros now for 7 months, I own every model but the progasm and have been having a lot of fun with them. I don't think I've achieved a super o yet, but I get plenty of pleasure and am content with that. I've learned to just be patient and get out of it whatever my body is feeling which was great advice from this site. I've found that none of the models consistently hit my sweet spot effectively, so its always a hit or miss with my sessions. Sometimes I get my best sessions without an aneros inserted with just deep breathing and nipple stimulation- which I'm so glad I read about on this site. The aneros definitely woke up my prostate though. After reading darwins review on the peridise, I felt that that was exactly what I needed and it was definitely the best aneros purchase I have made. My sessions have gotten a hundred times better this last month, and hopefully I will achieve the super o, I'm in no hurry though.

    I just don't seem to really go over the edge with pleasure though. I get to where its building in my prostate and rectum and where my mind seems to space out, but the pleasure goes away when my prostate spasms out of control. My mind stays in that altered state of consciousness though- don't know how to explain it. I get to where my legs shake, I hump the air, my breathing becomes quicker, and my stomach contracts out of control. I also uncontrollably moan like crazy which is something I've never experienced with a traditional orgasm. I don't know if this is a super o or not, but I just don't get that pleasure that others have achieved on this site. Maybe it will get that way later on, but right now that's how it is for me. Like I said though, I'm content with the pleasure I get out of it now, so I'm not chasing the super o, just seeing if anyone else has had similar experiences. I may just need to take a longer break between my sessions because I might be overdoing it. I have a session every other day- should take a week off but my prostate is always waking up and wanting it before I go to bed so I can't sleep. Tough to wait a week.

    Also I've noticed that I have to pee a lot more than I ever used to since using the aneros. It's not really a problem but can be an inconvenience at times. Anyone else have that problem?

    Kind of rambling here but I know you guys don't mind on this site. Just figured I'd share my experiences, maybe help some other people out. Really glad I found this site so I had to contribute something. Its been very helpful for me and I appreciate all the info I've gotten from you guys.
  • wildturkeywildturkey
    Posts: 20
    Just wanted to add that the pleasure I get doesn't usually come in waves. Mostly just centered in the prostate area, nothing full body yet- still rewiring. I've achieved waves of pleasure only a couple of times, from my prostate and spine to the top of my head, nothing really mind blowing but I see a connection between my prostate and brain. I tend to get the waves when I practice KSMO, but at my house KSMO isn't a convenient place to practice. My moaning is bad enough, have to smother my face with a pillow
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    hey wildturkey-

    very glad my review of the peridise led you in that direction. i had a peridise session yesterday, and what you said, that it was definitely the best aneros purchase I have made. My sessions have gotten a hundred times better this last month captures what i wanted to say on the forum about it. it is, for me (everybody is different), the "the aneros that the aneros never was."

    one thing i discovered is that i can subtly place the peridise inside so that it touches g-spot locations. i found one that seems to be just inside the rectum, near the anus. once i have that spot touched, one near my prostate also comes alive.

    also very glad about the nipple stimulation. it is awesome, isn't it.

    you might also want to add into the mix the external prostate massage described here: in yesterday's sessions (aneros-less and peridise) i found that pressing on the crease between my legs and torso was incredibly responsive in a magical way. plus, be sure to try the Male Deer Exercise described here:

    about you not going over the edge, you know the answer: nothing we can tell you will get you there. you are completely on the right track, and, incrementally your sessions are getting better. one day, you'll get an intense going-over-the-edge feeling. but, no rush. enjoy what you have.

    one more thing to add in: unleashed fantasy. obviously this is highly individual. but imagining something that explains the pleasure you are having can really help. for example, one thing in my arsenal that alone, with almost no other stimulation, can very quickly put me over the edge is imagining that i have a vagina. for me, this is "unleashed." for you, who knows what it will be (well, you do!).

    about the peeing, i am finding the opposite.