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Request : a new group for foreign languages ?
  • LaurentLaurent
    Posts: 3

    I use the Aneros (Helix) for one week and I find it amazing. No true orgasm for the moment, but it is more and more delightful at each session.

    Would it be possible to create a new group for foreign languages ? I am French and I don't speak very good English.

    Thanks and greetings from France. :)

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi Laurent,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I don't know if it is possible for the Aneros Company to create a separate language version of this site, but I do know there have been a few posts here in the past that have been in French. see - , & .
    You can try posting in French and see what find of responses you receive in return. You can also try the Personal Messaging function to posters in the above threads although I doubt you will receive a prompt response from them.
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Laurent, Bienvenu!

    Comme j'ai habite a Marseille et pres de Bordeaux pendant plusiers mois (et aussi j'ai eu les petites amies Francaise :D ) je parle assez bien le Francais et je serais bien content d'essayer de vous assister. Savez que mon vocabulaire anatomique manque mais je crois que mots comme 'orgasm(e)', 'anus', 'prostate', 'penis' etc sont a peu pres le meme, n'est ce pas?

    Pour vous repondre le prochain fois je vais trouver les accents sur mon Apple Mac pour ecrire le Francais comme il faut...

    Bon chance,

    Old Wolf (Vieux Loup)
  • LaurentLaurent
    Posts: 3
    Bonjour !

    Thank you very much for your replies. :D

    rumel : thanks for the links, the threads are interesting.

    Vieux Loup (Old Wolf) : bravo pour ton Français ! Tu as raison, la plupart des termes anatomiques sont identiques dans les deux langues, et je n'ai eu aucune difficulté à comprendre les discussions que j'ai lues dans ce forum. Ce qui est plus difficile en revanche, c'est de décrire des sensations. Mais bon, pour mon prochain message, je vais essayer des faire des efforts. :?

    En attendant, est-ce que tu aurais une réponse à cette question, de simple curiosité (je n'ai rien trouvé à ce sujet dans le forum) : j'ai déjà remarqué que l'orgasme ("normal", par éjaculation) fait disparaître temporairement les douleurs physiques. Il y a quelque temps, je faisais l'amour avec ma femme en ayant un terrible mal de dents, assez fort pour m'empêcher de dormir. Au moment de l'orgasme, la douleur a totalement disparu, pour reparaître juste après. Plus tard, j'ai vu qu'il existait une explication à ce phénomène, liée aux hormones.

    Je me demandais si les orgasmes prostatiques créés par l'Aneros ont le même effet, autrement dit : est-ce qu'en plus du plaisir sexuel ils procurent également une sensation de bien-être corporel en masquant la sensation de douleur ?

    Merci. :D

  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Wilst my knowledge of French is average at best, all i could do is use a translator and patch it up with human input.

    As far as a seperate forum goes, i really dont think its a good idea (Not because of the idea of space). But we in the Aneros community really do like to welcome EVERYONE. The notion of a seperate space implys that we would be "leaving people out to dry" so to speak, which is not what we are about. It is our duty to help others, no matter who they are or where they come from (at least thats how i see it). Old Wolf has definately got the right idea (whether its a translator or not is irrelavent).

    Thats just my take.


    P.S: Rumel, did you recieve my PM? Just worried that it never reached you.
    Thankyou :)
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Salut Laurent.

    Désolé que je n'ai pas repondu, les choses à faire, et Euro 2008 :-)

    Oui, j'avais remarqué que les orgasmes, 'normal' et avec Aneros, "fait disparaître temporairement les douleurs physiques". Avant aujourd'hui je ne savais pas pourquoi. Mais, juste par chance, dans le journal Anglais 'The Independent' aujoud'hui il y avais un article au sujet de sex et il parait que oxytocin est responsable pour ce phenomenon (sp?)

    Si peut être tu le trouverais interessant. le voila:

    Je te souhait success avec ton Helix. C'était mon premier. Maintenant j'ai tout les Aneros sauf le SGX.

    Have fun!

    Old Wolf

    For interested Anglophones, Laurent asks in his second post whether I had experienced pain relief during orgasm, 'normal' or Aneros induced. He cites occasions when he has had toothache (bad enough to keep him awake) and that this pain disappeared momentarily during orgasm whilst making love to his wife, only for the pain to return immediately afterwards. I've told him that I had noticed this effect but didn't know the reason. It just so happens that in today's UK paper The Independent there is an article about the benefits of regular sex (and masturbation). The article is linked, above. Apparently oxytocin is the 'benefactor'.

    You learn something every day...

    Old Wolf
  • I don't speak french or anything, but I'd like to say I have experienced this exact effect to an extreme degree in some of my sessions. I posted about one here

    Basically, I suffer from migraines every now and then and if I can get close to an orgasmic state, either with or without the aneros, then all the pain fades away. It is simply unbelievable. It is as if pleasure and pain really are opposite states, and one has to be removed before another can be felt.

    One interesting thing is how he mentions it is "momentarily" and returns "immediately afterwards." This is exactly what I described in the post above. However, I was able to get the effect to stay if I used some of the techniques I've have learned from the aneros to put myself in a near orgasmic state.

    (Maybe someone would be kind enough to relay this post in french? Sorry, I really dislike language barriers)

  • LaurentLaurent
    Posts: 3

    (Maybe someone would be kind enough to relay this post in french? Sorry, I really dislike language barriers)


    Thank you for your reply, binaryfellow (and Old Wolf). I can read posts in English without any problem, but it is more difficult for me to write in your language. I wondered wether the "orgasmic state" that you can reach with the Aneros has the same effect on physical pains as the orgasm. You seem to confirm this idea.

    Merci !