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The full feeling - does it make the standard orgasm better?
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Still working on the super-o and am making some good progress using a mixture of my armless Helix and the big boy, the Progasm.

    Yesterday I was having a sneaky midday session with the Helix and I felt that it just was not hitting the spot, I decided to change over to the Progasm and boy am I glad I did. It made me so horny being that full I could not keep my hands off my cock!

    Needless to say I began to masturbate in the conventional way and found myself being rather vocal about it, the orgasm to say the least was sensational and the amount of cum was large.

    Now onto the topic of this thread.

    Does the size of an object affect the quality of the male orgasm?

    I have read in the past that it restricts the amount that the anal sphincter can contract during orgasm and that this can have a rather pleasing result, but I just wondered if others find this to be the case.

    I appreciate that there is a certain amount of direct prostate stimulation involved with the Progasm, but if I were to by a bigger but plug would I get the same pleasure?

    Any comments welcome.

  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    Butt plugs didn't do all that much for me, even the medium sized ones. They do give a feeling of fullness but don't hit the prostate. I have the Helix and it seems to just tickle the prostate, but it is way better than a plug. I am thinking of getting a Progasm as it seems to offer the best of both worlds, the feeling of fullness and more intense contact with the prostate.

    When I insert the Helix it slides in so easily I wonder if it's a little too small. It seems to just tickle the prostate but maybe that is the intent with that model. Could it be that the Progasm is a better fit for some guys and the Helix is better for others? I suppose it depends on how intense of an experience you want to start out with.

  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    My understanding of this point (please correct me) is that the aneros products work so well as they have the freedom to move around of their own accord in the rectum.

    The smaller devices are considered to give a more exquisite feeling because of this. I like the full feeling of the Progasm but prefer the sensations of the smaller Helix.

    Hope that helps.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    My own experience here is that the larger the Aneros, the more distracting it is during a traditional orgasm. For me, the Progasm actually detracts from that experience. It is great in a typical Aneros session, but if there is going to be an ejaculation, a smaller Aneros is my preference.