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Njoy's Pfun Plug falls short (and OUT)...
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Comments by two others in another thread have comfirmed my own conclusions, and I felt it deserved it's own thread, for others to consider...

    Jagbender asked...

    "BTW has anyone tried the Njoy Pfun stainless??"

    skeeter_g replied...

    "I do have a pfun by Njoy, it is solid stainless and is "Very Heavy", and it comes in a beautiful lined box.

    I dont use it much because it is very heavy, I find it very hard to hold or keep in your butt because of the weight.

    It works OK, and is very smooth because it is highly polished. It also holds heat very well, and you can pre-warm it before use.

    I using my many Aneros, and other toys at the moment, I will probably use it again, but I am trying to master other techniques at the moment.

    And, Old Wolf replied....

    "I too have a Pfun. As I posted in another thread I consider it a waste of a lot of money. Like skeeter_g I find it too heavy, difficult to keep in and, for the life of me, cannot instigate any 'hands free' movement from it. I suppose I could use it as a paperweight... "

    I agree but would like to add another thought...

    It is too heavy. I have other Njoy toys. The quality is superb and the stainless steel is very nice. The weight is only a problem over "time"...the bigger the size, the shorter the "play" time, before the weight gets uncomfortable. I use the Small Pure Plug the most and is quite nice, and due to it's size, the weight has never been a problem, or at least, reduced.

    The second reason I think the Pfun Plug fails is that the transition from the stem to the first "bulb" is too gradual, thus, making it harder to "hold on to" AND easier to slip out. If it had the same configuration as the Pure Plugs, I suspect the Pfun Plug would stay "put" much easier, and the weight may not be a problem.

    Njoy's efforts are appreciated and they get an "A" for effort, but, given the comments, it may need a little tweaking...

    Maybe, they watch this forum and will see this...

    "So..., Njoy, how about a "redesign! And..., as (de facto) "beta" testers, could we return the "first generation" Pfun Plug for the "second generation" version, once it becomes available...?"

    I hope that this is helpfu to other forum users..., and that Njoy is "listening"...


    P.S. To Aneros support..., I hope you will leave this posting. While one of Njoy's product line might compete with Aneros..., their products are superb. Could you consider this as promotion of a "fellow" manufacturer of high quality products...?
  • jagbenderjagbender
    Posts: 11
    Now that I have my Progasm repaired and have read the comments. I think I 'll just keep on with the progasm. It would be cool if the Aneros came in stainless.

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Virg, you are totally correct, it is very high quality for sure, and it may have been better to make it a bit longer. It may be its length and cost that causes the toy to not be more popular, I don't know for sure. heck maybe it is selling well.
    As you notice in one of my post, I will use it again, but just not at the moment.
    I know the manufacture is very responsive... good idea to check with them.

    Because of it being able to hold in heat, I did use it to help heal my butt, quite a while ago when I had an issue.

    Jagbender, I am with you, I think it would be worth it for Aneros to at lease try one model of the Aneros in Stainless... Weight may still be an issue, but with it's longer design, who knows.
  • jagbender said:

    Now that I have my Progasm repaired and have read the comments. I think I 'll just keep on with the progasm. It would be cool if the Aneros came in stainless.


    Perhaps titanium would work better. Still metal and nonbiological, but lighter as well. It would still be able to move well.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    Titanium? Wow, that would be the first Aneros product over $1,000.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Titanium would be cool...but given the current pricing structure - ratio of plastic to price...

    It is just plain SCARY to imagine what the final price would be...!
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    I have a Pfun plug and a medium Pure plug. I have the same problems holding them in but found that they stay in quite well when put in backwards - that is, with the end of the plug pointing towards the back of your body rather than the front. The curve in the plug follows the curve in the rectum, which curves towards the back of the body before making another curve up.

    When you put it in backwards, you'll notice that it slides in better and the safety ring is completely flush with your body. When inserted with the end facing the front of the body, it goes in at a different angle where only one side of the safety ring is in contact with your body - the other half is not touching. The curve in the plug causes it to not be inserted completely so it tends to slip out.

    If I want to use the Pfun plug for prostate massage I'll only do so when lying on my side where my buttocks can help to hold it in, but for me it really functions best as a regular butt plug. When inserted backwards, both stay in place quite well and I can walk around without any problems. However, putting the Pfun plug in backwards defeats the purpose of using it for prostate massage since the ridge no longer rubs against the prostate. Oh well, if you can't use it the way it was intended, find a better way or throw it out! :)

    So, try using them backwards and see if you like it!

    I hope this helps.