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Aneros Progasm Assistance
  • scollopsscollops
    Posts: 1
    HI all - Just recently purchased the Progasm an looking for some guidance. Firstly I have read the stickies and done some searches to see where things are going wrong for me.

    Anyway - Ok first time - All lubed up, and extra lube as suggested - was able to freely move around so no obstructions. Relaxed for a bout 15 mins, then carried out some deep breathing and contractions - somewhere around thirty'ish. Proceed to try small contractions over 45 mins didnt feel anything so binned session one.

    Session two - Cleaned the system basic enema water, lubed up again extra lube again. Inserted and relaxed for 20 mins. Actually started falling asleep so I knew I was relaxed. After 20-30 mins lying on my back, started breathing and contracting as instructions, then moved on to smaller faster contractions. This went on for another 30 mins, wasnt feeling anything. Tried different positions, lying face down, all fours - also tried holding a contraction, which is really hard to do but tried this for a while. Overall nearly 2 hours of relaxation and contracting not felt anything at all. Position was good as per instructions, freely moving - relaxed, controlled breathing.

    Only thing I could do was stimulate directly to the penis to get an intense orgasm. Not my intention, but 2 hours left me frustrated.

    So is there anything I could try or do to help, like I say the progasm sits in fine, no issues with discomfort just not feeling anything - hopefully its not going in bin too early.... and its something like a better position who knows ?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi scollops, Welcome to the Forum,

    Patience is very important here, you’ve only had two sessions. I believe you are expecting immediate results, when in fact it takes most men a greater number of sessions to awaken their prostate and learn to tune into the subtle sensations produced by your massager’s actions. This “rewiring“ process can take some time. If you have done much reading here you will have read that already. From your description of events, it doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong per se, just that your expectations for more substantial pleasure have not been met yet. You need to keep experimenting with different techniques and try different positions, tune your mind to perceive the subtle sensations that are generated and consciously acknowledge them when they occur, these are the basic steps in learning the arousal amplification process.
  • megabytememegabyteme
    Posts: 25
    I'm no expert with the Aneros. I'm new at this too. But, I do think I'm a couple steps ahead of you. I think the mistake you might me making is that you are waiting for the aneros to make you horny. It's good to relax physically... meaning relax your ass. But, you need to be mentally-sexually stimulated (not falling asleep). Try fantasizing, watching some porn, or whatever it is you normally do that turns you on.

    Also, try a side lying position and do some slow pelvic thrusting. This isn't my favorite position, but for some reason I can really "feel something" against my prostate. After a bit ty lying flat on your stomach with a pillow under your belly (placed just above the level of your penis) then make a fist and place it in between your penis and belly button. Try wiggling your butt side to side. Try doing some pelvic thrusts into the bed. For some reason the pelvic thrusting is what starts to do it for me. You should start to feel like you need to urinate or you may have an itchy feeling in your ass. When you experience these sensations (itchy or need to urinate) think to yourself "this feels good" and try to move your body in a way that seeks and exaggerates those sensations. Allow yourself to get turned on by these sensations rather than waiting for something to happen.
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    New to posting here, but I will second what Megabyteme says. Seen from a clinical viewpoint, there really isn't much sexy about the device itself. But if you learn to associate the feelings with good sexual feelings you'll come to really enjoy the ride.

    At least initially the aneros won't make you horny, use lots of good porn and mental stimulation that normally gets you going. After the re-wiring begins to take shape, the insertion of the aneros can start to trigger strong sexual feelings fairly rapidly.

    Even after six months of usage, I still find some good porn (or willing partner) is needed to keep the sexual stimulation going. I've had sessions without and can drift off from too much relaxation too. Upon waking and heavy fantasizing things can really heat up.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    scollops, Welcome!, the others gave you some great advice!

    Remember not to push for the pleasure to hard or it will not happen.
    Rewire is important, your body is just getting use to the new device.

    You only have a a few sessions under your belt, and with rewiring just starting, you prostate does not even know what the heck is going on yet...

    You don't have to go for hours in a session to start you process to success.
    maybe go for a shorter session.

    It sounds like you are doing all the correct things. continue to relax, observe, and go with any new feelings. :D
    Posts: 39
    everyone has basically told you everything that you need to know, so i won't repeat any of that information. much of what's posted here, especially from rumel has helped me a lot. what i will tell you is what works for me: music and massage.

    as i'm not so much into the porn thing, music does a lot for me mentally, which allows my body to travel a number of places. i know some of this may be a little humorous, but again, it works for me.

    when i'm "actively horny," i use my progasm with some uptempo music, much like that played in nightclubs. the beats can really get me excited and pumped, making me horny for my progasm, allowing my body to "take over." on the other hand, there are times when i'm feeling "mellow," so i may put on some lounge music, or even something new age like Enya. my mind really clears and i begin to drift-not to sleep, but my mind begins to wander and open up. once your mind is clear, the progasm can really take over. once it begins to do it's thing, i just let go and ride with it. you'll know what i'm talking about because you will feel a wave of warm electric/sexual energy radiate throughout your body (mine begins in my toes and travels upward.) again, don't rush things when this starts to happen. as was previously mentioned, don't try to "speed things up" and "force" yourself to get results, just let go, and go with the flow.

    the other thing is self massage. as a former massage therapist, i cannot say enough about this. it's awesome, especially when the "heatwave" i described above comes on. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR DICK when this happens. instead, begin to caress your arms, chest (especially nipples) and my favorite place, the abdomen. when you are using the progasm, your abdomen can be a CNS (central nervous system) for directing many sensations throughout your body. additionally, caress your thighs, even lifting your legs into your torso (if you're on your back.) if you're on all 4's, grab and caress your ass, and hamstrings. again, the objective here is to stimulate your entire body, not just your dick and ass. once your whole body is engaged the progasm will do the rest.

    last, a piece of advice that i'm still learning and discovering: "Patience, young jedi."
  • oatmealoatmeal
    Posts: 10
    as you can see, i am pretty much a newbie. been at this for only about 3 weeks now. have the mgx, peridise and progasm. been close to the super-o a couple of times, right on the verge. totally intense contraction that lasts from 1 to what seemed like 3 minutes. sometimes EXTREME erection lasting for a couple of minutes. read lots of threads on how-to and effects. anyways, finally had the BIG SUPER-O this morning. had discreetly bought some porn and was watching one, started doing light contractions, and then started to feel really excited. what i learned from the pros here is to "go lightly". could feel the progasm rubbing on the prostate. then i just "lightly" rubbed the prostate. gentle, almost a tickling type contraction. stayed away from the intense contraction. as i said, i've had some awesome and intense contractions, but it was finally the very light contraction that finally pushed me over the edge this morning. lying on my back with feet flat and knees bent. began writhing, bucking, thighs quivering, panting. all i could say was "oh f..., oh f..., oh f...! it was a totally unbelieveable and intense experience. a couple of ninutes later i had a second one but not quite as intense. had to quit because i didn't want to over do it and loose the feeling. from my experience, take your time and "go lightly".

    hope to experience this again. these are truly incredible "toys".
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    oatmeal, that is fantastic!!! congratulations.

    which model were you using?

    what is your newbie's perspective on the differences between the models?

    solostar, yes, self-massage as you describe awesome. taking it a step further, try "making love to yourself," ie, erotically charged self-massage.

  • oatmealoatmeal
    Posts: 10

    i have the mgx, peridise, and the progasm, purchased and used in that order. mgx is fun because it has room to move in me and i move along with it. don't laugh but i like to use it for exercise. seriously, after a session of 1 - 1 1/2 hours the next day i feel soreness in my abs and glutes. have had some great contractions, some a constant singular contraction lasting 1 - 2 minutes, and a couple of really good erections. sometimes i like to use it while laying in a warm bath. just relax. have had some good contractions.

    the peridise is small and subtle. again, nice contractions. like to take a nap with it in. did that the other day. 45 minutes later felt something moving on my leg. woke up wide-eyed! had the most intense erection i can recall in all of my 57 years! again, had a singular contraction that seemed to last 2 - 3 minutes. WOW!!! numerous, what seemed like, little dry orgasms. nothing major.

    was using the progasm this morning. it is big! that's for sure!!! fills me up. not much room for movement. not a lot of erection with it either. actually was only semi-erect when i finally had the bit Super O this morning. feels good, reaches way in there. this is the one which i feel most on my prostate. as i said in my earlier post, this one rubs on my prostate. the one i feel most. i've had various lengths of contractions. but this is the one which i found if i try to NOT have a singular constant contraction but try light, kind of tickling or teasing contractions that keep stimulating the prostate that is what finally put me over the edge this morning. actually, when i have the singular constant contraction i guess you could kind of correlate it "edging", if that is the correct term. where it seems like i am going to have an orgasm but it is held right on the edge. i think that had been my stumbling block. focusing on the long contractions. will have to try this with the peridise and mgx. will wait till tomorrow or monday to try it again. one other problem i may have had is i think i'm addicted to these toys. i have to learn RESTRAINT! abstain for 1 or 2 days between use.

    i can't say it enough, these products are truly INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    again, thanks to all on this forum for the valuable information. this is a great place with lots of great people.