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A wonderful place
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Hi again
    What a wonderful place this is and I'd just like to say thanks to all of you. I still find it hard to believe that there is a forum dedicated exclusively to the persuit of male sexual pleasure. I'm 62 and have masturbated all my life but I had no idea that places like this exist. (are there any other sites devoted to this)

    Anyway, back to my MGX. After 3 tries still no SuperO but not given up at all. My wife goes away for 5 days tomorrow and I'm going to give it a real good workout.

    I had an experience the other night in bed that was quite interesting. I was quite aroused but didn't want to masturbate because my wife was asleep beside me. I read here that someone had achieved a 'dryO' just by contracting their anal muscles etc so I began to contract my sphyncter quite lightly and holding it. Within a very short time I began to have a pleasant sensation that was well, hard to describe. It encompassed my chest and stomach region I think and as I held the sensation grew more intense. Strangely, I let it go because the pleasure was almost unbearable. I don't know if I've ever experienced it before but gee it was good. Immediately on releasing my sphyncter the feeling subsided and I immediately realised I might have been heading for a SuperO. I tried again and managed a warm feeling but nowhere near the same intensity. I have tried on a couple of occasions since with limited success. Could this have been just due to my aroused state or could I somehow have been stimulating my prostate without anything inserted?

    I'd be interested to hear your opinions.
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi mrbater, This is a wonderful place isn't it? Having found this forum and before I got my first (the Helix) I read this forum almost right through because I had always dreamed of hands free multiple orgasms. That such a thing was shown to exist and there was a whole forum devoted to it was, and still is, a wonder to me. There is an invaluable wealth of info to be found here from men who have been on 'the path' for years. And all found with a simple "anal stimulation" Google search!

    I am of similar age to you, 57, and have been a user, practitioner, OK lets be honest, Addict! for a year now and, it seems, in similar marital circumstances, i.e. the missus doesn't know and I must find solo time when I can. We do sleep apart but I wish mine would go away for 5 days, bless her heart.

    Although a very few have reported early Super Os (B Mayfield apparently on his first try but it eluded him for some time thereafter) 3 tries is soon to expect anything dramatic. Read through the stickies and the Wiki and go into your sessions without expectation.. Your body is a wonderful thing and knows how to give itself pleasure. You just have to relax and let it do its job. Welcome each new sensation and cherish it for what it is, nurture it and let it grow. Eventually the Super-O will come to you but you sure as hell can't make it.

    WRT to your Anerosless experience, well done! You have obviously started the rewiring process.

    Could this have been just due to my aroused state or could I somehow have been stimulating my prostate without anything inserted?

    Probably both. The fact that you were aroused laid the foundations for the subsequent experience. The notion that men are able to have hands free multiple orgasms has been known to Tantric and Toaist adepts for centuries. B Mayfield (again) has likened the Aneros to 'Tantric Training Wheels'.
    More on Anerosless orgasms can be found in the Wiki:

    Stay with the program, you are definitely on the right track.

    ...and enjoy those 5 days!

    Old Wolf

    Don't forget the Nipples!