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I bought the Helix for my husband, any advice....
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172 puter cut it off too short..oh well..was right after seeing it i tried my new finger trigger spot thing and got the same thought it was acted or something cept i was on my back not stomach...shit..its convulsing..who knew?
  • C: No problem! Sickness gets all of us at some point!

    Checking out those sites as I type this thanks! :D

    Umm as for her taking part...I dunno I said in buttercups thread...getting the feeling she is not attracted to me any more and so sex just doesn't interest her.......Thanks!

    Wow and you also seem to have gone through hell and look where you are...(deja vu?) hehe
    She has also quit smoking 2 months ago due to our 4 month old son disliking the smell of the cigarettes and coughing(never mind that I tried to get her to quit many times over the years) and as bad as it sounds..all this stuff happening to her, giving birth, quitting smoking, feeding our son at ungodly hours of the morning etc etc All this means nothing as the problem started more than 4 years ago! Just really the last two have been terrible....and I've reached a point where I don't know if I want to even try to make it work any more? I'm determined to get these super-o's...and if my usage of the Aneros bothers her...then I dunno...she must get used to it....or walk out the door...and yes I have told her this and her response was "I just don't want to see you doing it" but she gets into a foul mood for at least half the day after every session I do!

    Anyway enough about that!....I saw that Zaneblue is taking the OmegaRX fish oil in liquid form and thats like 2500mg's a day! With just two teaspoons worth! Give that a try if you can as currently that's the best on the market....

    Yeh I cant seem to find a good position for me ass is still just slightly sore after each session
    and thats about it for the moment!

    The vid is 3:48 mins long! There was two hectic right in the front and one right at the end.....Intrusive...naaa.....funny as hell...yup!! (note the jealous overtones :P )

    Cheers for now..have a good one!
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    CW, have you told your gf/fiancee that you feel that she isn't interested in you anymore? Yeah, I will agree, having a baby, quitting smoking, and MY GOD! the sleep deprivation!!!!! alone can kill a sex drive, but like you said, it was this way even before you had the baby and/or she got pregnant. All I would know what to do in your case would be to talk turkey (have you heard of that saying? It just means to put all your cards on the table, let them lay where they are and see what shows up.) Ask her what she is truly feeling. Tell her you want to know, need to know. What is bothering her and why. What you can do to "fix" it. I know those all sound like one sided fixes (and you being the one side.) I just hate to put words in her mouth when I don't have a clue what is going on inside her head. Maybe anything and everything you do will never make her happy. I don't know. And only she can really help you unlock what is going on inside her head.

    If I still had my note that I wrote that one time I would type it down for you but, I will tell you what I remember writing at one point. I just wrote that because I didn't feel that he was there (mentally, emotionally, even sexually) for me at that time, that I couldn't promise that I could or would even want to be there for him at some time in the future. I know it sounded harsh, but it was the truth as I was seeing it. I felt my feelings for him closing off and dying and it was painful. Like my heart being ripped from my body. The pain was a palpable physical being.

    Moving on.

    I'll have to look into the OmegaRX - I wonder how spendy it is. I did buy some from GNC and payed quite a bit for it and then when we went to Sam's Club, I found something there for actually a higher amount of the Omega 3 than the GNC stuff. And CHEAPER! Will be going back after I'm done with the GNC stuff.

    As for your butt being sore. Do you think that maybe you just aren't relaxed enough? Or do you think it is the lube you are using?

    LMAO!!! yeah the video was a little on the shocking side, but EZ said he had something similar so... maybe it's not too far off what the best Super-O is supposed to look like. *shrugging* I'll never know :P I don't have a penis or a prostate :lol:

    As for intrusive... well... I had another new experience this last weekend that was again on my scale of things kindof intrusive. I went to my first strip joint! Yup! I got some balls (I still don't have a prostate or penis, but I got balls!!! LMAO!!!) and I went to my first strip club. Well.... I will admit that at first I had to. Yes, I had to. I went to go and see a comedian perform in a city by where I live and where he was performing was connected to where the strip club was. He was performing in an old part of an old theatre on the lower level and the strip club was on the upper level with a lobby dividing them. So before the comedian was to take the stage and perform I figured I'd better go to the bathroom cuz I didn't want to miss anything. So I went out into the lobby and looked around and asked where the women's bathrooms were and the guy said that they were upstairs. :shock: :oops: I thought to myself, well... that's one way to go to a strip club. lol Well, I went up, but didn't see anybody on the stage but on my way to the bathroom there was a young woman giving a guy a lap dance. I kinda lost it and started to laugh :lol: I guess that was my response to feeling uncomfortable. It was funny though and embarrassing. Then I left and went back to the show.

    The comedian, whose name is Tim Badore, was flippin hilarious!!!! I don't know if anyone reads this post anymore except CW, but if you ever get a chance to see Tim, do it!!! he was so funny! I can't wait to see him perform again! If your curious and you've heard of the Bob and Tom show, Tim is on every Wednesday morning. You can also find a link to his website through

    Anyway, after seeing Tim, we then went out to the lobby and I hemmed and hawed. It was really hard to overcome my nervousness about going upstairs not only by myself this time, but with my hubby now. A whole different ball of wax. Well... I/we did go up and sat there while he had a drink. I don't know that I was turned on but I did find some stuff funny. Mainly how some of the men would act around the women, particularly the drunk men. *shrugging* I needed something to laugh at to take the edge off. It was quite the experience. I was surprised at what the women would do and what I saw. Also how casual the men were and how they didn't even look slightly uncomfortable looking at women up on a stage. It was unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The one simple thing I was surprised by was how well lit it was. I kinda figured it would be darker (like any other bar) and that the women on stage would be the only thing more lit up. But, nope, you could see from one end of the club to another with no problem. lol I think I was figuring it would be easy to sit somewhere and not be seen and/or noticed - how wrong I was! At one point my hubby even said to me... don't turn around, just don't turn around; and all I could think was "OH MY GOD! someone I know is here and how in the hell am I gonna explain this?!?!" then he said, you have a womans naked butt by your head. lol - God! I was about to have a heart attack! I told him not to scare me like that again! lol We also went to a different club after that and that one the women seemed more classy and they at least didn't do their lap dances out in the open. That had to have been the most uncomfortable part of it all. Seeing that. I think if I saw something like that all the time it would be no big deal, I would get numb to it to a point, but for the first time it was a weird thing to see.

    Anyway... I did feel kindof intrusive watching the women. Wrong in some way. Like I shouldn't be there. My hubby loved it! lol He grabbed a cardboard coaster that had the establishments name on it as a souveneer. LOL :lol: Do I know if I'll go back to a strip club again? ????? I don't know. I know that he would like to buy me a lap dance, but I honestly don't know if I would be comfortable with that or not. Part of me says yes, part says no. I do know that I keep pushing myself to do things at least once that scare me or put me out of my comfort zone just to say that I've had the experience before I write something off completely. **sigh** Well... now I can cross of going to a strip club at least. lol Skydiving next?! WOOHOO!!! Bring it on!

  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    musicman-how bizarre to find you talking about going to a strip club on the same day that hubby and I were discussing them!

    He had named the local ones he's been to, and when I asked if he would still be interested in going to one alone he said yes, without being able to explain why he would want to do so. I told him I couldn't understand that, and likened it to going to a restaurant to simply look at the food when you could go home and have a good meal, and that is truly how I feel. It's just beyond my understanding why a man in a good relationship would want to do that.

    However, going to a strip club as a couple is a different story, so long as the feeling of being a couple is strong. I can understand it adding some spice to your relationship if you are viewing the women as a unit, but a man going alone who isn't single or at least in an unhappy makes no sense to me.

    I've been to these clubs with 2 different men. One man made me feel secure that he wanted no one else but me, and we enjoyed selecting women we both thought were hot looking and discussing them, and the sex after we left was terrific! The second man made me feel like he wanted any of the women he was looking at except me (to the point of totally ignoring me while we were there), and the sex afterward was nonexistent. Needless to say, there weren't many of these trips with the second man.

    Even though we've discussed this before, hubby ended our discussion early today because he felt I was getting upset over this, when all I was trying to do was understand what the attraction would be for him to want to do this alone. He promised he wouldn't do it (I never asked for this, nor would I; if he wants to do it he wants to do it. Not doing it just because he thinks it will upset me doesn't change his wanting to do it.) and refused to discuss it any longer. I wish he hadn't because I'd really like to be able to understand it, but I guess it will remain one of those man/woman mysteries. :cry:
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    buttercup said:

    musicman-how bizarre to find you talking about going to a strip club on the same day that hubby and I were discussing them!

    He had named the local ones he's been to, and when I asked if he would still be interested in going to one alone he said yes, without being able to explain why he would want to do so. I told him I couldn't understand that, and likened it to going to a restaurant to simply look at the food when you could go home and have a good meal, and that is truly how I feel. It's just beyond my understanding why a man in a good relationship would want to do that.

    Personally, I am not a fan of strip clubs, having lived with 2 strippers before and hearing all that they have to say about working there and the guys that come to the clubs. I think it is great and healthy that you have offered to go to the clubs with him, but remember that men and women are wired differently - men are more visual than women - women are more oriented towards touch. I know that it is hard for women to understand, and also to believe that watching naked women is not a big deal. Human bodies are interesting to look at, especially those of sexy women. Just because he wants to look at naked women it does not necessarily mean that he is looking for or even considering straying from your relationship. The same goes for viewing porn. Don't take it as a personal affront if your husband wants to go to strip clubs or view porn alone.
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    I'm not taking it as an affront-although I'm not too wild about the idea-nor am I concerned about him being unfaithful; if he wasn't unfaithful the whole bad part of our marriage he isn't going to start now, lol. I just don't understand the attraction of going alone. With a group of guys yes, as a bonding ritual (however juvenile it may seem to me). With me, as an enhancement to our love life, yes. Alone...I just don't get it.

    This isn't a big issue, he rarely goes to these places anyway, it just came up in discussion and I'm trying to wrap my mind around it. When I don't understand something that is important to me I tend to worry it to death until I get an answer; it's just the way I'm wired. :D
  • Stripjoints.......are a big waste of money....I'd rather use that money on a fleshlight or something.... One buddy of mine is a stripjoint connoisseur! Told me once he blew three grand in one night .....ok admittedly he got to shag one of the strippers after getting invited to her house, but still....hell no! Rather upgrade my PC if I had that kinda money to throw around lol

    Would be lying if I said I haven't been to one or two.....but I wasn't paying...and I was single!

    Have to agree with buttercup on this one...I don't see why a happily married man would want to go to a strip club? Ok sure maybe you might get a tiny bit tired of seeing the same pussy day after day...but that's what see through lace panties and chocolate body paint is for!(Ok to set the record straight..I've never gotten tired of seeing it! lol)
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    Lol CW, frankly, if hubby had 3 grand to spare I suspect he'd rather spend it on his computer (or a wide screen HDTV) as well.

    Lace panties and chocolate body paint huh? (Off to closet to check supplies...)
  • men are simple creatures....boys and their toys!

    C:Sorry I completely missed your post! (the eyes are the first to go with old age :P ) Awesome advice there(talking turkey?? dunno that one).....unfortunately that's been done a few times already and is what lead to the twice being told she doesn't know if she loves me part(read buttercup's "So anyway..." thread for the spilling of the beans!) as I was a big fan of sitting us down and talking about stuff between us to try to clear the air cos she would constantly think I was a mind reader and expect me to know why she was doing or acting the way she was at that time.

    Ahhh I feel for you C......I went through that same thing, she would drive me nuts trying to figure out why she acted towards me like she did and what I did wrong, would spend hours agonizing over her actions and words and feel like I was being eaten alive from the inside really does hurt! But it can also feel like your floating on the clouds when its being returned to you....


    If I could afford the cost and shipping/Import I would get this...but I cant.... :x
    Rand to the Dollar is just too high these days!

    Yeh figured out it was the vaseline that was causing the burning.....didn't make me purge but it was like a mild curry burning while having the Aneros inserted. I'm sorted now as I'm using coconut burning...but I'm struggling to insert it with just the oil!

    lol @ balls! A comedian performing in to a strip club....that's like a double bonus for most guys!
    ROFL @ your smilies and laughing! The stripper probably thought you were laughing at her cellulite and the dude probably thought you were laughing at the size of his tent lol

    Ahh if its well lit then it should be a decent place, the girls aren't afraid of being seen under the lights...its the darker places you gotto worry about hehe. Thanks will check out that site! Umm with nearly 5 thousand views....I think a lot of people read this post C!

    LOL Shame the expression on your face must have been hilarious! Nawty hubby!

    Wrong? Yeh maybe...its more geared for men then woman but if you go as a couple it should be fine! One of the strip clubs I went to with some buddies once has a ladies and a gents section....I would feel the same as you I would imagine if I wondered into the ladies one and saw some guy's naked ass doing the hula in front of some woman!

    Glad your hubby enjoyed it...its much better to go with your partner and not always have to look over your shoulder and wonder if any of her friends are there and see you in a strip club! Not that that has happened to me, I would get castrated if I even hint towards going to a strip club! Wow he wants to buy you a lap dance??? Are you sure he's not playing out a threesome type fantasy thing in his head while watching that?? I would! (Cant help it...its a guy thing hehe)

    Yup make a list of things to do before you turn 60...and then do them! Skydiving....whew I haven't even bunji-jumped before! Good luck with that! lol
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    Buttercup, the strip club for us was just something we had talked about doing. If you've read my thread from beginning till now, then you know my "dirty little secret" about being bi-curious. The strip club was more to have the experience and to see what I thought and if it matched my imagination of what a strip club was like. He loved me just being there. When we were at the first strip club, there was a guy that told my husband that another guy and his wife were walking past and she was informing him that they were leaving in no uncertain terms... and that guy said to my husband that he was thrilled cuz his wife was up there with him! I will say that we didn't spend any money (other than to get into the club) or even go up to the stage. I was content with just being there and sitting back and watching the people, etc...

    As for why a married man might go by himself. ????? Unhappiness in his marriage, just to look at the real thing and not paper or a t.v./computer screen, to have a drink and again... look at a pretty half/full naked woman. To add something to his wheel. (I remember hearing something once about that guys see stuff (got the visual going on) and they put it on a wheel that they spin and pull a "picture" from during the day to think about. If I see my hubby looking at another woman... I ask him if she's going on his wheel - he just laughs and tells me I'm on his wheel - lol)

    I remember once in college that we had a psychology class and the instructor (who was a man) had us watch this progam that was called "The Six Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship" and the few things I remember from the tapes was 1.) The difference of how a man and a woman interprets the same situation. What a woman might consider to be a boulder of a problem a man might consider it to be a pebble and vise/versa (visualize that!) and also that whenever you (a couple) are having a discussion, avoid saying "you" to the other person in a blaming way. i.e. "you are insensitive", "you are hurting my feelings", etc... instead put it in first person - I. I feel that my feelings aren't being understood. It sounds simple to say I and not say the blaming "you", but it is way harder than it seems! You (in the general sense :D really have to think before you speak.) So, where maybe you see a kindof big deal about the strip club (boulder), he may see just a pebble. Did that make sense? Yeah, I don't think that we as women could truly understand men or vise versa. Kinda like when my husbands grandfather died, I thought he would cry (he was pretty close to him), but as far as I know, he never did; while just the thought of my grandma dying sends me to tears. ***shrugging*** lol I guess for some things, we just need to agree to disagree, and yadda, yadda, yadda

    I will say that going to the strip club did alleviate some of the tawdryness of it and the mystery.

    CW, GOOD GOD!!! three grand?! That is a shitload of money, might even buy you one months worth of gas! ROFLMAO!!! sheeit! lace panties, check!; chocolate body paint, same as Hersheys?... I like Readywhip better! lol

    I have to make a joke about the gas cuz it's just depressing otherwise. I've been taking bellydance lessons for the past 3 or so years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it but, because of gas it now costs me about $20-$25 per class. Just getting too expensive (not to mention the 80+ miles each time) *sigh*

    Take care all, btw, Buttercup, I'll be waiting to see how the Peredise works out. Did you decide to buy it just for your hubby or are you going to check it out too? Oh, and how long did it take to get to ya?

    Thanks, :D - C

    p.s. For whoever has school-age kids and can afford it, enroll them in afterschool classes!!! I never thought about it all this past year but, we signed our two boys up for a 4-wk computer class after school on Wednesdays. WE HAD A DATE TODAY (and it was fun... :wink: ) and next week is the last week. Right before the kids got home today I told my hubby that we will be signing the kids up for classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays all next year! lol Wonderful fun :twisted:
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    ROFLMAO!!! a guy's naked ass doing the hula!!! Oh shit!, gotta wipe my eyes on that one!!! Sorry, men, but I don't care to ever see a naked man dancing (y'know like the Chippendales). I will say that one of my favorite pictures of all time was from a Playgirl magazine but, it was simply of a man with a bare chest, wearing Levi's that were unbuttoned (they were buttonfly) and open all the way down and that was it. No nothing showing other than that little trail of hair that leads down...(I can still see the picture in my head and the last time I saw it was in high school) I will say that I LOVE when my hubby does that too! Dead sexy (said with a Scottish accent, like on Austin Powers) (All right, we need some more different smiley's on here!!!! I need one that is drooling!!) Kinda like us women always hear that for you guys sometimes less showing is more... so sometimes we wear just a nice bra and panties (or something more naughty) and having the goodies under cover can be more fun anyway :wink:

    As for a threesome, I'm sure that's on his wheel too! lol... doesn't mean that one's gonna happen though. Like my brother always says... you think long, you think wrong. I will say that he says he is o.k. with me with another woman and just watching (no touchy, touchy.) :wink: As for the reality of that ever happening... ????? The thought does wonders, but I'm not about to risk my marriage over it either.

    DAMN!, it's quarter to 1 and I have to be up at 6:15. Gotta go, have a good night/day all!

  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    I ordered on Saturday, they were in our mailbox yesterday (Wednesday), so they got here pretty quickly. I ordered the whole set since we're looking for medical benefits too. Both of us will use them, but I really want hubby to try them first since that was the whole point of looking at this website to begin with; I admit to being very curious about how they will work on me since I don't have a prostate. I've read the descriptions of how they work and it makes sense logically, but most of the reviews do mention feeling something in that body part I don't have, so until I experience it myself I can't even imagine what it will be like.
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    I told hubby we had been discussng why a man would want to go to a strip club alone here and he looked at me like I'd grown 2 heads; apparently what he meant was that he still wouldn't mind going, but with friends or with me, both of which make sense to me. So while I may never understand why a man in a good relationship would want to go alone, I don't need to. LOL at myself. :oops:

    I know men are more visual. When we watch movies hubby is stimulated by what he's seeing, while I don't get much out of it unless it sounds like the man is really enjoying himself; the women always moan & groan,so I ignore it.(I do watch to see if I can pick up any tips though.) We usually watch for awhile and then I start having my way with him and he either turns it off or mutes the sound; I don't know if he does it for my benefit or if he really isn't interested anymore, but it would be okay with me if he left it on.
  • C: Least you want to go with your man to a club! I'd be allowed to go...if I wear a blindfold! :(

    Maybe I'm weird then....cos I don't see the point of going to see hot naked woman if I cant have my way with them?? That's like expensive window shopping! And then you never know how many guys they have slept with either....bleh no thanks, I'll stick with amateur porn from the internet and my fleshlights, oh and the two or three times a month hurried shag from the woman. :cry:

    The boulder and pebble analogy is very true...some things aren't big to you and are huge to her and visa at 4 in the morning, this morning she still awake, fuming and swearing cos the neighbours two buildings over were having a party and you could hear the music very faintly...but no its too loud and she couldn't sleep cos she couldn't ignore it?? I'm sorry but I feel rocks for her...if I can fall asleep then she can...and I'm the light sleeper!

    What mystery C?? A strip joint?

    Errr about that 3 your currency it would be about roughly $410? Not $3000! lol
    Bellydancing is kewl! In what ways have the lessons benefited you C??

    The Chippendales came to SA once....sold out lemme tell you!

    Lol @ drooling smiley! Yeh sometimes less is better....ever seen any Met Art pics? Very well done and artful without showing anything but erotic at the same time....

    Under cover is good too.....more things you can take off with your teeth! lol I bought her a see through red nightie thing once......wasn't on her longer than 5 minutes! hehe

    Yeh I know what you mean C, threesomes and that aren't good unless you have that kind of understanding and relationship.....I personally wont be able to handle it, I can be very jealous at times.

    Buttercup: Lol @ you :)

    Your right about the men love the visual...but moaning is also a huge turn on for me(dunno about anyone else?)....just her moaning can almost make me go premature! lol

    I don't like the moaning in most porn films...its fake and annoying...hence the amateur KNOW its real when she orgasms!

    Yeh making love while watching a porn film is very nice to do...long as its not ridiculous positions! Cos then you gotto try it and you might hurt yourself in the process *innocent look*<----insert smiley with halo here...<br />
    Anyhooo...keep well, both of you and enjoy your weekend!
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    have no desire for strip clubs...waste of money...if ur single..maybe...we have more fun making our own porn...amateur?...with our camcorder...much rather watch them than anything on the web...very naughty to sit n watch with the wife as its us and can laugh and critique our "performance"....just my 2 cents..
  • EZ:Your a braver/kinkier man than I! lol @ critique!

    I think I would get stage fright! hehe