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  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I received my Peridise today from HIH! :D

    I have not yet tried it out, but am anxious to test it out tonight. I was surprised to see 2 devices in the packaging - one with a slightly larger bulb/head than the other.

    First impressions - just by looking at them, and holding them in your hands, you can easily tell that the that the Peridise is of the same care and quality that goes in to all of the other products that Aneros sells. I will try them out and post my review after I get to test them out.

    Thanks again to Aneros/HIH! :D :!:
  • ChillzChillz
    Posts: 12
    Hurry!!! Lets get the feedback!!!!

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    So, did you order one and the minimum wage employee mess up?

    The website has four models, all $33 each (unless you order the four piece set for $100). Which size did you order? Did it work out? Too large? Too small?

    It will be interesting to see how this new direction pans out...
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I had a chance to check out the Peridise earlier, and I must say I am impressed! What a great device :D I am sorry that I wasn't able to post this sooner since I know that people are anxious to hear about it.

    The Peridise I received came packaged with 2 devices together in the same package (two to a blister pack/clamshell - it was not a mistake as suggested, that is how they are apparently sold).

    Here are the instructions:

    Preparation –

    1. The rectum is usually empty about an hour after a bowel movement. However, for cleaner operation, you may want to cleanse the rectum with warm water. - NOT an enema solution. If you’d like, you can use a rectal syringe.
    2. Lie on your side. Keeping the lower leg straight, bring your top knee to your stomach. This position is usually the easiest and best position for insertion. Once you become more familiar with the device, you can try other positions.
    3. Apply sufficient lubrication to the Peridise, the anus, and the entire anal canal. To lubricate the anal canal, use your finger, the device itself, or a lubricant applicator.
    * Note that many quality lubricants contain glycerin, which can cause an enema effect. Thus, use only a sufficient amount of lubricant.
    * To lubricate the anal canal with the device itself, slowly insert a lubricated Peridise into the anal canal. Then, gently move the Peridise in and out several times, but without extracting the device fully.

    Session –

    1. Relax your PC-sphincter muscles. The PC-sphincter muscles are the muscles used to stop the flow of urine.
    2. Slowly insert the Peridise up to only its neck. Do not use force; allow it to glide in gently. *The purpose of this is to fit the first part of the Peridise into the intermuscular groove of the anal canal, which is located between the internal and external sphincter. Both the intermuscular groove and the adjacent area (a common site of exterior hemorrhoids), are rich in (pudendal) nerve endings.
    3. With a moderately strong contraction, gradually tighten the PC-sphincter muscles and your body will naturally pull the Peridise deeper inside the anal canal. In instances of a weaker PC-sphincter, it may be necessary to lightly support the base/foot of the Peridise with your finger.
    4. Relax and remain still for a roughly 5 to 10 minutes, allowing your body to accommodate the presence of the Peridise. Focus on relaxing your entire body and releasing any tension that may be held in the anal region. Deep breathing and a tranquil setting are recommended. You may start to feel tingling or moving sensations inside the anal canal. You may even notice that the Peridise moves by itself. This is desirable.
    5. Begin contractions of your PC-sphincter muscles again, experimenting with different strengths, durations and eventually different body positions. During this process, the anal canal and the rectum will begin to contract, creating a “push-pull” effect with the Peridise alternately being pushed out then drawn deeper into the anal canal. These exercises continuously place the device in an unstable position, instigating Peristaltic motions inside the anal canal and generating blood circulation and warmth to the region.
    6. When the Peridise stops its movement or when the pleasurable sensation diminishes, contract your PC-sphincter to draw the Peridise forward or add rectal pressure to push the Peridise outward, returning it to an unstable position inside the anal canal. Steps 5 and 6 can be repeated as desired.

    I lubed up and started with the smaller of the two. The directions say not to force it in - to just put it in let your own body position where it wanted to be. Then it says to contract your sphincter muscles several times to advance the Peridise in to the anal canal. I lay there for a bit getting accustomed to how it felt and played around with different contracting and relaxing exercises for a bit. While doing this I started to feel my sphincter and anus build up some energy during those contractions. I started relaxing, and pretty soon my anus started winking and fluttering on it's own, with each contraction building on top of the other one (before the previous contraction had a chance to release or contract) and they started stacking up on top of each other. I had a very strong mini-o similar to ones I have felt with the Aneros Helix massager and the Peridise went in and out of my anus with each involuntary contraction, rubbing against my prostate (edit- decided later that it was not prostate-centered - I was just used to having prostate/anal centered mini-o's). It did not seem to be massaging my prostate in the exact same way as the Helix, but I could definitely feel it rubbing there pleasurably, and it definitely caused my sphincter to go on a wild ride for a bit. Unfortunately I was not able to continue my session for as long as I would like to have, and did not get a chance to check out the larger of the 2 yet, but I will definitely use the Peridise as a prelude to my future sessions with a prostate massager.

    If you want to read more about the device, you can check out the HIH site:

    Thanks again HIH! :D
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I took this from the HIH site regarding the peristal, and changed it a bit to apply to the peridise:

    Peridise FAQ

    What is the Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy?

    The Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy is an ingenious and easy-to-use invention that has a soothing after effect, similar to the Aneros line of prostate massagers. Unlike the Aneros, the Peridise can be used by both sexes because it specifically utilizes the body’s perostaltic responses to tone and rejuvenate your genitourinary system. The Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy was originally medically-patented to provide relief from minor hemorrhoids, but it also can be used by either sex as an anal sex toy due to the pleasurable peristaltic responses.

    What is it made of?

    The Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy is made of a strong and resilient type of plastic polymer that is FDA-approved for body and fluid contact. Under normal conditions, it is virtually indestructible.

    What size is it?

    The Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy comes in 4 different sizes. They are all about the size of your finger and are roughly 4 inches long (~10cm) with an insertion of roughly 3/12 inches (~8.8cm). The largest diameter of the Peridise is roughly .60 inches (16mm) .

    Why are there different sizes?

    The anal – rectal area contains a wealth of nerve endings and muscles, making it one of the most sensitive areas in your body. However, most people do not usually exercise their anal rectal PC-sphincter muscles. Thus, the Peridise is designed as a multi-step plan intended to assist users in exercising, toning and conditioning their anal PC-sphincter muscles and to help alleviate genitourinary ailments as well. Due to the wealth of nerve endings in the anal rectal area, the slightly varied yet distinctive sizes of the Peridise will generate vast differences in results. As you progress from the largest to the small model, the Peridise multi-step plan will build up your anal rectal muscles, and restore health to your lower body as well as successfully address any genitourinary ailments.

    Is it difficult to insert?

    Like the Aneros line of prostate massagers, the Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy is designed for comfort and ease of operation. Although the presence of hemorrhoids will cause the anal tissues to be more sensitive than usual, the massager is designed specifically for easy insertion and will provide a soothing, healing feeling after each use.

    How does it work?

    The principle behind the Peridise Device is based on the general theory of the healing effects of massage therapy. Simplified, this means that the Peridise will provide beneficial massage to the internal tissues, muscles, and veins that have become weakened and inflamed. The Peridise improves the health of the anal canal and the associated musculature by providing a means of invigorating the area with fresh blood flow, which provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen to rejuvenate this neglected region.

    What distinguishes the Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy from other alternatives?

    The Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy is the only device of its kind on the market. It is precision-engineered to 1/1000 of an inch and is based on the physics of Einstein’s Theory of Relative Motion. Each model of the Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy is based on a design that includes several patents, therefore no other device is or can be manufactured that functions as well as the Peridise Unisex Anal PC Toy.

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I noticed in the instructions that came with the Peridise that it mentions that you should start off with the larger bulb first in order to build your pc-sphincter muscles in order to achieve greater control and grip, and then advance to the skinniest. I didn't have any problem starting off with the smaller one. Perhaps that was because I am already an Aneros user, but for whatever reason I felt that the smaller one suited me fine, but am intrigued to try the larger one next time.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    What is the size of your new additive devices...?
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    Virg said:

    What is the size of your new additive devices...?

    I am sorry, I do not have a ruler, but judging by the pictures on the HIH site, I would say that they are the 22mm and 20mm bulbs, but I may be wrong. The larger definitely looks like the 22mm - the smaller could be the 18, as I said I don't have a ruler handy. They are roughly 4 inches long.

    They look like this:

  • fllurkerfllurker
    Posts: 36
    Bonerowner the larger one is 22mm. when you have time lube it up and let it work a little bit and then sit in a chair. And it will give you the ride of you life. At least thats the way it is for me. I bought the complete set of 4, but haven't used nothing but the larger 1. Iv'e had mine for about 3 weeks and have enjoyed them every time Iv'e used them.

    I think I remember in an old post a while back that Mr. Mayfield was going to do a reveiw, but have not seen it. Keep up the good work on the little guys. Like all things purchased here, it only gets better. Mine came packaged seperatly from HIH . With all these new items when has a man have time to work?? lol

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    FYI, BF Mayfield just posted a review of the new “Peridise” device titled “BEHOLD …..A TANTRIC SWIZZLE STICK !” – see immediately followed by Hlaser99's review of same.


    Thanks for providing the extensive information about the device, I’m sure it will help others make a decision about acquiring this fun little teaser.

    I recently received and tried the device myself and had pretty much a similar reaction as was described by ‘bonerowner’ although I didn’t feel the prostate massage action as he described. I have noticed one interesting and pleasant new sensation, an occasional tingling very mild gentle pulsing sensation at the tip of my penis, almost like a gentle rythmic tongue massage with a little suction, a very sweet feeling. For more experienced Aneros users, I think you will find the Peridise a subtle teasing toy that can entertain you for hours very comfortably as there is no P-tab and your prostate is not being aggressively massaged like the other Aneros devices do, yet it does give your anal sphincter muscle a nice little object to squeeze against while being almost unfelt when you are fully relaxed.
    I say almost unfelt but it is definitely there and it does induce your sphincter to repeatedly want to squeeze it. It induced a repeating series of mini-o’s for me, that were very enjoyable to experience while watching some TV. I can foresee using this as a warm-up tool for a regular Aneros session or foreplay and use during regular partnered sex.
    This will be an excellent device for newbies to use as an introduction to anal play, for both him and her. Because of its diminutive size, it is not the least bit intimidating and it delivers a proportionally high degree of stimulation.
    For those who enjoy the feeling of fullness and stretching that butt plugs, dildoes or other sex toys can impart, this device is likely to be disappointing, I personally don’t like being stretched in the ass so these “Tantric Swizzle Sticks” are an ideal, fun new toy to play with.
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    rumel - I think I should clarify - I wasn't sure if I felt my prostate being stimulated because I was having some strong mini-o's, so I assumed it was being rubbed somehow, however I have tried it since then and definitely do not describe the feeling as prostate-centered. It is sure fun though :)
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Guys!

    I just added my Revue after Brian's too!

    Check it out . . . I guess it affected me a little stronger than some???

    I love this little Guy!!! (The Paradise, Not Brian!) LOL!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I received my Peridise today from HIH! :D

    I have not yet tried it out, but am anxious to test it out tonight. I was surprised to see 2 devices in the packaging - one with a slightly larger bulb/head than the other.

    First impressions - just by looking at them, and holding them in your hands, you can easily tell that the that the Peridise is of the same care and quality that goes in to all of the other products that Aneros sells. I will try them out and post my review after I get to test them out.

    Thanks again to Aneros/HIH! :D :!:

    Hi bonerowner,

    I posted this elsewhere, but thought I might get an answer here. Is the Peridise the same as the Peristal carried by HIH? It sure looks like the same thing. I am assuming it is, but I would like to know before ordering...

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    [quote=The Lone Rider]Hi bonerowner,

    I posted this elsewhere, but thought I might get an answer here. Is the Peridise the same as the Peristal carried by HIH? It sure looks like the same thing. I am assuming it is, but I would like to know before ordering...

    ThanksYes it is the same product - both are made and sold by HIH. The HIH site tends to promote the Peristal more based on it's health aspects, and the Aneros Peridise brand is geared towards people looking for a sex toy, but they are the same product. The Peridise comes packaged 2 to a pack, and the Peristal can be bought as a set of 4, or individually.
  • Thanks for the info! I am going to check it out. I have the Progasm which I really like, and one of smaller models. I also have the Nexus Excel, which has been a bit much for me. Lots of good content here, and I have learned a lot.

  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    This device is awesome! Within 5 minutes of insertion I am in full blown peristaltic contractions. Each one is like a mini-o. The session slowly builds but the pleasure is constant. This device works exceptionally well with arousal amplification techniques -- Male deer, nipple and Soft palette nursing. It is a world-class arousal amplifier.

    Here is my technique -- Don't laugh.

    I insert the Peridise, apply a base cock ring then put on a pair of very tight lycra cycling shorts. I then place a 3" diameter rubber ball on the edge of my pubic bone and pull the tight shorts over it. I then rub my stomach in slow circular motions using both hands. The attack is almost instant. The key for me is a total relaxation of the pelvic floor. I don't use my PC muscles AT ALL.

    I actually try to allow my body to "poop it out" so to speak. This technique results in EXTREME PLEASURE for very prolonged periods. My sessions can exceed two hours with virtually no down time.

    As the attack proceeds I alternate between my modified male deer and nipple play. My nipples are hard wired to my prostate. I use nipple suckers to prep them prior to the session.

    The super-o happens around the 1hr to 90 min mark. Extreme tension in the prostate. -- Stay relaxed -- No sexual frenzy. I can feel the precum being forced out of my penis by the prostate contractions. The pleasure gets so intense that it feels like a pin is being stuck in my prostate -- That's a good hurt :-)

    As an advanced 5 year user, I can actually say that I enjoy the Peridise more than my Aneros models.

  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    Why can't I find this under SHOP or MODELS? I tried looking around, but can't find it to buy or see the different models available. I did see a place where you could read about it a little under HOME at a bottom tab The Peredise. Thanks for any help.


    TJ - if you don't mind me asking, what is male deer?
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    I bought my Peridise from the sister company of Aneros -- HIH -- It's called "Peristal". Same thing.

    re: Male Deer:

    See the Aneros Wiki for full desc but I can give you a summary:

    A tantric technique that (slowly) builds sexual energy in the pelvic region. It can produce extreme pleasure.

    The traditional technique goes as follows:

    - with your left hand grab your package using your index finger to go under your scrotum, your other fingers to press against your perinium and your thumb to go at the point where your penis starts at the pubic bone -- squeeze lightly.

    -- with your right hand, massage your stomach in a slow circular motion moving your hand up and down your torso from the pubic region to your sternum.

    repeat this process for a long time -- the attack is slow but oh so worth it. After a while you will begin to realize that you can control the involuntary anal canal response by the pressure and speed of your circular torso massage. -- it's really something.

    you will feel the energy building in your anal canal and prostate. Keep your pelvic floor totally relaxed. make like you want to poop.

    Used in conjunction with arousal amplifiers like the Aneros units, this can keep you in a state of low-level orgasm for quite a long time.

    It works.

    Good Luck

  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    My description of the male deer was my own version. I don't squeeze my balls like the traditional technique. Instead I apply light pressure to the region directly under my scrotum. (It's soft and puffy).

    By varying the pressure in this "puffy" area I can control the involuntary anal canal response. I can clock it up or I can slow it down (important for super-o).

    My advice to beginners is NOT to go for the super-o. I know that sounds crazy but the super-o will come on it's own.

    Beginners should concentrate on arousal amplification techniques and perfecting the "re-wiring" process. By shooting for the constant low-level orgasm (obtainable) you will just fall into the super-o one of these days.

    Can some experts back me up on this ;-)
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    The Peridise model I purchased was the 22mm model. -- The largest one.

    From my experiences with the Eupho and the Peridise I can now attest that bigger is not better when it comes to arousal amplification. In fact, smaller is better because the anal musculature needs "play" in order to become fatigued. This is key to the involuntaries that are essential to the Aneros effect.

    I realize that some like the "full" feeling that accompanies the larger prostate units on the market but this fullness comes at a price. Your body has no where to go with these units. You have to understand that the purpose of the aneros units is to "trick" your body into thinking that there is something in you that has to be expelled.

    The design of the aneros units are such that they cannot be expelled -- THATS THE KEY! -- your body is locked in a constant involuntary fight to get this thing out of you. -- the result is an involuntary orgasm. the result of your body's fight within itself.
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    TJ - thanks for the reply. Just so you know, I am a woman (see my thread "I bought the Helix for my husband"), I had just never heard of male deer. I've learned a ton of things on here! I will pass on your information to my hubby. He's not the type to post, but I do believe he comes on here and looks around. I also look around and read and learn and pass on what I read to him. I'll show him your post. Y'know... when I think about it... when he masturbates when he's with me sometimes he will hold himself/everything in the groin area kinda like you were saying.... it sounds like all he would have to do is add the stomach massage. I s'pose you could do it one of three ways... without anything anally, with an Aneros, or with the Peredise, would that be right? (He now has the Helix and the MGX)

    Oh, and do you think that that would maybe in some way work with a woman? The reason I ask is because I remember hearing once that what touch a woman/man likes you could do the same to a man/woman just on his/her corresponding area. Ex. kinda like a womans "lips" and a mans testicles. Not that they are one in the same... just that the sensitivity of the skin to touch is similar. Ever since I heard that, I touch my husband how I like to be touched and I've never had any complaints.

    Thanks for your info! Your last paragraph was pretty interesting about that your body is trying to get rid of the Aneros, etc... and also that you are trying to "trick" your body. Thanks again!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I believe you are correct about the male/female erogenous zones being the same. The thing with men is that the focus of arousal in our western culture is upon the penis to the detriment of the other erogenous zones of the body. This Forum is a good example of men exploring those marvelous other areas (prostate, anus, nipples, perineum, inner thighs, pubic area, etc.). Other cultures do explore these areas more freely and have accepted such stimulation as important parts of the lovemaking experience. Just as “prostate wakening” may lead to the Super-O, the erotic awakening of a man’s other erogenous zones will only intensify the experience that much more.
    When you touch your husband as you like to be touched , you are helping to awaken those areas for both of you to enjoy.
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    Rumel, I do know that when I avoid his penis on purpose it just seems to amp things up. Even before he was introduced to his Aneros. I know that I would touch his chest and move my way down and follow the trail of hair and even lightly scratch his pubic area on my way down then lightly move my hand down the front of either thigh or the side of his hips and then lightly up the inside of his thighs and then to gently touch/caress his balls and then all over again. Once anal play came into the picture for him, I added light touches in that area also.

    I will say that I remember also hearing that men have thicker skin than women and that firmer touch with men is necessary/needed to feel the same feeling as a woman would with a light touch. Also conversly a woman needs a lighter touch than mayber her counterpart may realize because of her skin being more delicate and thinner in nature.

    I have noticed with my hubby that the delicate touch seems to be o.k. One thing the other weekend that was pretty cool was we were having our time together and I grabbed his nipple rings that I bought him off Adam and Eve and put them on while he was inside me and then lightly rubbed the tips of his nipples and the change was immediate! He got immensly harder just... BAM! Just by that light touch; it was pretty cool (and fun :twisted: .)

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    When I received my Peridise it was a set of 2 in one package, that was marked as a Peridise (not Peristal). I know that the Peristal is available in a set of 4 from High Island, but was wondering if anyone (support?) can tell me what sizes are included in the Peridise that I received?? I was thinking of ordering the other 2 sizes, or the other Peridise set (of the other 2 sizes) if it is available.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    The pair of Peridise massagers that I received are the 16.5mm and 20mm models, I have been using the smaller of the two and am enjoying it more with each use.
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    rumel said:


    The pair of Peridise massagers that I received are the 16.5mm and 20mm models, I have been using the smaller of the two and am enjoying it more with each use.

    Thanks for the info. I assume I got the same sizes, then. I am enjoying mine quite a bit, also.
  • WWillisWWillis
    Posts: 3
    Sounds like several of you are rapidly gathering experience with the Peridise, so I wonder if you'd mind answering a few questions. I received the beginner's set about a week ago, and have tried several sessions. I've been using the Helix, and more often, the Progasm for about a year now. The Peridise is definitely different from the Helix and Progasm, although that wasn't really surprising. The sessions have been varied in results, so I thought I'd see what others are doing.
    First, the insertion. Why are the instructions so explicit about inserting only the head of the Peridise, then letting it position itself through contractions? I can do that, but I don't see why it can't just be gently inserted like the other Aneros products. I mean, the Progasm is quite a bit more formidable, and inserting it can be done gently and easily. I'm not sure what is gained by following the self-insertion procedure.
    The next question is related to the last. What is the proper depth of insertion for the Peridise? I've used both the 22mm and the 20mm, and they position about the same, with the outermost knob just outside my anus. Once in a while during a strong contraction the 20mm will be pulled clear up to the T handle. In my own experience, it seems like the Peridise wants to position with the last knob just outside my anus, and is most stimulating in that position. I've tried gently pushing it all the way in to the T handle, and it's not uncomfortable there, either. However, I haven't had any serious orgasms using either Peridise yet, no matter how deep it's inserted, so I'm wondering if I'd do better with it fully inserted. What's the advice of those of you who've had successful sessions with the Peridise?
    I'm also curious about positions. I've tried the Peridise in a variety of positions, and maybe its nicest trait is that you can do that. I wore it yessterday for hours, while doing chores, working at the computer, laying down, etc. It's not so obtrusive as the other Aneros products, since there's no P-tab to bump on stuff, so even sitting down works pretty well. So far it seems to work best for me laying on my side with one leg pulled up on a pillow, but I've also had fair results sitting in my comfortable office chair at the computer, even when fully clothed. In fact, I was somewhat startled by a shuddering mini-o while I was doing some troubleshooting on the computer the other day, and had my attention diverted from what was in my behind. Prior to that I had been kind of pushing the Peridise out against the seat of the chair and holding that tension, which built some contractions. So how do you folks usually position yourself to get the maximum impact from the little gadget?
    And last, what size Peridise has been most stimulating for you? I'm leaning just a little toward the 20mm, but it hasn't been all that different from the 22mm so far. If people are having more success with the smaller sizes, maybe I should get the advanced set.
    Thanks for the posts, people; keep smiling!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    my guess about the insertion instructions is just that the goal is to have the last knob, as you say, just outside the anus.

    positions: you'll find what works best for you.

    for me
    - on side
    - on back with legs straight or bent
    - on recliner
    - standing
    - leaning over
    - etc

    the most important thing about the peridise, i find, is to keep relaxed down there, so it can do its thing. just give an occasional contraction to get it going.

    also, try the "excellent breathing technique" described in a recent thread.

  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43
    I have had the two smaller Peridise models for about 2 months. The larger of the two has worked best for me. The techniques that seem to work best are:

    Use the Eupho or Progasm for a half hour, usually working up to mini O's.

    Remove Eupho and insert the Peridise. It seems that once the anal passage is opened the Peridise works best

    Relax and the little guy starts working quickly. Once I feel the tingle I make a small contraction, hold for 5-10 seconds and then relax. That usually produces a mini O and from there I am off to the races.

    Begin playing with my nipples and the O's gradually increase in strength. At this point the O's are there almost all the time. If they stop it takes a mile contraction to get going again.

    Move from the nipple stimulation to the external prostate massage described on another site. The O's are there immediately and continue getting stronger.

    Move to the modified male deer massage and the O's get stronger yet. Continue until exhaustion.

    The thing that is most satisfying is that there are very few dud sessions this way. Even if the Eupho doesn't product, the Peridise always does.
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    I had thought my 22mm Peridise was excellent but the smallest 16mm model is downright deadly! This little "swizzle stick", as B. Mayfield has called it, is for me, simply the most intense arousal amplifier that I have yet encountered (and I've owned EVERY device that's out there).

    For beginner's, the key concept is "arrousal amplification" not "stimulation". These units are designed to allow your body to orgasm "around" them using the body's natural peristaltic tendencies. Once you get the cycle going it's possible to perpetuate the effect for long periods using strategic relaxation/contraction techniques. I refer to this as "Dymanic Tension", a term that I remember from the 1960s Charles Atlas ads in the back of comic books.

    Once achieved, the perfect combination of bearing down and pulling up (less pulling up) produces an almost unstoppable muscle wave reaction. You'll know it when it happens.

    NOTE: I use my 16mm Peridise in conjunction with the Prostate Cradle. Lie on my back and prop a pillow or similar item against the cradle -- The combo is extremely effective.

    I could write an entire book on this but to quickly summarize, here is how I produce the effect;

    * A deep valley breath inwards totally relaxing the PC muscle but still bearing down ever so slightly. I visualize the air entering through my anus bringing energy with it.

    * then a groaning/Key Sound type exhale that produces vibrations in the lower pelvis accompanied by a combination of bearing down and pulling up with the PC muscle. I combine this with the type of relaxation that one would use when having a bowel movement. I visualize the energy that I had drawn in is now being compressed by the opposing down/up squeezing.

    * repeat for 5 or 6 times. -- As the energy builds, the pleasure is almost indescribable.

    What has to be learned is the proper ratio between the bearing down and the pulling up. For me I bear down more, then pull up slightly until I feel the Dynamic tension.

    Since I am now fully re-wired, I can finely sense what is going on down there and make the tiny adjustments required to move to extended orgasm mode which is a state of mid-level orgasm that can last for up to an hour for me. It is fueled entirely by the automatic peristaltic anal waves.

    I think the word used on this board was "Exquisite"

    Good Luck guys!
  • mogmog
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    >I use my 16mm Peridise in conjunction with the Prostate Cradle. Lie on my back and prop a pillow or similar item against the cradle -- The combo is extremely effective.<<br />
    Hi TeeJay,

    I can vouch for that! I was agreeably surprised to find that that great orgasm promoter, the Prostate Cradle, could be used in conjunction with any of the Peridise stimulators without conflict between the two devices. The T-tab is small enough to fit nicely inside the hollowed-out central region of the Cradle. If there is any restriction of movement of the Peridise during operations I don't find that the excellence of Peridise-only super-Os is any less; on the contrary, the combination works extremely well - each enhances the other.

    Your preference for lying on your back is the same as my own except that I use a rolled-up towel to act as a stop for the Cradle.

    >......a groaning/Key Sound type exhale that produces vibrations in the lower pelvis......<<br />
    Yes! - and how this amplifies the arousal!!! Jack's Key Sound has a fundamental involvement in generating high orgasm.

  • TeeJayTeeJay
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    Mog --

    The Peridise/Prostate cradle combo is the only way I conduct my sessions now. I haven't used my Aneros models since I bought the Peridise set.

    I have found that it's all about pressure. Pressure on the perineum, Pressure on the lower abdomen, pressure on the scrotum.

    If I keep pressure on these areas simultaneously, I can maintain peristalsis for a *very* long time.

    When the body has taken control of the movement it frees you to focus on the mental aspects. It's the gateway to the big payoff.

  • mogmog
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    >......Pressure on the lower abdomen.....<<br />
    Yes, that can be an incredible orgasm booster for an adept.

    For your amusement try a solid, flat glass paperweight about 2.5" diam and weighing about half-a-pound.

    On a centre line starting just below my sternum and descending to just above the pubic bone there are several locations of extreme sensitivity, and with the erotic kick that the chill of the glass imparts the heightened orgasmic results can be extraordinary! I usually do about three or four Os on each location until I reach the lowest one, the most sensitive. By that time the glass will have warmed up somewhat. But having a second weight standing by, possibly in a bowl of chilled water, rejuvenates the sensations luxuriously and magnificently!

    If you do get around to trying this out let me know if it does anything for you.

    I also use a different home-made device which exerts variable gentle pressure on the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone but which allows some ongoing adjustment of position and which also allows some bodily movement without becoming displaced. This contraption is my regular and favourite addition to my scenario when I have the time to get down to it and really want to let myself go.

  • TeeJayTeeJay
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    For abdominal pressure I use a wide leather belt and wedge a baseball under it -- right under the pubic bone -- works great.
  • mogmog
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    I could find a cricket ball.
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    I've been quiet on the Forum for a little while, having had stomach and gas problems that have been a severe handicap to enjoying myself. And with frequent trips to the loo and endless cleaning I developed an hemorrhoid, stage 4, overnight! By taking large doses of bromelain and massaging the area with DMSO it is now much improved and downgraded to stage 2.

    So I purchased a set of Peridise which was designed specifically for stage 1 and 2 hemorrhoids, and I can honestly say that pleasure was the last thing on my mind! But after a few minutes with the Peridise, it was the hemorrhoid that quickly became the last thing on my mind. I continued for about half an hour of indescribable whole-body-and-soul pleasure with countless hypergasms one after the other, my body trembling and my whole being pulsating in waves of pure ecstasy. Definitely a different experience in that the pleasure was centered more towards the base of my back rather than my prostate and penis even though I had a very strong erection. And the pleasure waves flowed out in all directions. Not just Paradise, but 7th heaven. Wow! What a way to "treat" oneself! Thank you HIH for your terrific invention.
  • acethebassacethebass
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    Although I'm a newbie and haven't gotten to even the mini-O stage with either my Progasm or my MGX, the Peridise (small, beginner) is so-far the most pleasurable Aneros device I own. I generally use it sitting down, fully clothed since I work in my home office on a computer all day long. If properly lubed, it is often undetectable when inserted but once I sit down and relax with it for a while, the sensations are amazing. I'm not quite sure what a mini-O or Super-O feel like, but the dizzying, erotic pleasure I get from gently rocking forward and back with it or arching my back are really profound. I can do it for quite long periods and it continues to feel good. I remove it only when it begins to feel less good or if it's beginning to rub somewhat unpleasantly, but normally it just sends me into a dizzy, tingly, hypnotic state that is truly delicious, lasting for 30-90 minutes. I noticed the other day after a 2-hour session at my desk, I removed it and was in my car and I was still high from it, still feeling that dizzy, itchy feeling...a little like being pleasurably stoned or levitating/floating when you're a little drunk.

    So, what am I feeling here? Mini-O? Yes, I'd would have to insist that I'm rubbing my prostate when sitting because it is so intensely pleasurable. If it's NOT contacting my prostate...SOMETHING in there is mighty sensitive and feels mind-blowingly good so I can't imagine what prostate contact would be like otherwise. As far as getting the thing into "contraction/involuntary" land, I still haven't accomplished that so I'm trying to emulate some of the techniques I'm reading about here to see if one or more works for me. I've decided that I'll try to master the Preidise first and then go back to the MGX to graduate to the next level rather than switching devices back and forth.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about what it is I'm currently experiencing and also how to get me to the "involuntaries" level with the Peridisel? I'm dedicated to mastering this stuff but it isn't happening immediately (as I understand from reading about many others here) so I depend on this community to help me along in the rewiring process. Thanks for any input (sorry, bad pun here, I guess!) :-)