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laugh of the day
  • fllurkerfllurker
    Posts: 36
    Having awoke at 4am this morning for a bathroom break and being fully rested, I spied my progasm and decided to insert it for a go at it. Well as I was laying there relaxing and starting some muscle contractions it felt like my whole body was spasming back and for and as I lay there there were some small vibrations going on.

    All of this lasted a little over 30 sec at the most and them I figure out what was going on :idea:


  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114


    LOL. Are you sure you didn't cause it?
  • Your location says "gator country". Is that correct? We had an earthquake around 4:30am in Illinois. Very rare event around here!
  • fllurkerfllurker
    Posts: 36
    Yes it does, but I'm not there at present. I'm west of the Mississippi at present but not for long. This is the 3rd one I was involved with in the midwest. Watch out for the big one. New Madrid fault as you know was and is a nasty 1.

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I felt the same earthquake earlier today. It was rather ironic, because I was talking with a friend the other day and he stated that he was glad that he lived in the midwest because there were no earthquakes. I told him that they do hit the midwest area from time to time, and that I had felt them before. He said he had never felt one. but today after the tremor he called me up and said "Let's not discuss earthquakes again, okay?!?" LOL
  • Here in South Africa......your lucky if you get a tremor every 20 years!

    I'm 29 and I've only ever felt 2 when I was very young and one a few years back