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  • Anxs1Anxs1
    Posts: 2
    I got some 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper and gave my Helix a bit of a polish. The thing I'm concerned about is that there is a bit of discoloration, almost looks like it might be some dye from the sandpaper itself. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
  • Yes, that can be a problem. I have had that problem with other sanding (non-Aneros) projects.

    I took a road trip to several hardware stores to find some fine grit sandpaper. It's not easy to find. You might have luck if you go to an autobody shop or glass cutting shop and just ask them if you can purchase some. Every sales person I asked always had to ask "what do you need it for?" My response was always, "I need to remove some fine scratches from an acrylic aquarium." I ended up finding some 1000 grit sandpaper. It didn't bleed any color onto the Aneros. The Aneros felt smoother, but it had a very dull finish. It have a table top grinder in the garage with a cotton buffing pad. After I was finished with it, it had a high gloss finish. I'm sure it's about as smooth as it is gonna get.

    You could always go the route recommended by some other users and order this:,_polishes,_buffers/Micro-Mesh_Soft_Touch_Finishing_Pads.html

    If I decide to get some better/finer sand paper, I think I will get these big 9" x 11" sheets for $1.78 a piece. You can even rinse them out and reuse them.,_polishes,_buffers/3M_Flexible_Polishing_Papers.html
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I bypassed the sandpaper and bought an extra-fine emery board (equivalent to 6000 grit or so) at the local drugstore for only a few bucks. When you rub your finger across the emery board you can't even tell it is an emery board - it feels more like a rough finish paper - barely any grit to it at all. It polishes my Helix to a nice bright glossy shiny surface in practically no time at all.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ALL!

    I also bought the finishing pads via Stewart MacDonald Guitar Luthier supplies some time ago!,_polishes,_buffers/Micro-Mesh_Soft_Touch_Finishing_Pads.html

    I find I use them off and on and find them excellent! (makes the Aneros slick as glass!)

    Later, Hlaser99
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Hey folks,

    After using 2000 grit automotive sandpaper, I used good-old rubbing compound.
    First, it's cheap! About 4 bucks.
    Second, put on a latex glove, place a small amount (quarter size+-)in the palm of the glove.
    Next, on a dry Aneros, spread the rubbing compound all over and rub-a-dub-dub.
    Last, after 1 to 2 minutes, remove the glove and wash the Aneros completely in warm soapy
    The more times you do the above procedeure, the smoother and glossier the surface.