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Aneros Chat Event #2 Transcript
  • Hello Forum Members,

    Here is the transcript from the Aneros Chat Event #2. We had twice the number of participants with a ton of great information shared. Look for information on Aneros Chat Event #3 soon. Don't miss it!

    Aneros Support


    [02:03:57] [email][/email]: Hello Everyone!
    [02:04:05] PerennialQuestr: hello :) a little turbulence but we seem to be here :)
    [02:04:21] PerennialQuestr: Hi Support!
    [02:04:23] boxersbear: Hello all
    [02:04:23] [email][/email]: Sorry for the slight technical difficulties, but we are up and running!
    [02:04:27] bonerowner: hello - I felt I was going back in time there for a second - glad to be here
    [02:04:44] PerennialQuestr: Hey Bone, Boxer
    [02:04:54] PerennialQuestr: What an auspicious pair
    [02:05:06] boxersbear: Hello Questr
    [02:05:11] bonerowner: howdy
    [02:05:30] PerennialQuestr: I wonder how many will show?
    [02:05:36] PerennialQuestr: Hi Ace
    [02:05:40] PerennialQuestr: B hey :)
    [02:05:44] [email][/email]: We should have more folks joining soon, including B Mayfileld
    [02:05:51] boxersbear: Well we're limited to 20 so......
    [02:05:52] bonerowner: I will be in and out - so pardon me if I don't always respond right away
    [02:05:55] B Mayfield: Hi all!!!!
    [02:06:00] [email][/email]: and here he is!
    [02:06:04] PerennialQuestr: ok Bone
    [02:06:07] boxersbear: Howdy Maybield
    [02:06:11] PerennialQuestr: *applause*
    [02:06:15] PerennialQuestr: :)
    [02:06:19] Ace: Good Evening All
    [02:06:23] B Mayfield: LOL!
    [02:06:27] PerennialQuestr: Evening
    [02:06:28] boxersbear: I hope point's aren't taken off for spelling :-)
    [02:06:46] PerennialQuestr: but they are for spilling, so be careful
    [02:06:47] bonerowner: I am glad you all were able to come - I want to talk to you about Amway ... LOL
    [02:06:54] boxersbear: LOL
    [02:07:01] PerennialQuestr: ohho
    [02:07:14] PerennialQuestr: so we actually have topics this time?
    [02:07:19] PerennialQuestr: introductions, is it?
    [02:07:27] PerennialQuestr: hey Body
    [02:07:38] bodyofwatr: hello
    [02:07:53] Ace: This is my first time in the room and a long time reader of the forums and Beeline
    [02:07:53] boxersbear: I'm a newbie here (only had my Aneros for four days) so I hope you don't mind some very basic questions tonight guys
    [02:07:55] bodyofwatr: just bought mine last night
    [02:07:55] PerennialQuestr: do we hold hands and sing a song to warm things up?
    [02:08:08] PerennialQuestr: yay!
    [02:08:15] bonerowner: I am a newbie also
    [02:08:19] [email][/email]: So everyone, we have a list of proposed topics for the chat event, but let's start with some introductions all around
    [02:08:32] boxersbear: Hello My name is boxersbear and I'm an Aneros user
    [02:08:44] PerennialQuestr: i've been experimenting with the aneros for about, oh... 14 months or so
    [02:08:53] bonerowner: I am bonerowner - I am the proud owner of a boner... and a helix - brand new to the aneros but am enjoying it so far
    [02:11:04] [email][/email]: Sorry everyone for the technical difficulties
    [02:11:14] [email][/email]: I hope I have it straightened out
    [02:11:20] PerennialQuestr: odd. it's ok :)
    [02:11:23] boxersbear: I understand, I was just wondering why I was banned
    [02:11:24] B Mayfield: oh and I thought it was me....and my Mac,lol
    [02:11:28] bonerowner: are we back now?
    [02:11:28] bodyofwatr: oops i got booted
    [02:11:30] PerennialQuestr: i will cross my fingers
    [02:11:40] PerennialQuestr: hahaha B.
    [02:11:41] Ace: I got frozen out but am back now
    [02:11:41] boxersbear: same here
    [02:11:48] [email][/email]: yes, we are back bonerowner
    [02:11:51] boxersbear: It had said I was banned
    [02:11:54] Tahhh: I don't think this chat facility works in the browser "Opera."
    [02:12:01] [email][/email]: I should have it sorted out
    [02:12:08] boxersbear: so what's the first subject support?
    [02:12:09] Tahhh: It seems to work in Firefox.
    [02:12:18] [email][/email]: Hi Tahhh, I will have to check on the opera compatability
    [02:12:18] Ace: Had to leave the room and sighn back in
    [02:12:26] PerennialQuestr: Tahh -- it works in Opera. i'm using it now
    [02:12:31] boxersbear: also in explorer
    [02:12:33] [email][/email]: hi ace, sorry about that
    [02:12:45] Tahhh: Oh? I can try again. One moment.
    [02:12:45] bonerowner: works better in firefox than it did in IE for me
    [02:12:50] Ace: no problem
    [02:12:57] B Mayfield: continuing the name is Brian Mayfield and I am an Aneros user as well (sounds like an AA rant)
    [02:13:07] PerennialQuestr: :))))
    [02:13:14] PerennialQuestr: Welcome Brian!
    [02:13:28] B Mayfield: so you guys ...where's everybody at....everybody having Super O's are what?
    [02:13:49] rumel: rumel is here too
    [02:13:49] PerennialQuestr: not yet!
    [02:13:53] PerennialQuestr: Rum hey!
    [02:13:59] boxersbear: I'm not sure where everyone is I thought maybe I wasn't going to be able to get in
    [02:14:12] bodyofwatr: im here to learn HOW ?
    [02:14:24] rumel: I'm in CA.
    [02:14:28] B Mayfield: Hey Rumel ....the plot thickens!
    [02:14:29] boxersbear: Same here body
    [02:14:37] PerennialQuestr: Texas here. 28 almost
    [02:14:41] Ace: ahh super o's, absolutley the best but the holy grail is the hands free orgasm
    [02:14:52] boxersbear: North Carolina here, 51
    [02:14:52] rumel: What Plot?
    [02:15:17] PerennialQuestr: Ace -- ??? Super Os usually are hands-free
    [02:15:34] Oshea: Hi guys, I'm new here too. Hoping to pick up some pointers.
    [02:15:41] [email][/email]: I have a suggestion, we have a larger turnout than last time. We have both experienced and
    [02:15:43] PerennialQuestr: hi Oshea
    [02:15:46] B Mayfield: I think he's referring to ejaculations with no hands...yes?
    [02:15:59] PerennialQuestr: ohhhhhh
    [02:15:59] [email][/email]: new users here, so we could have the first 30 min or so devoted to questions from the new users
    [02:16:02] [email][/email]: how does that sound?
    [02:16:04] Ace: yes they are but I was speaking of a hands free ejaculation
    [02:16:17] boxersbear: cool support
    [02:16:23] boxersbear: first question of the night
    [02:16:25] B Mayfield: I game for anything...
    [02:16:31] Tahhh: I received my first Aneros on Monday, and attempted to use it for the first time, yesterday. It is an MGX.
    [02:16:38] rumel: ok but which category am I?
    [02:16:38] PerennialQuestr: i like that idea, Support
    [02:16:48] boxersbear: MGX here too
    [02:17:08] [email][/email]: okay great, so we have Tahhh as a new user. Boxersbear, you a new user as well?
    [02:17:09] Ace: how did it go tahhh?
    [02:17:28] boxersbear: Yes sir, four days
    [02:17:31] bonerowner: I am a new user - just got it monday and have had 3 sessions so far
    [02:17:47] Tahhh: Well, it was easier to insert than I anticipated. But I felt very little.
    [02:17:56] boxersbear: sounds like me boner, want to go again tonight :-)
    [02:18:07] Oshea: I'm pretty new, had my Helix not quite a month now.
    [02:18:15] boxersbear: I felt some really good things the first time
    [02:18:20] Tahhh: I read that it sometimes takes a while to adjust to it...and I think probably what I need to do is find someone to guide me
    [02:18:25] B Mayfield: remember that for most people... sensations start VERY subtly
    [02:18:35] boxersbear: no orgasm but sure close
    [02:18:38] Tahhh: Yes, I read that, on line.
    [02:18:40] B Mayfield: so subtle in fact that you may ignore them at first
    [02:18:41] PerennialQuestr: i didn't feel anything until about the fifth time, really
    [02:18:48] boxersbear: I found that to be ture Mayfield
    [02:18:55] Tahhh: That's reassuring.
    [02:19:05] B Mayfield: part of this is being attentive to your body in a way that you've never done before
    [02:19:11] boxersbear: I did push it some with some nipple play though
    [02:19:13] Ace: Total relaxation and focus really helps you get going
    [02:19:18] boxersbear: which brings me to my first question
    [02:19:24] Tahhh: I was a bit disappointed that I did not feel sensations like those I feel when my doctor examines me for swelling.
    [02:19:28] PerennialQuestr: you have to let yourself... awaken. it's definitely not instantaneous. usually. ;)
    [02:19:41] bonerowner: it is hard for me to not touch my penis - I tried but so far my body craves the touch
    [02:19:41] B Mayfield: Hey...why would you want
    [02:20:01] boxersbear: I know what you mean boner
    [02:20:05] B Mayfield: The reason that you don't want to touch yourself
    [02:20:13] boxersbear: I think one thing to learn is control
    [02:20:17] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- the aneros doesn't really press with the same pressure as an inspecting finger would.
    [02:20:21] B Mayfield: is that penile sensations are so much stronger by comparison
    [02:20:33] californiavirgin: anybody here
    [02:20:51] boxersbear: My question is does nipple play take away from what the aneros is doing?
    [02:20:51] bonerowner: B Mayfield - I know - I am working on it
    [02:21:00] boxersbear: I found it enhanced it
    [02:21:00] PerennialQuestr: And the male body is hardwired to focus on penile sensation
    [02:21:05] bodyofwatr: i have my Helix in now
    [02:21:05] bonerowner: when I do touch myself it is not penile centered - I feel it in my prostate for sure
    [02:21:17] californiavirgin: i touched my perneium and started spasming the first two times;ike full body sensesation
    [02:21:20] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- i agree. it can help foster arousal
    [02:21:29] californiavirgin: now i dont feel anything
    [02:21:52] Tahhh: So, PQ, this is NOT an indication I had it inserted improperly?
    [02:21:58] rumel: Nipple play can be an extremely good arousal enhancement technique.
    [02:22:11] bonerowner: For me I started having those good feelings only when I was aroused - is: hard - I just need to rewire
    [02:22:14] bodyofwatr: i really enjoy the feeling when i clench my butt cheeks
    [02:22:26] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- right
    [02:22:31] boxersbear: but does it impede the progress of the aneros?
    [02:22:37] B Mayfield: support...I'm in and out...keeps hangin up in Safari switched to Firefox
    [02:23:11] Ace: I always relax after inserting the aneros for about 10 minutes and then start with nipple touches
    [02:23:22] bonerowner: I modified my helix - removed the tail - at the suggestion of those in the forum - does anyone feel that the tail is needed?
    [02:23:24] [email][/email]: okay B... keep trying
    [02:23:27] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- i don't think so. there is a link of sensation from nipples to prostate. it can actually help a lot
    [02:23:41] Oshea: Yeah, hanging up in Internet explorer too.
    [02:23:48] bodyofwatr: i thought iw was for anal stim
    [02:23:51] boxersbear: boner: I feel the tail tickle my cheeks which isn't bad actually
    [02:23:55] B Mayfield: one thing you guys might want to try is s p r e a d i n g you butt cheeks too!
    [02:24:03] PerennialQuestr: boner -- i took the tail off my eupho. it does feel differently
    [02:24:16] Tahhh: I kept the Aneros inserted for about one hour, and wasn't sure if I could safely sleep with it inserted.
    [02:24:20] PerennialQuestr: B -- i've done that :)
    [02:24:26] Oshea: I removed the handle as well. Seems to work much better for me now.
    [02:24:29] boxersbear: hmmm...Mayfield I'll have to try the spreading
    [02:24:40] B Mayfield: what this does is to destabilize the Aneros...forcing you to hold onto it with your contractions
    [02:25:01] B Mayfield: often times this can kick start involuntaries
    [02:25:10] boxersbear: Mayfield: sounds like a great suggestion
    [02:25:12] bonerowner: I also capped the p-tab with a vacuum hose cap for a car, now instead of a thin dime edge it is a nice round end
    [02:25:21] bonerowner: and I can remove the cap if I decide to later
    [02:25:24] PerennialQuestr: i got my most wicked involuntaries with the Eupho, so i'd have to agree
    [02:25:33] PerennialQuestr: (the trimmed Eupho, sorry)
    [02:25:44] boxersbear: great suggestions on here guys ;-)
    [02:25:45] bonerowner: good suggestion B
    [02:25:48] B Mayfield: the Eupho is definitely a good one for that!
    [02:25:54] californiavirgin: yup
    [02:26:01] Tahhh: I'm puzzled by the striations on the stem of the main body of the MGX. Was I supposed to insert it all the way?
    [02:26:31] B Mayfield: it won't insert ALL of the way to the base
    [02:26:34] Tahhh: Or were these striations places where one should allow the anus to grip the device?
    [02:26:36] bonerowner: the anreos will "settle" in the right spot
    [02:26:45] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- you really want to let your body do the pulling, i believe. just let it pull in to where it wants to stop
    [02:26:50] B Mayfield: but you will get some anal stimulation from those ribs...nice..
    [02:27:00] rumel: Tahh, your body will draw it in to the correct location.
    [02:27:02] B Mayfield: yes this is true
    [02:27:04] bonerowner: once you get past the wide area your anus shuts and the anreos gets pulled in
    [02:27:05] Ace: the striations give a definite feeling when the sphincter is clamped around it
    [02:27:11] PerennialQuestr: yeah i'm definitely curious about the MGX
    [02:27:13] boxersbear: Mayfield: I have found that to be true of the ridges
    [02:27:22] Tahhh: Hmm. PQ and rumel, could you say what you're trying to explain again, differently?
    [02:27:31] bonerowner: ribbed - for HIS pleasure - LOL
    [02:27:31] B Mayfield: and when there is movement back and forth on them as well
    [02:27:52] boxersbear: which do you have PQ?
    [02:27:54] Ace: so true
    [02:27:57] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- basically after everything is lubricated you start inserting until your anus pulls it in on its own
    [02:28:27] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- Eupho (cut) and Helix (un-modded)
    [02:28:30] bonerowner: also make sure you are using enough lube - the first time I did NOT have 5 ml - I measured out 5 ml later and could see that
    [02:28:39] B Mayfield: that's the way the it's designed to work yes
    [02:28:42] Tahhh: And when I feel my rectum pulling the device in, I should stop pushing, and allow my rectum to seat it.
    [02:28:46] californiavirgin: a
    [02:29:02] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- yes, it will come to its designed resting point
    [02:29:08] Ace: sometimes you can use too much lube
    [02:29:11] B Mayfield: not necessarily...
    [02:29:28] rumel: Once the widest part of the MGX is past the narrow part of youe sphincter muscle the sphincter pulls it in.
    [02:29:35] Tahhh: Okay, now THAT I am sure I did wrong. I was TRYING to place it in all the way, so that the "T"...
    [02:29:41] Tahhh: was at my anus.
    [02:29:48] bodyofwatr: I love the way it FINDS my G spot and stays there
    [02:29:54] PerennialQuestr: :)
    [02:30:13] boxersbear: I have just been makeing sure that the p-tab is in the proper place
    [02:30:17] PerennialQuestr: B -- not necessarily... in response to what?
    [02:30:22] boxersbear: acutally had to pull it out a little
    [02:30:22] Ace: just make sure it is lined up on the midline of the perineum and not to one side
    [02:30:34] Tahhh: So next time, I shall be more careful to push it ONLY until I feel my rectum beginning to pull it in.
    [02:30:42] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- that is a big item for me. i've started using toilet paper, folded over a few times. that seems to work perfectly
    [02:30:59] bonerowner: I also polished my Helix with a really fine emery board - feels equivalent to 6000 grit sandpaper
    [02:31:07] bodyofwatr: yes i know it is the correct depth because my perineum is stimulated when i clench
    [02:31:10] bonerowner: now my helix slides much better
    [02:31:16] B Mayfield: that you have to stop your rectum from pulling it in
    [02:31:21] boxersbear: The first time I got sort of sore, the second time it started to feel good ;-)
    [02:31:24] Ace: that is part of the pleasure when it just gets swallowed
    [02:31:42] boxersbear: that was the p-tab I was talking about
    [02:31:43] bodyofwatr: ohhhhhh yessss
    [02:31:49] PerennialQuestr: Ace -- yessss
    [02:31:52] bonerowner: My body really started craving the device after the first and second sessions
    [02:31:54] B Mayfield: the device WILL seat are basically manipulating it with contraction produce mobility
    [02:32:22] B Mayfield: the cravings yes...!
    [02:32:28] boxersbear: I was thinking of using a condom next time any thoughts on that from you guys?
    [02:32:29] Tahhh: Another thing I'd like to find is a good way to clean myself before using it.
    [02:32:52] Ace: the craving is just an ongoing experience-enjoy
    [02:32:52] B Mayfield: IMHO it's a non starter...some guys love it though
    [02:33:06] Tahhh: [I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt others...unfortunately, I cannot tell when someone else is typing.]
    [02:33:07] Oshea: Mine too Bonerowner. Trouble is, I tried too many sessions too close together and got really sore.
    [02:33:14] B Mayfield: sure it'll make cleanup a really it adds drag
    [02:33:20] rumel: I don't use a condom myself it just seems to create an extra levels of non funcitionality.
    [02:33:27] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- i have a few times, but i've not really noticed a difference one way or the other myself. yet.
    [02:33:46] boxersbear: I thouht a lube filled condom was suppose to help with mobility
    [02:34:03] bonerowner: don't get hung up on poop - it is natural and washes off - there is gonna be some - hard to avoid
    [02:34:08] bonerowner: just eat a good diet
    [02:34:28] boxersbear: Lots of fiber
    [02:34:35] B Mayfield: so some say...but I've never found it to be the case
    [02:34:39] bonerowner: yep
    [02:34:42] rumel: personally I have found the condom method ineffective.
    [02:34:42] Ace: try some metamucil every morning
    [02:34:43] PerennialQuestr: boner -- most of the time (well past 90%) it's not an issue
    [02:34:47] B Mayfield: condom adds drag
    [02:34:59] bodyofwatr: i used a nice warm enema to cleanse yesteday
    [02:35:09] boxersbear: well I won't bother with a condom then...thanks guys
    [02:35:17] B Mayfield: if you want to improve mobility...change lube and/or try smoothing out your Aneros
    [02:35:36] Ace: I have tried a condom but I want nothing between me and my aneros
    [02:35:44] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- it can't hurt to try, anyway. there's likely a lot of experimenting in your future :)
    [02:35:45] B Mayfield: well there ya go!
    [02:35:57] Tahhh: I would like to use an enema of some sort, ahead of time, but I don't know what to get to administer it.
    [02:35:57] bonerowner: guys - also another thing to keep in mind - your anus absorbs things 8 times faster than ingesting orally
    [02:36:03] bonerowner: so make sure your lube is safe
    [02:36:18] B Mayfield: this is true it can't hurt to try and you may be one of the guys that really clicks with that
    [02:36:28] bonerowner: bvy safe I mean organic natural products etc - silicone free
    [02:36:37] B Mayfield: there's been a lot said about this in the forum...
    [02:36:50] bodyofwatr: hand cream ???
    [02:36:52] B Mayfield: I would concur with silicone
    [02:37:02] PerennialQuestr: boner -- i tend to use Maximus usually
    [02:37:07] Tahhh: I used "albolene" to lubricate the Aneros before I inserted it. Is that all right?
    [02:37:07] rumel: HAND CREME NO!
    [02:37:09] bonerowner: Tahhh - go get a fleet enema kit at the drugstore
    [02:37:17] PerennialQuestr: (glycerine-free is important for me)
    [02:37:18] bodyofwatr: ot ohhh
    [02:37:21] Ace: I have been using K-Ywith some ID on top of that
    [02:37:29] boxersbear: I've been using KY and durex "play"
    [02:37:30] Tahhh: A "fleet enema" kit. Okay, I'll try that.
    [02:37:32] PerennialQuestr: or ID
    [02:37:40] B Mayfield: however, glycerin and propylene glycol the two major constituents of water based products are broken down
    [02:37:41] bonerowner: glycerine free for sure - glycerine tends to make you want to poop
    [02:37:53] B Mayfield: into harmless substances by the body
    [02:37:55] PerennialQuestr: Tahhh -- i think Albolene has been well-received by a lot of ppl
    [02:38:02] Oshea: Been using KY. Any glycerine in that?
    [02:38:11] boxersbear: hence gycerin suppositories
    [02:38:12] B Mayfield: if glycerin acts as a purgative for you that's another thing though
    [02:38:16] PerennialQuestr: B -- gylcerin for me = urge to purge ;)
    [02:38:20] PerennialQuestr: ah nvm lol
    [02:38:22] bonerowner: astroglide is glycerine and paraben free
    [02:38:32] B Mayfield: that's a different concentration of glycerin altogether
    [02:38:34] rumel: Tahh, you don't need a full "Fleet enema" just a rectal wash.
    [02:38:35] bonerowner: boy butter is best though
    [02:38:40] Anxs1: how well does astroglide hold up?
    [02:38:47] bodyofwatr: lmao
    [02:38:56] bonerowner: Anxs1 - it holds up better if you add a bit of water
    [02:38:57] bodyofwatr: boy butter ????????
    [02:39:08] bonerowner: boy butter - google it
    [02:39:11] B Mayfield: perhaps some form of Astroglide is...but there is indeed a glycerin containing product as well
    [02:39:12] boxersbear: someone posted about using vasoline and ky but I'm not so sure about pet. jelly
    [02:39:35] Anxs1: was wondering about vaseline too
    [02:39:37] B Mayfield: I was one who posted on that
    [02:39:38] PerennialQuestr: normal Astroglide does contain glycerine iirc.
    [02:39:41] bonerowner: B Mayfield - yes - you need to look for the glycerin free kind
    [02:39:42] Tahhh: I don't know what to ask for at the drug store...and I'm a little ashamed to be asking for it in the first place.
    [02:39:45] B Mayfield: I'm non plus on it these days
    [02:39:52] Anxs1: atleast for lubing the anus
    [02:39:53] B Mayfield: Why?
    [02:40:13] bonerowner: don't be ashamed - lubes make the world go round - hehe
    [02:40:19] boxersbear: well at CVS there's a BIG section just on personal lube
    [02:40:24] B Mayfield: lol
    [02:40:31] Ace: the rectum usually purges itself quite well
    [02:40:45] boxersbear: I'm sure other drug stores have a big selection as well
    [02:41:01] boxersbear: I would think astroglide would work very well
    [02:41:08] bodyofwatr: switching colors
    [02:41:26] Ace: try your local adult shop they have good selections
    [02:41:55] B Mayfield: guys I can only hang until 8:00 are there any questions that you might have???
    [02:41:55] boxersbear: I think I will steer clear of slicone based ones though
    [02:42:19] Tahhh: It's not lubricants I'm ashamed to buy; it's enemas and "rectal washes" and so on...
    [02:42:30] boxersbear: have you ever fallen asleep with yours in, happened to me yesterday it was sooo relaxing
    [02:42:34] bonerowner: as mentioned - I modified my helix witht he cap on the p-tab since I felt the dime edge p-tab was not doing the job
    [02:42:44] bonerowner: anyone think the dime edge has advantages?
    [02:42:45] PerennialQuestr: boxer --- quite a few times, on accident ;)
    [02:42:46] Ace: B, how did you first find out about the aneros?
    [02:42:51] Tahhh: B M: how long may I leave the Aneros inserted?
    [02:42:56] Anxs1: I did, but the lube dried up was annoying to remove
    [02:43:01] bonerowner: boxers - yes I slept with mine in - when I woke up it was great
    [02:43:19] boxersbear: PQ: I hadn't planned on it but yep sure was so relaxed it just happedn
    [02:43:25] rumel: Tahhh the rectal wash is accomplished with simple warm water you don't need to purchace any special compounds.
    [02:43:26] B Mayfield: I think it was Jack Johnston's site KSMO
    [02:43:43] bonerowner: I first saw it in a video on xtube - hands free orgasm with aneros
    [02:43:48] B Mayfield: the truth was I had been searching for something like this for a long time
    [02:43:49] Oshea: Anyone in here experience any trouble driving after a session?
    [02:43:50] PerennialQuestr: Wikipedia for me. I was researching human sexuality.
    [02:43:55] bodyofwatr: what are the best excercises to use?
    [02:44:06] Ace: I found it on a web site called jackinworld
    [02:44:12] Tahhh: rumel: I don't want to use anything but water--it's a DEVICE for getting the water IN I need.
    [02:44:20] boxersbear: I found out on the nipple orgasm yahoo group
    [02:44:39] PerennialQuestr: ooooo that sounds like a nice group o_0
    [02:44:43] B Mayfield: I'm not a big fan of regimented exercises
    [02:44:54] B Mayfield: to get things warmed up, great
    [02:45:02] [email][/email]: O'Shea, I like your question, please share your experience
    [02:45:09] bodyofwatr: i love nipple play too boxer
    [02:45:13] rumel: Tahh, you need to read up in the WIKI theres's help there on this subject.
    [02:45:17] Ace: Tahhh. Get a small rectal syringe at the drug store
    [02:45:20] boxersbear: Mayfield: do you "clean out" before your sesseions?
    [02:45:28] PerennialQuestr: i have to agree with B. the more i try to make it an "excercise" the less anything happens
    [02:45:32] bonerowner: Tahhh - you can also buy a baby medicine syringe and fill it with water -a also good for inserting lube
    [02:45:41] B Mayfield: sometimes...but generally I'm pretty regular that way...
    [02:45:54] B Mayfield: in terms of exercises
    [02:46:15] B Mayfield: a good thing to try is explore isolation of different muscle groups
    [02:46:15] bodyofwatr: yes ?
    [02:46:19] rumel: Oshea, no problems on my end! :smile:
    [02:46:25] boxersbear: Mayfield: I was, but think I might be over doing it since I've been almost a sesson a day
    [02:46:33] B Mayfield: that is...what does a rectal contraction feel like
    [02:46:43] B Mayfield: what does an anal contraction feel like
    [02:46:51] B Mayfield: what does a PC contraction feel like
    [02:46:55] Ace: nipple play for me only enhances the aneros session
    [02:47:09] boxersbear: same here Ace
    [02:47:12] B Mayfield: nipple play can definitely up the ante
    [02:47:13] [email][/email]: O'Shea, we need to add a label on the packaging that says "please do not attempt to operate heavy machinery
    [02:47:19] [email][/email]: the Aneros."
    [02:47:27] B Mayfield: lol
    [02:47:28] bonerowner: I found my nipples and thinghs etc were much more sensitive with it in for sure
    [02:47:32] PerennialQuestr: support, haha
    [02:47:39] [email][/email]: "after using the Aneros"
    [02:47:49] B Mayfield: definitely!
    [02:47:52] Oshea: No kidding. Felt great but was very distracting.
    [02:48:01] bonerowner: support - how long have you been an aneros user?
    [02:48:03] Anxs1: "You're excited? Feel my nipples!"
    [02:48:05] Ace: boner: you got that right
    [02:48:09] Anxs1: name the movie
    [02:48:10] boxersbear: I am in sort of a fog even the next day suppot
    [02:48:18] [email][/email]: O'Shea, that is the "rewiring" you are experiencing
    [02:48:27] [email][/email]: in time you should be able to control it
    [02:49:09] boxersbear: Glad to hear I'm not the only one to use nipple play with the aneros
    [02:49:09] PerennialQuestr: one thing i like a lot is that my arousal center has shifted deeper. it's very nice. the rewiring is awesome :)
    [02:49:14] bodyofwatr: mayfield , i will try your isolation method
    [02:49:15] Oshea: Yeah, I just push it out of my mind. Don't want to wreck nuthin.
    [02:49:15] B Mayfield: one should have to peel themselves off the ceiling after a good Super O session
    [02:49:47] bodyofwatr: have all of you used it during intercourse ?
    [02:49:59] B Mayfield: yes indeed!
    [02:50:10] Anxs1: intercourse, whats that? :P
    [02:50:18] bodyofwatr: lol
    [02:50:18] Tahhh: It is only recently, B Mayfield, that I have learnt to distinguish some of the muscles in my crotch.
    [02:50:21] Ace: I always feel that the tip of the aneros is tickeling the seminal vessicles
    [02:50:24] PerennialQuestr: Body -- i haven't had the occasion yet sadly
    [02:50:26] bonerowner: not yet - just with my fleshlight LOL
    [02:50:34] rumel: I am sorry to say that I have not.
    [02:50:37] Oshea: Still waiting for the BIG one. Keep getting interupted!
    [02:50:38] B Mayfield: this is very was the same for me!
    [02:50:41] Tahhh: It took quite a while for me to find some of these muscles and figure out how to contract them.
    [02:50:46] boxersbear: Same here Oshea
    [02:51:04] B Mayfield: this is the exploration that we must all do
    [02:51:18] B Mayfield: it's the journey that I talk about
    [02:51:33] boxersbear: Sunday I was ready for a nice session and the people next door gor real loud, the cats were scratching at the door
    [02:51:35] B Mayfield: men by in large have only know sexual gratification in one way
    [02:51:42] boxersbear: doesn't make it easy to relax
    [02:51:45] PerennialQuestr: /me nods emphatically
    [02:51:48] bonerowner: has anyone used a vibrator on the p-tab when inserted? I have a hitachi magic wand.. was gonna try that
    [02:51:51] boxersbear: or concentrate
    [02:51:57] PerennialQuestr: no emotes heh
    [02:51:58] bodyofwatr: i am reserving using the Aneros with my GF until I know more about it
    [02:52:00] Oshea: Had some pretty good multiples though. Took me a while to stop trying so hard and just let it happen. Got a lot better afte
    [02:52:02] Ace: You will find a new depth to your sexuality after mastering the aneros
    [02:52:07] Oshea: r that
    [02:52:44] PerennialQuestr: i remember when i first had orgasms without stimulating myself physically. that was intense. the potential is staggering
    [02:53:05] Ace: as someone said on the forum a vibrator would be like cutting butter with a chainsaw
    [02:53:11] B Mayfield: it's why I and others have resorted to describing this in Zen terms...
    [02:53:20] boxersbear: I guess it's not unusual but I keep looking forward to the next session even if I haven't super o'ed
    [02:53:23] B Mayfield: that was me...
    [02:53:38] B Mayfield: I
    [02:53:56] B Mayfield: I'm not a fan of vibrators...but again they've worked for some
    [02:54:09] Anxs1: anyone else have a sensation that feels like its around the pubic area that lasts for a while?
    [02:54:16] Tahhh: Thank you, gentlemen. I hope there will be other opportunities to talk and listen.
    [02:54:23] Tahhh: [bye]
    [02:54:23] B Mayfield: I don't like the idea of depending on batteries for an orgasm!
    [02:54:24] bonerowner: I am not setting any goals that I have to reach - I am just enjoying the journey
    [02:54:26] Anxs1: with the aneros out
    [02:54:35] boxersbear: GReat to see you Tahhh have a good one
    [02:54:38] bonerowner: If I super-o - GRAT, but if not just getting in touch with my body etc is what I want
    [02:54:44] PerennialQuestr: bye Tahhh
    [02:54:50] B Mayfield: good night
    [02:54:55] bonerowner: cya taah
    [02:55:13] PerennialQuestr: anxs -- i have some sensations down there all the time, even without insertion.
    [02:55:18] B Mayfield: that's a great attitude my will serve you well
    [02:55:25] Ace: sinking into the depths of pleasure during a session is orgasmic in its self
    [02:55:33] boxersbear: it's getting late here in NC but men I certainly have enjoyed this and look forward to the next
    [02:55:42] B Mayfield: PQ that's terrific...that is the essence of the rewiring process!
    [02:55:45] boxersbear: You all have been a great help
    [02:56:01] bodyofwatr: bye boxer
    [02:56:04] PerennialQuestr: good night boxer
    [02:56:07] B Mayfield: bye boxer
    [02:56:18] Ace: nite
    [02:56:21] boxersbear: here's wishing super o's to you all :-)
    [02:56:28] rumel: bye
    [02:57:04] B Mayfield: I'm going to have to fly pretty quick myself....
    [02:57:08] Ace: ok how about some more comments
    [02:57:09] PerennialQuestr: hmm
    [02:57:13] PerennialQuestr: ok good phew
    [02:57:42] PerennialQuestr: any more questions?
    [02:58:00] Ace: I am looking forward to the new Peristase
    [02:58:11] PerennialQuestr: oh me too i can't wait
    [02:58:18] rumel: Thanks B. for being here it is nice that you have a chance to speak directly to everyone.
    [02:58:31] Ace: I get a boner just looking at it
    [02:58:37] PerennialQuestr: nice to talk to ya B :)
    [02:58:40] B Mayfield: friend it's up to you now!
    [02:58:49] PerennialQuestr: haha
    [02:58:52] Ace: Thanks B
    [02:59:00] PerennialQuestr: no pressure, Rum lol
    [02:59:01] bodyofwatr: i thought one of the Aneros had a vibrator attached
    [02:59:14] rumel: Ouch!
    [02:59:21] B Mayfield: I've written a review on the Peridise and I will be releasing here at some point
    [02:59:40] PerennialQuestr: body -- there are some who like to affix such things
    [02:59:43] Ace: I think they sold a bullet to go in the handle at one time
    [02:59:44] B Mayfield: Night's been fun.....Super O's to all!
    [02:59:51] PerennialQuestr: night B
    [03:00:02] Oshea: Gnite B
    [03:00:14] bodyofwatr: yes Ace
    [03:00:47] Ace: It would ruin the experience for me
    [03:00:50] bodyofwatr: and a small steel ball in place of the dime"
    [03:01:10] PerennialQuestr: i wouldn't mind trying it once myself, just to see.
    [03:01:37] Ace: go for it, you never know until you try
    [03:02:06] bodyofwatr: someone mentioned spreading cheeks ,,,,,,,,, please explain
    [03:02:06] PerennialQuestr: yeah, but in the meantime i want to try the MGX and Progasm too, lol so oone thing at a time hehe
    [03:02:10] Ace: how long do lyour sessions usually last?
    [03:02:40] PerennialQuestr: body -- you use your hands to pull your cheeks apart a great deal. it helps destabilize your grip and might kickstart ...
    [03:02:44] PerennialQuestr: ...some involuntaries
    [03:02:45] [email][/email]: hi Everyone, we have a special announcement to make - everyone on the chat event tonight will receive a free Peridise!
    [03:02:53] PerennialQuestr: mine are usually about an hour
    [03:03:00] bonerowner: woohoo!
    [03:03:06] PerennialQuestr: support are you serious?
    [03:03:11] bodyofwatr: squatting , lying down ??
    [03:03:14] [email][/email]: please email us at [email][/email] immediately after the event with your username and mailing information
    [03:03:15] Valentine: !! I totally just made it!!!
    [03:03:16] boxersbear: woohoo too :-)
    [03:03:18] Oshea: Way cool!
    [03:03:27] PerennialQuestr: body -- i think it's easiest on your back
    [03:03:30] PerennialQuestr: omg
    [03:03:31] [email][/email]: hi PQ, we are indeed not kidding
    [03:03:32] bonerowner: that is awesome - thanks support!
    [03:03:39] PerennialQuestr: that is AWESOME Support! thank you!!!!!
    [03:03:58] [email][/email]: these chat events are the definitely a great way to share information and this one is going great
    [03:04:00] rumel: body.. spreading the cheeks makes you work your sphincter harder to keeep the Aneros inserted.
    [03:04:16] Valentine: my guardian angels totally woke me up from my nap just in time!!!
    [03:04:32] Valentine: j/k
    [03:04:33] PerennialQuestr: Valentine :)
    [03:04:36] bonerowner: I read that the peridise is good for women too? so it doesn't stim the prostate per se - I assume... is this right?
    [03:04:37] bodyofwatr: i will try it
    [03:04:45] PerennialQuestr: I'm dumbstruck o_0
    [03:04:51] Oshea: Anyone here experienced with the Progasm? Everything I read says its awesome once you get used to it.
    [03:05:03] bodyofwatr: TY soupport !!!
    [03:05:09] [email][/email]: hi V, yep you did pick a great event (and time) to join!
    [03:05:19] PerennialQuestr: nbner -- no it works by initiating peristalsis. i'm very very very anxious to try it out
    [03:05:24] boxersbear: ty support glad I came back ;_)
    [03:05:28] PerennialQuestr: *boner rather
    [03:05:41] bonerowner: cool - sounds great :)
    [03:05:56] boxersbear: I just remebered I had one more question guys
    [03:06:02] [email][/email]: hi boxers, we had you down anyway :wink:
    [03:06:03] PerennialQuestr: I guess we will find out!
    [03:06:04] rumel: Oshea, the progasm is in mystable and it is a good tool but takes a little getting used to.
    [03:06:11] boxersbear: thanks suppor
    [03:06:39] boxersbear: I was wondering it there's such a thing as too many sessons
    [03:06:45] PerennialQuestr: i was going to purchase one as soon as they came out. i suppose i can try the MGX or Progasm instead now, wow
    [03:06:50] Valentine: Yeah, thanks support!
    [03:07:00] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- hmmmm. i think this depends mostly on your own cycle of arousal
    [03:07:03] bodyofwatr: i have a smooth shaved perineum ,,,,,,,,, anyone else think thats ok ?
    [03:07:03] boxersbear: and does a good rest in between help or not?
    [03:07:05] Ace: Support, I got frozen out again, thanks for the gift
    [03:07:14] PerennialQuestr: recently i've been having one (sometimes two) a night, and it hasn't hurt at all
    [03:07:21] Oshea: I'm not in a hurry, I'm still learning my way around the Helix. Luvin it though!
    [03:07:30] PerennialQuestr: body -- you remind me i need to shave again. i think it does help a lot
    [03:07:40] bonerowner: boxer - I decided to skip a day between sessions and found myslef craving it, so I did it anyway hehe
    [03:07:41] bodyofwatr: lol
    [03:07:56] Oshea: Thanks Support, I think thats awesome.
    [03:08:08] boxersbear: sounds like me boner
    [03:08:09] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- rest from a session can help keep the inner tension. but again, you will have to find out your own rhythm, really.
    [03:08:26] Ace: I keep myself shaven and I think it enhances the session
    [03:08:44] PerennialQuestr: being shaven definitely helps with p-tab contact, for me
    [03:08:52] boxersbear: good point PQ
    [03:09:04] boxersbear: I'm not all that hairy there anyway
    [03:09:09] rumel: body.. I "nair" my perineum rather than shave it , it reduces itching from stubble outgrowth.
    [03:09:20] bodyofwatr: i think one of the best features of Aneros is ,,, you insert it and leave it in - no need to keep your hands on it
    [03:09:23] Oshea: I find I get a little sore if I over do it. But your right about the cravings.
    [03:09:30] PerennialQuestr: rumel -- so it is safe? because i've wondered if i could do that
    [03:09:42] Ace: I shave every few days so it stays down
    [03:10:24] PerennialQuestr: what positions has everyone tried so far?
    [03:10:34] bodyofwatr: ive used the nair too ,,, but only where I cnat reach
    [03:10:35] rumel: PQ, I believe it's safe, you're not doin it internally.
    [03:10:43] PerennialQuestr: (for me, my sides, my stomach, and occasionally my back)
    [03:10:54] PerennialQuestr: rumel -- thanks i will definitely do that :)
    [03:10:57] bonerowner: i have tried every position I can think of - laying on my stomach with my back arched felt really good
    [03:11:05] bodyofwatr: sitting
    [03:11:20] Oshea: I've tried laying on both sides and that works pretty well but my best results came after i cut the tail
    [03:11:22] PerennialQuestr: boner -- when i'm on my stomach my back tends to arch on its own after a while *grins*
    [03:11:22] Ace: I have tried standing, face down kneeling, but like flat on my back best
    [03:11:24] Valentine: same as PQ
    [03:11:35] Ace: with knees raised
    [03:11:44] Oshea: off the helix and layed on my back. Orgasms in minutes
    [03:11:51] PerennialQuestr: i have a favorite side, too, which i don't quite understand. my sleeping side
    [03:12:17] Ace: you are comfortable that way
    [03:12:30] boxersbear: PQ that's the postion I was in when I feel asleep
    [03:12:32] bonerowner: when I say back arched I mean with my head up and my butt/groin grinding in to the bed - with a curve to my spine
    [03:12:45] Oshea: I find if I fall asleep with it in, when I wake up it rocks my world.
    [03:12:53] PerennialQuestr: boner -- ah a pronounced arch? i will try it!
    [03:12:57] Ace: some times I arch my back and the tail will touch the floor, wow
    [03:13:04] rumel: any position that gets your motor purring is good!
    [03:13:13] bonerowner: Oshea - I felt that too when I did it - I think it is because you are so relaxed when you wake up - no tension
    [03:13:18] boxersbear: so ture rumel
    [03:13:24] PerennialQuestr: i've tried all fours, too. that's a nice vulnerable feeling
    [03:14:15] bonerowner: so far it has not been anything special on my side - but I know a lot of guys prefer that
    [03:14:16] Ace: My favorite is the Progasm, how about you all?
    [03:14:17] boxersbear: I tried on my stomach but it kept stiumlating my penis so I returned to my side
    [03:14:43] boxersbear: only tried the mgx so far and love it
    [03:14:55] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- you could try shifting the penis to a more backward arrangement, kinda between your legs. it helps, for me, anyway
    [03:14:56] bonerowner: I think my biggest hurdle will be NOT touching my penis
    [03:15:12] boxersbear: hmmm...will try that pq
    [03:15:13] PerennialQuestr: it does take a LOT of effort
    [03:15:34] Oshea: I'm thinking seriously of buying a progasm. Saw ArticWolves video. Wow.
    [03:15:34] boxersbear: but worth that effort I believe
    [03:15:40] Ace: concentrate, it will drive lou to orgasm
    [03:15:59] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- also i've started putting my fist down there... per Darwin's suggestion (and someone else too, can't remember) ...
    [03:16:07] bodyofwatr: im gonna try sleeping with the helix inside me tonight
    [03:16:11] PerennialQuestr: ...that helps kinda... "block out" the penis
    [03:16:17] bonerowner: when I do touch myself I find I am not touching myself in the same way that I do without the aneros _ do a lot more squeezin
    [03:16:20] boxersbear: but your fist where pq?
    [03:16:26] bonerowner: than tugging
    [03:16:53] PerennialQuestr: boxer -- over your pubic region, over (er under i suppose) your prostate
    [03:17:09] bonerowner: I am g0onna try the fist in pubic bone method, but I have a few extra pounds - may not work the same on me
    [03:17:27] rumel: body ... be careful while sleeping with the unit in , you can hurt yourself if you toss and turn alot at night.
    [03:17:34] PerennialQuestr: i feel something and i have some pounds too ;)
    [03:17:37] Ace: That is one I am going to try also
    [03:17:44] bonerowner: PQ - cool
    [03:18:00] bodyofwatr: ok thanks
    [03:18:22] bodyofwatr: arctic wolves ????
    [03:18:39] bonerowner: maybe they should market a "prostate stim" belt - a tight belt with a wad of hard plastic in that area
    [03:18:57] Ace: check his post on the forum
    [03:19:03] Valentine: vibrating plastic
    [03:19:07] PerennialQuestr: boner -- it would have to suck up tight but it might work
    [03:19:11] Oshea: I think that was his user name. Check the forum his post is there.
    [03:19:13] bodyofwatr: ok ace
    [03:19:31] rumel: Arctic Wolves was one of the few lucky ones who get to a Super-O quickly.
    [03:19:45] boxersbear: where is this video at?
    [03:20:12] Ace: he has it linked on his post
    [03:20:26] boxersbear: oh, ok
    [03:20:26] PerennialQuestr: "super O videos" or some title like that
    [03:20:29] Ace: it is on x-tube
    [03:20:41] bodyofwatr: was he using the helix ?
    [03:20:57] boxersbear: well guys I'm really leaveing now. Thanks again it's been grand and you all have been a great help
    [03:20:57] bonerowner: Aneros should sponsor a video contest - users post vids at xtube or youporn with testimonials - winner could get gift certifi
    [03:21:00] bonerowner: cate
    [03:21:07] PerennialQuestr: Progasm i ~believe~
    [03:21:20] PerennialQuestr: take care boxer
    [03:21:24] boxersbear: thanks again support I'm going to get that email off, and thanks again for the gift
    [03:21:33] Ace: see you boxer
    [03:21:47] [email][/email]: boxer - yes, send it our way as soon as you can
    [03:21:55] rumel: Good bye boxersbear.
    [03:22:12] PerennialQuestr: i don't know if i could be confident enough to do a video. audio, however... maybe
    [03:22:25] boxersbear: will do and thanks again, good night you all from North Carolina. Cum back ya hear!
    [03:22:28] boxersbear: :-)
    [03:22:37] Ace: audio would be good, I am a real screamer
    [03:22:40] PerennialQuestr: seeya!
    [03:22:44] bonerowner: vid wouldn't have to be of you using it - just talking about your experience - I dunno - just an idea
    [03:22:46] Valentine: Yeah, I suspect most aneros users aren't exhibitionists
    [03:22:48] PerennialQuestr: i'm pretty vocal myself heh
    [03:22:57] PerennialQuestr: boner -- ahhhhhhhhhh i could do that
    [03:23:32] PerennialQuestr: like the interview vids at beautiful agony. i see :)
    [03:23:44] bodyofwatr: who in here ,,,,,, has the helix ?
    [03:23:50] bonerowner: I rally want to tell all of my male friends about the aneros - spread the word - like gospel hehe
    [03:23:52] Ace: Bone: read the forums, lots of stories there. They will turn you on
    [03:23:53] PerennialQuestr: i do it was my first
    [03:23:57] bonerowner: I have a helix
    [03:24:14] Ace: I have one
    [03:24:22] rumel: I have a modified Helix and it is my current favorite.
    [03:24:27] PerennialQuestr: next will be MGX or Progasm, although I can't decide. probably both LOL
    [03:24:31] bonerowner: mine is modified also
    [03:24:39] Oshea: Sorry guys, froze up again. Im back. That video is at
    [03:24:52] bonerowner: eupho looks good too
    [03:25:06] Ace: Good going Oshea
    [03:25:34] PerennialQuestr: the eupho is nice for sure. i like how the p-tab digs in really well, yet the body is pretty free-floating
    [03:25:37] Ace: Lots of rocking with the eupho
    [03:25:41] bodyofwatr: i was NOT going to spend the $70 ,,,,,,, but im glad i did
    [03:26:03] PerennialQuestr: i thought the same, body. now i feel silly for ever doubting
    [03:26:27] Oshea: I have only tried the Helix. It made a beliver out of me and I was very skeptical.
    [03:26:35] Ace: for sure PQ
    [03:27:07] PerennialQuestr: although it's understandable. it's a totally different paradigm, one which most guys have no experience with at all
    [03:27:10] bodyofwatr: do you all spend time in the Wiki here ?
    [03:27:15] PerennialQuestr: tragically
    [03:27:25] bonerowner: yes the wiki is great
    [03:27:30] PerennialQuestr: i've read it
    [03:27:36] bonerowner: but what is the bee-line?
    [03:27:37] Ace: I have been into anal masturbation for some time and am glad to have found aneros
    [03:27:43] PerennialQuestr: it's nice to have the info collated and organized
    [03:27:53] bodyofwatr: hmmmmmmmm - dont know
    [03:28:11] bonerowner: I was never in to anal stimulation of any kind before but was always aware of feelings and contractiosn and muscles there
    [03:28:19] PerennialQuestr: i don't know what happened to the beeline
    [03:28:51] PerennialQuestr: if not for the aneros forum i probably never would have learned that my nipples are VERY sensitive, or can be.
    [03:28:52] [email][/email]: hi everyone, the bee-line was a feature on the previous version of the website
    [03:28:54] rumel: The Wiki was the result of culling much of the information produced by BF Mayfield over the years, and extracting from the
    [03:29:03] rumel: the Forum posts.
    [03:29:09] PerennialQuestr: i've had orgasms from touching them which is amazing
    [03:29:11] Valentine: I thought the beeline got put aside/assimilated into the wiki because the wiki does what the beeline was supposed to
    [03:29:18] bonerowner: anyone can add tot he wiki
    [03:29:25] bodyofwatr: my anal experience has mostly been enemas
    [03:29:31] [email][/email]: it allowed users to submit tips, and other users to keep a "watchlist" of their favorite tips
    [03:29:56] Valentine: how is an enema body?
    [03:30:00] PerennialQuestr: ahh
    [03:30:08] [email][/email]: there were some several great tips submitted, but not many users made use of the watchlist
    [03:30:17] Oshea: So, what do you call the new model that Support just turned us on to?
    [03:30:27] bodyofwatr: very exciting
    [03:30:28] bonerowner: peridisis
    [03:30:29] [email][/email]: so it has taken a back seat to features like the chat center and wiki
    [03:30:39] PerennialQuestr: i think the Wiki does a good job of supplnanting it, Support
    [03:30:49] bonerowner: ok cool support
    [03:30:57] PerennialQuestr: Oshea -- the Peridise?
    [03:30:59] Ace: Great Job
    [03:31:01] bonerowner: sounds redundant with the wiki in place
    [03:31:12] [email][/email]: boner - it very well could be
    [03:31:20] Ace: The new forum format is also very good
    [03:31:30] [email][/email]: we do have some ideas for a Bee-Line 2.0, but nothing concrete
    [03:31:49] bonerowner:
    [03:31:50] Oshea: Cool name, does it work the same as the others with the prostate? I think I saw a picture on line.
    [03:31:53] PerennialQuestr: i agree. i like the site much better all-around now. you guys did a good job with the upgrade
    [03:32:06] [email][/email]: as for the iki, it's awesome - thanks to Rumel, B Mayfield and Darwin. they did an incredible job and put a
    [03:32:11] [email][/email]: ton of effort into it
    [03:32:16] [email][/email]: as far as the Wiki
    [03:32:28] Valentine: i like the "for use during sexual." spelling mistake
    [03:32:35] bonerowner: yepo - forum is great - would like vbulletin but the phpBB does the job fine
    [03:32:40] PerennialQuestr: Oshea -- it's not prostate-based
    [03:32:50] Valentine: the link should say "...for use during sex."
    [03:33:03] Ace: Support: All of my other aneros products are white but my progasm is blue, why?
    [03:33:07] bonerowner: I noticed that - hehe
    [03:33:18] bodyofwatr: support ,,,,, how do i scroll back up ??
    [03:33:20] PerennialQuestr: Ace -- the progasm comes in colors :)
    [03:33:33] Ace: Mine is
    [03:33:46] Ace: Blue
    [03:33:55] bonerowner: the progasm is silicone, right?
    [03:34:16] Ace: Not lthat I know of
    [03:34:26] [email][/email]: Hi body, I am keeping a running transcript of the chat event, which we'll post after it's done
    [03:34:36] [email][/email]: unfortunately, no way to scroll back up
    [03:34:50] bodyofwatr: ok thanks
    [03:34:58] Ace: My progasm is solid just like the others
    [03:35:10] PerennialQuestr: i'm not sure what the progasm is made of. i don't know if it's the same type of plastic or not. i don't think it is, though
    [03:35:12] rumel: Support the other models are made from acetal what is the Progasm made from?
    [03:35:22] [email][/email]: unfortunately, i have been following the chat closely so there are some gaps (copying and pasting)
    [03:35:56] [email][/email]: Ace, as far as the colors, we had a lot of demand to offer a model in colors
    [03:36:07] bodyofwatr: i was looking for the wolf vid website
    [03:36:11] Ace: Whatever it is made from, it really works
    [03:36:21] [email][/email]: rumel, the progasm is made out of polystyrene
    [03:36:24] bonerowner: I think
    [03:36:45] rumel: Thanks for the info.
    [03:36:50] PerennialQuestr:
    [03:36:50] Valentine: Body, you can check out the chat history if you look at the top of the screen and see "History" underscored at the top left..
    [03:36:52] Valentine: corner.
    [03:36:54] bonerowner: why is the progasm made from a different material and not acetal?
    [03:36:59] PerennialQuestr: there ya go, Body
    [03:37:14] Ace: Support: why a change in materials?
    [03:37:26] bodyofwatr: thought i would check it out
    [03:37:54] [email][/email]: Ace, two reasons
    [03:37:59] [email][/email]: color and weight
    [03:38:00] bodyofwatr: thank you pq
    [03:38:19] PerennialQuestr: welcome :)
    [03:38:21] Ace: Thanks support
    [03:38:22] [email][/email]: the colors are more vibrant with polystyrene, and the weight of polystyrene is lighter than acetal
    [03:38:26] bonerowner: so the progasm would be too heavy if made from acetal?
    [03:38:46] bodyofwatr: i gotta go - thanks everyone
    [03:38:47] PerennialQuestr: that makes sense. the balance is pretty important
    [03:38:54] [email][/email]: for the balance of the progasm, the lighter polystyrene makes it more mobile
    [03:38:54] Oshea: Gotta call it a night guys. Nice chattin with you. Hope to do it again soon. Thanks again Support.
    [03:38:55] PerennialQuestr: goodnight body
    [03:39:08] PerennialQuestr: night Oshea
    [03:39:38] rumel: Good bye bodyowatr, thanks for participating.
    [03:39:40] Ace: I have to go guy's time is running out for me
    [03:39:45] bonerowner: support - makes sense - thanks - just curious - I thought maybe it meant that all models were going to shift to polystyrene n
    [03:39:51] PerennialQuestr: goodnight Ace :)
    [03:40:03] Ace: This has been very fun and informative
    [03:40:07] rumel: Good night Oshea.
    [03:40:24] Ace: And support, thanks again
    [03:40:29] rumel: Bye Ace
    [03:40:32] [email][/email]: bone - it wouldn't be too heavy, would require more pc muscle strength
    [03:40:49] bonerowner: yes - it has been a lot more fun that I thought it would be - and the free goodie is a bonus :)
    [03:40:54] [email][/email]: it progasm is already quite heavy compared to the other models
    [03:41:05] bonerowner: I bet it is
    [03:41:37] PerennialQuestr: i definitely want to tru it. i imagine by now i can use it comfortably
    [03:41:41] PerennialQuestr: *try
    [03:42:02] bonerowner: me too
    [03:42:54] [email][/email]: for the last 15-20 minutes, I thought we'd set aside some time for Q&A with us, so if you have any questions, fire away :smi
    [03:43:02] [email][/email]: :smile:
    [03:43:20] PerennialQuestr: Support -- will you ever use a nick so we can tell you apart? *winks*
    [03:43:35] rumel: The Progasm is not as mobile as the other models but does have a fuller feel to it.
    [03:44:17] [email][/email]: PQ :smile:
    [03:44:20] bndal: hey there
    [03:44:30] bonerowner: support - are you ever going to offer a package deal? for people who want to try more than one model?
    [03:44:36] PerennialQuestr: Support -- are there any other Aneros models in dev or will you start moving to other areas?
    [03:45:00] bndal: i'm new to this - just bought my first aneros tonight...
    [03:45:06] [email][/email]: PQ we do offer special sets that offer more than one model with some savings
    [03:45:10] PerennialQuestr: yay bndal!
    [03:45:16] bndal: is there any type of guide to using it on the website?
    [03:45:43] Valentine: yeah, hit up the wiki!!!
    [03:45:49] bonerowner: hmm - will have to look around - didn't see that
    [03:45:51] PerennialQuestr: bndal -- i would definitely recommend checking out the wiki:
    [03:45:54] rumel: bndal - GO READ THE WIKI!
    [03:46:01] bonerowner: also - a suggestion - have someone make an animated gif or short movie showing what the aneros does inernally during mini o's
    [03:46:04] PerennialQuestr: lots of nice info, in one place :)
    [03:46:04] [email][/email]: hi bndal, there is a ton of great information to be found all over the site, the wiki and forum are great places
    [03:46:12] bonerowner: or super o's
    [03:46:47] bonerowner: not with a pic - but a cutaway drawing
    [03:47:03] PerennialQuestr: ooooo interesting picture, bone
    [03:47:15] bndal: thanks :-)
    [03:47:45] PerennialQuestr: Support -- have you thought about designing something that functions similar to the Aneros but for women? is it feasible?
    [03:47:47] bonerowner: I have to run now - it has been fun - thanks again support - I just sent an email to you
    [03:48:01] PerennialQuestr: boner goodnight
    [03:48:04] [email][/email]: thanks Boner!
    [03:48:21] rumel: Goodnight bonerowner.
    [03:48:35] PerennialQuestr: oh wait i'm asking the wrong questions maybe. you have to have some secrets heh
    [03:48:45] PerennialQuestr: can we visit your offices, Support?
    [03:49:03] [email][/email]: PQ, the Peridise is our first attempt to bridge the gap for women. However, the anal and vaginal muscles
    [03:49:11] [email][/email]: operate very differently from one another
    [03:49:31] [email][/email]: so it's very tough to build something specifically for the vagina that operates on the same technical
    [03:49:34] PerennialQuestr: i thought so. it's too bad, really.
    [03:49:37] [email][/email]: principles as the Aneros
    [03:50:44] [email][/email]: haha, PQ sure... you won't see a giant Aneros billboard with blinking lights though
    [03:51:18] [email][/email]: :wink:
    [03:51:26] PerennialQuestr: hehehe. i am serious though. it would be nice to see some faces and shake some hands, to show appreciation
    [03:51:45] PerennialQuestr: and why isn't there an Aneros billboard yet?!!!
    [03:52:27] [email][/email]: you would be more than welcome!
    [03:52:44] PerennialQuestr: allright then i will start designing one right away!
    [03:52:47] PerennialQuestr: hahaha
    [03:53:15] PerennialQuestr: you guys should ask some questions while there is opportunity :)
    [03:53:18] [email][/email]: we do also attend a few industry trade shows each year open to the public
    [03:53:18] rumel: claiforniavirgin , it is OK for you to ask a Question.
    [03:53:40] Valentine: Like the la eroticon
    [03:53:48] Valentine: or something like that
    [03:54:01] [email][/email]: V - we will be at Erotica LA this year
    [03:54:22] PerennialQuestr: nice. if only i lived close enough ;)
    [03:54:50] rumel: Support - When is that event?
    [03:54:52] Valentine: Woo! LA is only an hour away!!
    [03:55:09] PerennialQuestr: so when do we see merchandise with secret insignias? o_0
    [03:55:24] [email][/email]: rumel - it's in June, you can google it easily
    [03:56:04] [email][/email]: Rumel is creator of the SOS sign, you will have to check with him. :laugh:
    [03:56:15] rumel: Thanks, maybe I'll try to get down that way.
    [03:56:18] PerennialQuestr: Rumel -- what's this?
    [03:56:20] bndal: do most guys masturbate while using the aneros?
    [03:56:51] PerennialQuestr: bndal -- i can't speak for anyone, but i don't. usually.
    [03:57:12] [email][/email]: PQ, we also have some T-shirts that we bring to trade shows that have an Aneros on the front
    [03:57:22] [email][/email]: and say "Up Yours" on the back
    [03:57:29] Valentine: awesome
    [03:57:38] [email][/email]: we may offer these on the website at some point in the future
    [03:57:39] rumel: bndal - I have but that's not what I'm after.
    [03:57:40] PerennialQuestr: ahhhhhh man! now i really wish i could come!
    [03:58:30] [email][/email]: bndal, you picked up a good time to join the event, you will receive a free Peridise
    [03:58:34] Valentine: look, PQ, its not that great, there is just... sex stuff everywhere!!! :)
    [03:58:44] [email][/email]: just email us with your username and mailing info after the event ends
    [03:59:06] Valentine: I think there are porn stars there too
    [03:59:15] PerennialQuestr: Valentine -- i don't want to attend for the event, LOL. i'd like to grab some swag and meet the company :)
    [04:00:15] [email][/email]: hi everyone, well that Chat Event will be ending very soon, any last thoughts?
    [04:00:29] Valentine: when is the next chat?
    [04:00:43] PerennialQuestr: thank you for this occasion! very nice and fun!
    [04:01:08] [email][/email]: V- it's going to be in two months, we will post it soon. If there is more demand we can do it more often.
    [04:01:23] PerennialQuestr: i'm still speechless about the free Peridise.... thank you so much!
    [04:01:31] PerennialQuestr: you guys are awesome!
    [04:01:33] rumel: Support - I think this event went very nicely, and you did a good job of providing some structure at the beginning
    [04:01:41] [email][/email]: You are very welcome!
    [04:01:41] Valentine: Yes, thank you support!!!
    [04:01:50] [email][/email]: rumel - thank you, as always
    [04:01:56] rumel: which helped people to focus on topics, Thanks.
    [04:01:57] PerennialQuestr: thanks everyone for chatting :) have a good night!
    [04:02:32] [email][/email]: ok everyone, with that, we'd like to thank everyone again. it's been great, thanks for attending! the room will be open
    [04:02:43] bndal: thanks!
    [04:02:48] [email][/email]: for another 5-10 minutes before the system shuts down the room
    [04:03:00] [email][/email]: Thanks AGAIN!!!
    [04:03:06] PerennialQuestr: thanks everyone :) thank you support!!!
    [04:03:14] PerennialQuestr: good night all
    [04:03:39] rumel: Thanks Support for providing the opportunity.
    [04:04:07] rumel: Goodnight PQ
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
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    Damn, i wish i could have been part of this. a Free Peridise, now i am envious!!:P
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    It was a great event! I felt that there was a lot of good energy and helpful info being shared, and of course the complimentary Peridise is awesome - I am really looking forward to trying it out! :)

    Thanks again Aneros support!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Hey Guys!

    Hope I can catch the next one???

    An e-mail to my personal e-mail would help allot tho, Support??? (hint - hint . . .)

    Ouch! . . . 7 p.m. PST is 11:00 p.m. Eastern, right???

    Oh, well!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • bonerownerbonerowner
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    hlaser99 said:

    Ouch! . . . 7 p.m. PST is 11:00 p.m. Eastern, right???

    7:00 p.m. PST is 10:00 p.m. EST
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    hlaser99 said:

    Ouch! . . . 7 p.m. PST is 11:00 p.m. Eastern, right???

    7:00 p.m. PST is 10:00 p.m. EST

    Thanks, bonerowner!

    That's a little better, although 9:00 EST would be even better!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
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    9 or 10 pm ? I should be so lucky! Spare a thought for us Anerosteers here in the UK (England that is...) Chat was 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. !! over here.

    Maybe I'll stay up for the next one, (if it's just a bit more sensibly timed :wink: )

    Old Wolf
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    [quote=Old Wolf]9 or 10 pm ? I should be so lucky! Spare a thought for us Anerosteers here in the UK (England that is...) Chat was 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. !! over here.

    Maybe I'll stay up for the next one, (if it's just a bit more sensibly timed :wink: )

    Old Wolf

    Hey Old Wolf!

    Now I "really" don't feel like the Lone Ranger then!

    From your writing style, I would have guessed Montana or Wyoming in the South West U.S.??? I even pictured you in a Log Cabin
    and hunting Coyote and Bear! LOL!

    Any way! The KSMO chats started early p.m. EST and on Saturday or Sunday, after much debate! They have a world-wide participation, as well!
    I suggest about 1:00 p.m. EST, so the whole planet can tune-in and still be able to make it to work the next day or whatever!

    What do you all think???

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
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    hlaser, well you got the SW bit right anyway, lol.

    Writing style= SW US - Montana/Wyoming?? Interesting. I've never even been over the pond let alone Montana or Wyoming. Log cabin? - I wish. 32ft trailer actually. And as for hunting coyote or bear...
    Suffice to say that I get cross when I hear the sound of farmers' shotguns when they take it upon themselves to tinker with the local ecosystem. And anyway, aren't coyote's a close cousin of wolves?
    I'd love to go hunting with a camera in Montana/Wyoming though...

    Back to earth, 1 p.m. EST would be 9 p.m. over here, so fine. I could do that.

    Contributions anyone? Some sort of consensus re next chat's timeline would be good.

    Old Wolf