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More orgasm, less sleep
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Last night I enjoyed myself for about three hours before going to sleep. I only slept about five hours and woke up very stiff (only in the right place of course). So I enjoyed myself another hour before getting up feeling completely refreshed and energized.

    This has gone on every night since I last “spent” myself over a week ago, more hours of orgasms, less hours of sleep. And I’m feeling great!

    Any of you guys having the same experience, more orgasms, less sleep, that is, as long as you are able to “contain” yourselves?
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hmmm, interesting. Up to yesterday morning I'd gone 9 days without 'spending' and I'd been following a regime similar to yours. 2-3 hrs Aneros before sleep, wake early, 1- 1.5 hrs morning session. Feel great all day. Yesterday a.m. just had to have a 'wet-one'. I felt fine for the 1st hr or 2 but soon began to feel terrible. I was depressed, irritable, and later, sleepy. I nearly fell asleep whilst visiting my elderly mother, (normally she's the one who sleeps, lol) and when I got home I slept for 2+ hours and still felt tired, drained and grouchy. I'm resting from all things 'orgasmic' till tomorrow night as I have to work tomorrow morning. I'm hoping that after a trembly Saturday night session I'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed again Sunday... (And, hopefully, awake in time for an early session! :twisted: )

    I generally go at least 10 days between Super-Ts since I started regular Aneros use a year ago, and feel much more 'up-and-at-em' as a result. I think my longest spell without is 14 days. Yours?

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Thanks Old Wolf for sharing your experience.

    My record without ejaculating is 21 days some months ago, and I managed this three of four times in succession ending each period with a preplanned super-nova. But since starting the Omega-Rx I've never managed to contain myself for more than 12 days in a row and often miss-fire after only a few days, as the intensity is just too overwhelming. But when I miss-fire I do so "lightly" and manage to spend only a little.

    Now I'm almost afraid to plan for a massive super-T, especially after what you say, as it may put me completely out for some days, and I'm not retired yet! Can you imagine me explaining to my boss that I'm planning to have a massive orgasm and will need time off to recuperate, that is, if I don't pass on into eternity in the process!

    By the way, prior to getting into ejaculation control and super orgasms, the longest I ever went without coming, since puberty, was 14 days, and that was about 15 years ago because I had a severe cold. I had taken Sudafed (a very bad idea) and it had dried me out completely. I went for a pee and huge globs of very thick jelly came out of me. No pleasure at all, just a spontaneous ejaculation with no stimulation whatever. That was before I learned about "alternative" medicine. Now I find that the best medicine for a cold, or for anything, is a good long session of profound orgasmic pleasure. It is amazing how it immediately makes one feel so healthy and well again.

    I guess the best thing is to plan a super-T early some Friday evening (but after Battlestar Galactica), or Saturday if you have to work Saturdays, and then take a melatonin and sleep till noon the next day.

    I hope you recuperate quickly. A good sleep tonight should make all the difference.

    Grand Tiger
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    I'm with you on non spending.
    I definitely have more energy and my mind is clearer.
    Sleeping is definitely decreased as long as I keep a sufficient food intake, I think having your prostate activated more of the time could possibly cause a need for more food energy than usual...
    not sure ..I'm real slim so maybe I just need to eat more anyway .
    I have noticed that I go longer and longer each time I "Spend".
    I'm up to about 21 days now and have no urge to spend anymore.
    However I do find it necessary to be slightly careful not to let my penis get too stimulated especially when I'm having a real good session(And lately I'v been TOTALY satisfied FLOORED realy).
    I'm considering spending on purpose however as one poster recomended cleaning the pipes...I dunno I don't realy wanna...
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    [quote=Old Wolf]Yesterday a.m. just had to have a 'wet-one'. I felt fine for the 1st hr or 2 but soon began to feel terrible. I was depressed, irritable, ...

    I hope you are already feeling much better Old Wolf.

    I have a Maven masturbator arriving in a few days from Never used anything like this before and I'm greatly looking forward to it. It has a closed end, and I just had an idea ...

    If we don't get grossed out, we might avoid the downside of massive super-T ejaculations if we recycle, so to speak, as it is highly nutritious. A closed-end sleeve primed with fruit-flavored aloe gel would maximize the "return." Just a thought. Perhaps I'll manage to bring myself to trying it. Anyone else got experience in this?

  • I have a Maven masturbator arriving ...

    I just looked up that Maven to see what you were talking about. It looks similar to the Fleshlight. If you are interested in this sort of toy, you really should have a look at the fleshlight. I have tried quite a few different "pocket pussy" type of toys. They all ended up in the trash except for my fleshlights.

    I own two Fleshlights: the STU (Stamina Training Unit) and the "Wonder Wave". I first purchased the STU and was so impressed that I purchased the Wonder Wave. The Wonder Wave is the way to go. I don't use the STU much since I got the Wonder Wave.

    You should give these a look. In order to get one just how you want it. Make sure to do the "Build Your Own". Here's the direct link:

    If you want to take a look at the STU model here is the direct link. It's kinda hard to find if you are unfamiliar with the Fleshlight website:

    I swear... the fleshlight feels almost better than the real thing. Don't get me wrong. I still prefer the real thing because there is nothing like the experience of being with a woman. The fleshlight lacks personality, legs, boobs, etc. But you get the picture.

    By the way, one more reason to like the Fleshlight is because they recently started selling the Aneros MGX on there website. That's how I discovered Aneros a couple days ago![/i]
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Thanks MegaByteMe for all your advice. I responded in more detail to your post on the "great prostate massage site" thread.

    Anyway, Old Wolf, last night, after about two hours of internal and external massaging, I "dispensed" myself, but instead of going for a massive super-T, I managed a slow steady relaxed dispensation, huge volumes over about half a minute or more of utter bliss.

    I felt wonderful afterwards but was very thirsty. So I got up, it was about midnight, took a zinc supplement, poured myself a Sam Adams, ate a few peanuts, went to bed and slept till after ten this morning feeling wonderfully refreshed and ready to start over.

    So perhaps a relaxed slow "dispensation" is the key to feeling great afterwards. We'll have to think of a new name for this kind of slow release. It was pure ecstasy.