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Corn starch lube, anyone?
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    This is part of a post, I just made to a thread I started awhile ago - "The Real question about the Aneros world"

    I wanted to start a thread with the suggested homemade corn starch lube as the subject, so it did not get lost in subject of the other thread.

    So, go to the link -

    Or, the author's text is...

    "Until they change, vegetable glycerine mixed with water makes a safe, natural lubricant.

    One can also make a natural lubricant by heating 4 teaspoons of corn starch with 1 cup of water. Keep stirring. Eventually, a slick gel will form. Refrigerate the mixture until ready for use.

    The only lubricant on the market that appears to be safe for use is called Probe, which contains few ingredients, no benzoates, and uses citrus seed extract as a preservative."

    I assume the Probe suggestion is because there was not much commercially available that was "natural"...

    This was written in 1997, and I tried to locate the author for a possible update, but, unfortunately, he died of a stroke in 2001.

    Did this get your attention? Think of the money you would save!? Before running to the kitchen to steal the wife's little yellow box that usually comes out once a year to make gravy...

    I have made his recipe and it is quite interesting.

    You can adjust the thickness depending on the ratio of corn starch to water you use, as well as how much heat you apply to the mixture. Given the full effect of it's thickening occurs at the boiling point, my sense of it that if you like the thickness before you reach 212 degrees, it is more apt to go "runny" much easier if you stop there than if you let it get to boiling, then let it cool down before use...but, this way, your only way to adjust the thickness is to adjust the corn starch to water ratio at the BEGINNING of the process...

    This can be a really great lube externally with NO CHEMICALS! It can get a little messy depending on your tastes during the trial and error period but you can make gallons of it for pennies! And, you can control it thickness!

    I have not used it internally yet... The mixture will turn to more and more of a gel, over time. While that may impede it's ability to enter the blood stream through the rectum (a good thing), it certainly reduces it's ability to function as a lube (a bad thing). Given that one's sessions can get long...1, 2, 3+ hours...this is an issue.

    I still want to do some more research. Anyone wanna start a test group?!

    I hope the link is helpful and the lube suggestion interesting, if not humorous...

    "Why do drugs when you have Aneros"?This [/b]
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Virg,

    I have the yellow box.....I can play.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Of course! Go for it. It is a bit strange...a corn starch mixture as lube but people have been using weirder stuff to masterbate with throughout history!

    I hope it is a safe solution for using with Aneros but I do not know enough about how it gels, over time and temperature, as well as, the specifics of how the rectum absorbs fluids, etc...

    According to the author of the article I linked to, the rectun absords fluids into the bloodstream 8x faster than orally... Lubes, of various types, are thicker than water, so how much gets absorbed? Does the water get absorbed but the chemicals get left in the rectum? I doubt it. The big question, as I stated in my other thread, is what happens to those fluids if they are in the rectun (during Aeros use) for hours?

    The corn starch mixture may be thick enough to not be absorbed. Maybe it gets broken down the longer it is in the rectum. It may not be a problem since it is "natural", even if it is absorbed. Too many questions...

    The whole lube thing really concerns me. We all get too many chemicals in our systems indirectly to be adding more voluntarily, through the rectum which is extremely efficient at absorbing fluids. Again, too many unknowns...

    Lube is used from very short periods of time, compared to the time spent during a "session". I do not think that historical use of lubes that appears to be "safe" is validation that they are totally safe for use with the Aneros.

    Having said that, I have not found anything does not have negative elements...

    Don't use all of your "yellow box" at once...

    What makes this all very, very hard is that the Aneros is ssooooo addictive!
  • geewizgeewiz
    Posts: 8

    I took your challenge, and cooked up a batch of the corn starch lube (I used 5 tsps. in 1 cup water) while the result looked like a cup of cum, I found that on contact with the skin it rapidly lost all its slickness and dried out. I also injected about 5cc internally only to find it basically acted no better than water and just dripped out of my ass.

    I really appreciate your pursuit of non-toxic lube alternates, I'm also concerned about the toxic effects these compounds may have on us, keep up the search !

    For me, its back to generic KY jelly !
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I have had some emails on this and here are some suggestions...

    We can all remember Thanksgiving Day challenges of making gravy, of which, corn starch is a big player. Getting the gravy to form and thicken, without lumps, is the goal. The same applies here...

    I have found that mushing the lumps before adding to the water helps, obviously.

    Steady stirring, once added to the water, helps a lot for the corn starch to dissolve and thicken evenly.

    As it does thicken, it is easy to think that you have what you want and stop. Wrong. For the mixture to be stable, it needs to come to a boil for a little over a minute. Once bubbles form, just keep stirring for at least a minute, and I usually go for a minute and a half. Then, let it cool. Clearly, a hard thing to do considering the reasons for it's creation...

    Adjust the thickness by adjusting the corn startch to water ratio. Stopping the heating process for the thickness you desire will only lead to a runny and/or lumpy mixture as it cools.

    Once made, it can be stored in the refrigerator for future use. Do not try to warm it when you want to use just starts the reaction again and gets thicker. I just try to plan the timing so I can just take it out of the refrig. to warm to room temperature.

    I hope that helps.
  • or just buy some probe :

    The stuff is awsome, i've tried others and get a burning sensation, this stuff is best so far... Wish i'd have known before buying nearly a gallon of the other, haha... maybe have some party some day or a great practical joke :)

    Probe is generally more expensive, but, for such a wild experience as the aneros. I figure about 50 cents for an application, which, for 4 hours of pure ecstasy, what the heck. :)
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I posted this as a cheap, natural, and novel (mainly as "novel") lube...

    I'll give Probe a test drive too...
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    For those that have tried to concoct this concoction and had trouble, check out this website...

    Have fun!