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That's all folks, I've had it
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    After about a year of experimenting with the Aneros, I'm done with it.

    I was about to get an MGX and/or an Eupho, but decided not to waste another +100$ on these things. If you take simply a look at peoples hands, feet, faces... the differences in sizes, lengths, shapes are endless. A "universal" device such as the aneros's should be a right fit for the majority of men? yeah, "right" :? . I'm sure prostate positions and detail/overall pelvis built size can differ quite a bit. Given the fact that this device needs hit you prostate right, together with a small sweet spot in your perineum..., both subtle things, what are the chances... If I check with a finger where I can touch my prostate, my helix just isn't working in the right spot. I can more or less maneuver it to the right spot (as far as my prostate is concerned, don't even speak of perineum sweet spot), but that is quite far from a relaxed neutral position or a spot I could obtain trough pelvic muscle movement.

    Combined with the fact one can spend a lot of time and effort in exercise, reading, concentration,... if the device isn't build for your specific anatomical proportions/sizes, you could be trying like forever. Not that I didn't get to experience some new sensations from all this, but I found out I can get to the same results, sensation-wise, without the aneros, just by relaxed breathing, focus, muscles control, nipple stimulation... So the helix doesn't do a thing for me, it doesn't enhance the experience, adds "0". However what it did for me were following resulsts in the end: Unfulfilled expectations, some frustration, a sour but and irritated perineum (small fissures caused by water-based glycerin lube and friction, not funny), loss of quite some time and money. I figure people who get results quickly are often people who happen to be very compatible with the Aneros built (besides the fact they are healthy, know how to relax and breathe well, etc.)

    Bummer ! (literally as well)

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Helikz,

    Sorry to hear that you are giving it up. I've been a user for almost 2 years now and while I haven't had a Super O, I have had plenty of full body orgasmic sensations and lots of varied sessions.

    It sounds like you have a lot of expectations about the Aneros that haven't been met. These expectations basically put pressure on you to "perform", which won't work. As I'm sure you've read plenty of times, just enjoy each session for whatever pleasure it brings and drop any expectations that you may have. Will doing so guarantee that you will have a Super O? Of course not, but it will hopefully allow you to enjoy whatever sensations you may experience.

    I was a little confused by your statement about where your prostate is located when measured with your finger. Are you saying that the Helix is not long enough? For most men, the prostate can be located by inserting the middle finger up to the second knuckle or about 2 inches. This means that all of the models have the ability to reach your prostate.

    Although you may not be having dedicated sessions with it anymore, hopefully you got some pleasure out of it some of the time. Perhaps using an oil based lubricant such as Albolene will help with the friction and fissure issues. I haven't heard of that problem before, but I know that water based lubricants do dry out. Anyway, if you relegate the use of the Aneros to basically being a butt plug, that may be good for you in the long run since that may help you to lower your expectations and you can just enjoy any sensations that you get. Other than that feeling of fullness, there's not much else you can expect from a butt plug! :)

    For me, the MGX provides the most stimulation. It dives right in which means that it puts more pressure on your perineum than models such as the Helix. I started out with the Helix and Eupho first and was surprised by the perineum discomfort I had when I bought the MGX. After all, I had been using the Helix and Eupho for several months and the perineum pain from them was long gone. The pressure on the perineum plus the prostate stimulation is what triggers the full body contractions for me. Once I get to the point of having those contractions, I can press on my perineum with my finger and induce a contraction. This is basically what the Aneros is doing when you contract your sphincter muscles to draw it in.

    I also wanted to make the comment that yes, we are all different. For some men, their prostates are very sensitive and they can get a lot pleasure out of prostate massage. For others, like me, it seems that you could massage it all day long and it wouldn't make any difference! I'm hoping thought that with continued use, I will continue to "wake up" my prostate (I think I already have, to some degree). This is similar to "waking up" my nipples. By combining nipple stimulation with masturbation (thanks for the tip BF Mayfield) I'm enjoying nipple play much more and find that I can get pleasure from them simply by going about my day with them occasionally rubbing against my shirt.

    If you haven't done so already, you may want to try out KSMO at That key sound may work wonders for you by itself and/or enhance your Aneros sessions.

    Sorry for the long message. Hopefully you will stick around and perhaps get the urge to try it again in the future. If so, you certainly won't be the first person to stop using it for several months only to start back up again and get wondrous results.

    Good luck to you,

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Greetings Helikz!

    I have felt allot of what you have said in the above post, during the first few months of my Aneros training! But, I am so glad I didn't give up early . . .

    Most of what you say is logical from your viewpoint too!

    I was all set to try to discount some of what you have said, but if you are done . . . you are done???

    Sorry it didn't work for you, but it really does for a very large part of this Forum, if you have the right mind-set, follow the protocol and don't give up!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Helikz,

    Like the others have posted, I am sorry to hear that you have been so frustrated with your experience that you are ready to quit. I can certainly understand that after a year you are at that point.

    What I urge you to do is NOT throw your Aneros away. Pack it away somewhere and give yourself some time away. Keep coming back to this forum every now and then and try it again in the future.

    Hope to hear from you again in the future about your success.
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Thx for the positive vibes and answers,

    It's not a problem of length, more an angle-problem. If I pull the curl handle of the Helix backwards toward my back, I can feel contact. Same when feeling with my finger. Just inserting is not enough. I need to push quite forward to clearly feel my prostate.

    The constantly drying of water based lubricant on the outside seemed to dry out my skin as well, and since it's sensitive skin we're talking about.

    Feel free to discount some things I've said, I would be happy to read it. thx

    I had to heel some from some fissures for a while (say 2 months), and I must admit that my first session after this break was a really better one. But it was the first time I tried nipple stimulation which had a lot of effect.

    But besides that I think a model that would better fit my built would help a lot as well. It's like climbing a mountian with beach slippers that don't fit ;) Right sized walking shoes would help :roll:
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    The Aneros won't provide a vigorous massage of your prostate which is what you may be expecting. There are very few times when I feel it rubbing my prostate back and forth. A larger model such as the Progasm or Maximus may provide more stimulation since they have a larger ridge, but it still may not be enough for you to feel it. I would caution you that applying enough pressure to the point where you can feel it may be dangerous and could cause injury. It's just a soft gland and you only have one of them so be careful. The Aneros is designed to provide a gentle and safe massage.

    Try coating the outside of your anus with an oil based lube after inserting the Aneros. You can move the Aneros in and out gently to distribute the lube just inside your anus. Or, you can coat the Aneros with an oil based lube and then add a water based lube on top of that. For me, that's a little too messy so I prefer the first technique. I've also just used Albolene or Boy Butter by itself and that has lasted a long time.

  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30

    Thx, interesting. I'm cautious when looking for my prostate. Everything is indeed very fragile in there.

    Besides the prostate contact which I found to be really minor (but might be very normal as you state); I have the problem with the perineum sweet spot. The Helix is barely touching my skin. I bended the p-tab a little after heating it, but even after that, it doesn't do much, so I reading about people as yourselves having to cope with a discomfort... for me it's quite the opposite.

    I chose the the helix because beside the sgx and mgx it seems to be a good starter. This poll convinced me to buy the helix last year:

    Now maybe the MGX would've been better, other people got really different results after switching to the Eupho.... So I'm quite puzzled there. I just can't start buying all these different models to find which one would be a better fit for me.

    I know wondering "if this is the right aneros for me", should better be left aside, but given me experiences and what other people experienced after a switch, you just start to wonder ;)

  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    Helikz said:

    I just can't start buying all these different models to find which one would be a better fit for me.

    Why not? THe MGX and SGX have a 90 day money back guarantee:
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    This how it was with myself. I started with the Helix and Mgx. I had better results with the Mgx at the beginning. I would become frustrated when I could not do much with the Helix. Now it is a different story. Both stimulators help me have wonderful S.O's, but now the Helix is perhaps my favorite. I also believe that, a man needs more muscle tone before the Helix really comes to life. I can have o's lasting 5-10 seconds long, one after the other. Finally the Mgx, this stimulator creates wonderful anal orgasms for me. They all are great!. Believe what we all say " relax, breath, experiment, and let go!" Have fun and enjoy, Peace Nooc
  • Maybe you should upgrade to the Progasm. I found this model to be the most satisfying and comfortable because of the round circular tabs.

    As Buster said NEVER GIVE UP entirely, but give yourself a break. After all, you can't force anything or even be thinking that something is going to happen because the moment you do this all bets are off and everything will elude you. Take some time off and I'm sure you'll be coming back!!

    Maybe in the meantime, try some different anal toys just so your body can feel different things besides the same thing over and over again.
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Helikz,

    I can only speculate why the perineum tab does not press fully into your perineum. I'm assuming that you have tried pushing it in until the perineum tab touches and then it comes back out again? When fully inserted, it should not be inserted all the way to the base. Instead it should be inserted to the first valley, the thinnest part of the stem, just after the base. If it sticks out beyond this, then something else is going on. Is your anus firmly gripping the Aneros after insertion? If not, then there's nothing to pull it in. Your anus should not be tight and clenched but it also shouldn't be as relaxed as when you have a bowel movement or insert a butt plug, if you have experience with those. If you are currently using a large butt plug in addition to the Aneros (not at the same time obviously!), then your sphincter muscles may have become stretched. If you stick with using only the Helix, I would think that they would heal themselves in time just like any other strained or stretched muscle. Do you have hemorrhoids or have you had them in the past? It's just a guess on my part, but if so, I wonder if the protrusions or inflamed blood vessels may be pushing the Aneros out. If you have them, getting them healed may fix your problem and probably others that you may be experiencing.

    The MGX should provide more pressure as it will basically insert itself up to the base. I say this though since that is my experience. You may experience more than the Helix yet less than I do with the MGX.

    I really enjoy having multiple models. I use different ones based on my mood at the time and how much stimulation I want. As nood and others have mentioned, a model that one does not like now can become a favorite later on. But, I can understand your hesitancy to buy other models. Only you can decide whether to take the plunge or not.

    Something else you may also want to consider is contacting Aneros directly to see if they have any other ideas or suggestions. None of us on the forum are doctors and the Aneros customer support staff probably aren't either, but they may be able to give you some additional advice or recommend that you see your doctor to rule out any physical problems.

    Hope this helps,

  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Problem is I live in Europe and only Aneros site itself seems to give this guarantee. If I have to send it back it'll cost me again you see. But I'll have a closer look on this agreement.

    Nood1963 & ArcticWilves: thx for your opinions.

    regarding insertion, the Helix sits just fine I think. I had a look at exactly this problem earlier:
    Further, it's like a good fit, as if you would grip it in your hand. I've never use plugs or larger things. In the past I had a misdiagnosed pain in my groin, and had some sphincter relaxation therapy as a try out. A sensor was used to measure my muslce power and in fact it was quite strong (the machine beeped at every squeeze lol). I neither have had hemorroids, this was my first real issue, but now it has completely healed. it seemed really that the drying out of the lube dried out my skin as well.

    Maybe the MGX is a better staring choice that is more of a guide in discovering certain nerves, muscles... The eupho seems to be promising too, but again a more advanced model.