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I'm not anatomically correct...
  • calboycalboy
    Posts: 23
    ...or at least it seems that way after 7 months of practice.

    Just a thought, but it could be that the Super-O is only available to those with specific prostate anatomy (positioning), size, shape, etc. I have not achieved any substantial arrousal with the Aneros products that I have - and I find myself growing tired of the effort. As stated by many in this forum, the Super-O is not a naturally occuring phenomenon and as such, may not be achievable by a number of men.

    The trigger, positioning, or whatever is needed to take one over into orgasmic bliss with this device has not been my experience.

    Perhaps some electric stimulation might do the trick. Something to consider perhaps.

    Seven months and counting.

  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    Hi calboy,

    I haven't experienced Super-O myself, although I believe I've come close few times. However, although we haven't reached the destination, I think the ride itself is enough to make it worthwhile. Don't you?
  • Hi,

    I may be wrong about this but it seems to me that some models hit my prostate much more strongly then other ones. The Eupho is particularly good and I think it has to do with the longer P tab, which makes the device tip toward and contact my prostate more fully. Once I got better contact the whole process seemed to jump to a stronger level of sensation with much stronger shaking. If you are really frustrated look at some of the modification posts. Some have urls for pictures, which seem to suggest that it is not only movement but the angle of the movement over the prostate which makes a difference for some people. It has for me.

    Good Luck,
  • calboycalboy
    Posts: 23
    Thanks for the heads up Gabrial. I recently purchased a Progasm, thinking that bigger was better, but it hasn't proven to be true. I've found the Helix and MGX to provide greater sensations overall - but to date, no Super-O. I think you (and others) are on to something with regard to size. Certain models move the prostate triggering the orgasm response. Everyone's anatomy is different - and, perhaps, discovering which size and shape works best is an important ingredient to orgasmic bliss.

    How long into the process did it take before you experienced your for prostate orgasm?

  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    Hi Calboy,

    Sorry I did not send a response sooner.

    I haven’t the big O yet. I have had mini Os and the most recent responses have been convulsive shaking deep in my lower trunk and pelvic basin fanning out up my neck and down to my feet. When I stop contracting there is a sensation, which can best be described as effervescent, over much of my body.

    I started with the Helix. It felt good but the sensations plateaued after about 5 months use. I was starting to think that I was just one of the unlucky ones who would not get the Big O response but took a plunge and got the Progasm. It hit the prostate area more consistently and jump-started a much stronger response. Because that worked so well I got the Eupho, which from my point of view was much more comfortable then the Progasm, particularly for longer sessions. Now when I use the Helix it feels almost as good as the Progasm or the Eupho. Then I modified the Progasm so the rear tab was out of the way allowing for a stronger forward tilt and better contact with my prostate. That was an eye-opener and the start of the deep convulsive shaking and jolts through my pelvic basin, which is now carrying into conventional lovemaking. There always was shaking but it is much stronger now.

    So should you modify your unit? Can’t say. I’m glad I did. But I looked at almost all, if not all, of the posts for modifications and thought about it too way much for something that is about a $40.00 piece of plastic. I used a candle to heat the rear tab bend on the Progasm outward a little. It softens quickly so be careful. Again I am glad I did, spent too much time thinking about it, but am very happy with the results.

    I am going to do the smoothing of the surface next.

  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    The other thing is plateau and progress. Since you mentioned 7 months it sounded like there was a bit of frustration behind the amount of time that it is taking to hit the big O. It is one of the unfortunate paradoxes that work and reward are not always adequately paired. Rewiring and similar sounding terms are bandied about all the time on the forum. From my perspective you can also unwire. About 8 months ago I got sick, unrelated to the Aneros, and took a break during the illness. When I started up afterwards my response was back to square one regardless of which unit I used. It was so frustrating to start over that I almost quit. It just ended up being a 5-month break. My response is much stronger then it ever was before as I outlined above. I know it sounds saccharine to say stick with it, but it seems worth it to me. Hopefully it will be for you as well.

    Good luck,
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    my last 2 progasm sessions we're zilch...i'm too thinking of cutting off the doesn't do anything for me cept dig in my butt crack...think it might let it move a lil better also..
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    gabrial said:

    I haven’t the big O yet. I have had mini Os and the most recent responses have been convulsive shaking deep in my lower trunk and pelvic basin fanning out up my neck and down to my feet. When I stop contracting there is a sensation, which can best be described as effervescent, over much of my body.

    Hi Gabrial,

    It sounds like you are experiencing the same sensations that I am. I've mentioned this before to see if anyone else has experienced these sensations, but I think the only reply I ever got was from Tripper. Perhaps we're building a small niche group here! I'm glad that someone else is experiencing the same thing that I am!

    I use the term full body tingling to describe the sensations that I feel when the contractions stop, but effervescent works as well. This is basically the same sensation that I feel when I orgasm through masturbation. However, I feel an additional pleasure in my penis that I don't experience with the Aneros.

    Do you feel your anus gently contracting as well? For me, it does and it causes the tingling to gently pulse throughout my body. I find that I can keep the tingling going a little while longer if I deliberately keep those contractions going when they start to die down on their own.

    I'm glad you are over your illness and hope to hear more about your progress in the future.