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starting contractions
  • ede_1943ede_1943
    Posts: 23
    i've been on my journey for 2 months now and i'm progressing, but i'm still in a quandary--when my ass starts "buzzing" or pulsating i relax my contraction a bit and it seems to increase the feeling, but i'm not able to keep my legs from tensing up the least little bit and i can't relax enough to maintain the feeling and to get it over to the involuntary contractions which keep the whole thing going--i get some muscle trembling in my legs and various places, but they never focus in my groin--i'm confused, sometimes when i read the threads it seems like i should hold a slight contraction, but when i do this nothing happens unless i relax it a bit and then i can't keep it going cause i can't relax any more--i've tried starting from a stronger contraction and still whenever the feeling starts i can't maintain it with letting up--so, i can get something going only by relaxing my contraction, but when it starts, if i contract harder it stops and i can't seem to be able to relax more to keep it going--which way do i go when i get the funny feelings in my prostate and my ass?
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    It is a tricky dance. I have learned that tensing the muscles helps promote the involuntaries but at some point, you have to stop 'trying' and just let your body get in sync with the Aneros and take over.

    One of the scariest moments for me was when my body learned to start doing everything on its own. My legs would tense, the aneros would stop cold and in about 2-3 minutes of nothing would come an electrifying event that would quickly lead to a whole lot of motion. I wasn't in voluntary control of the muscles that were moving and it was some of the most pleasurable sensations I had experienced to that date.

    If you go five minutes without any activity, put your muscles to work for a while and then ease off and see what your body does. The goal is to start a cascade reaction that becomes self-sustaining and keeps you breathless.
  • ede_1943ede_1943
    Posts: 23
    yesterday, 2 hrs after my session, i sat down to watch some tv and i got really pleasant echos from my workout--they were enjoyable and i was able to keep them going for about a minute or so--it felt like my prostate was engorging and pulsating

    at midnight i went to bed and felt the same thing, but bam, at i a.m. i was lifted off my bed out of my sleep by the most intense action i've experienced so far, and then shortly ANOTHER one lifted me, jerking me up off the bed--they were like the earlier feelings but much more intense--they felt like my ass was turning inside out but extremely pleasant and enjoyable--then there were a bunch of lesser feelings like i had before i went to sleep--it felt like my prostate was thumping and engorged

    now here is the thing---all this happened without the aneros and without willful trying--and i've never had a orgasm or anything before

    now i did a dumb thing--instead of lying there to see what would come next i got my mgx, lubed and thought that with all this going on i would finally get the aneros going--wrong